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How to Annoy Me

Ask me to templatize my block-up flow document one more time.

Only In My Dreams

Due to a lack of proper nappage during the workday over the last month, my weekend nights and afternoons as of late have become nothing more than a series of outlandish and tiresome dream sequences the color and rhythm of battle scenes in the new HBO mini-series “Band of Brothers,” minus any appearances by David [...]


If I use kosher salt, does that make me Jewish?


Suzanne Vega : Songs In Red & Gray



How to Charm Me

Resist the urge to freak out once you find out just how cold my feet really are.


Launch Red

I Love to Fly, And It Shows

In the spring of 1997 after graduating college with a degree in English and enough of a GPA to have the terribly misleading phrase “cum laude” stamped on the diploma, I used my impressive four-year education to land a job taking phone reservations for Delta Airlines. Over the next six months I was asked the [...]


I’m not smiling. It’s just indigestion.


AM/FM: Getting into Sinking