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I Resolve To in 2002: Things Brought to My Attention Whilst Visiting Utah

1. Eat more french fries. 2. Make a point of telling Aunt Lola at the dinner table that her shoulder pad has done come down over her titty, and not over her bosom, as the word “titty” is just so much more descriptive than the word “bosom.” 3. Ask Granny if she has gotten any [...]

Babies in Utah

Launch Babies in Utah


The world just doesn’t need a movie about sled dogs who can talk.


Le Tigre: Feminist Sweepstakes


The Least Essential Albums of 2001



How to Charm Me

Use the phrase “bless us that we’ll be good” 11 times during the same prayer.

How to Annoy Me

Obey Utah’s liquor laws and serve me only one ounce of tequila at a time. We’re going to be here all night at this rate.