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January 8, 2002


Thou shalt not enter Amoeba Music with a credit card and the will to use it.

What I’m Pretty Sure The Roommate Learned While Sipping Cocktails With Four Women Last Evening

1. Women rarely sip cocktails. 2. Never poke fun at the clothes. 3. Women are compelled to kiss and tell, especially if the man has two lazy eyes, if you know what I’m saying. 4. That was a tangent. Keep up. 5. No woman will ever admit that she considers herself skinny, even when that [...]


Neko Case: Canadian Amp


Kid Rock Starves To Death: MP3 Piracy Blamed


Beverages and more!

How to Charm Me

Resist the urge to laugh uncontrollably when with sweeping dramatic flair and sincerity I compare the sunset to the second coming of Jesus Christ.

How to Annoy Me

Buy me a cardboard baby. It’s just not funny.