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What I wouldn’t do for a Klondike Bar.

A List of Lists I Need to Make And Three Possible Examples From Each List To Make a Point

1. Things I would like to do to Britney Spears: a) CENSORED b) CENSORED c) CENSORED 2. Things I shouldn’t say to my parents: a) Shit b) Vote Democrat c) Holy Be-Jesus Fuckballs 3. Things I shouldn’t eat when the threat of possible blotation could ruin a perfectly good outfit: a) Fresh broccoli b) Canned [...]


Superchunk: Here’s To Shutting Up


How to Charm Me

Let me substitute your chest hair for the missing loofah in the shower.

How to Annoy Me

Make me build something in Flash 5. How about you suck my big toe and we call it even?