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How to Charm Me

Force me to eat “Euro-Style” or “slowly” instead of my usual snort-through-the-nose approach.

How to Annoy Me

Forget your wallet, again, when it’s your turn to pay. It’s not sneaky. It’s stupid.

Pismo Beach

Launch Pismo Beach


Amazing what a little sleep can do for your mood. Well, sleep and a few prescription meds, if you really want to know..

Memoirs of a Recovering Mormon

I have wasted the last several hours of my life reading my journals from my freshman and sophomore years at BYU. I don’t think any other activity could be quite as depressing, except perhaps actually attending BYU. The following are selected excerpts from the sophomore year journal. Accounts of my freshman year are just too [...]


Missy Elliot: So Addictive

How to Charm Me

Talk to yourself when you think no one is listening. I heard everything.

How to Annoy Me

Accuse me of drugging you with my depression medication. I will tell you when I do that.


I really can’t get enough of this super Golden Crisp. It’s got this… this… crunch with punch.