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How to Charm Me

Tell me you like my beans. I make real good beans.

How to Annoy Me

Give me only 10 minutes for that quarter I put in the meter.


We here at Dooce headquarters decided late last week that things around here needed to change, that perhaps a new look and a more focused eye to the future would be good for everyone. After several design review meetings equipped with floor-to-ceiling white boards and freshly copied visio documents, we managed to push this iteration [...]

September 2001

Garage Sale

Saturday morning, 7:30 am. A rare fog suffocates the tiny district of LA known as “Little Israel,” nestled between Fairfax and La Brea just south of Melrose Avenue. Our mission: to get rid of as much junk as possible in the smallest amount of time, which could prove challenging as almost every article of junk [...]


The Shins: Oh Inverted World

How to Charm Me

Tell the cashier at The Gap that you’ve come to mop their floors.

How to Annoy Me

Haggle over a women’s rib-knit cowl-neck sweater that I’ve priced at 25 cents.

Strategic Power Lunch

Although I’d sworn off fast-food lunches last month after realizing that I’d spent over 40% of my weekly income on “extra guacamole,” today I decided to violate my midday meal policy with several co-workers at the nearest Baja Buds. I needed the camaraderie–the inevitable, universal co-worker mumblings and gripes about upper management’s staggering incompetency, in [...]


Sparklehorse: It’s a Wonderful Life