• http://www.sashafantastica.com Kristen

    Ewww. Why didn’t you get your dog the hell away from there!

  • http://retro-v.nu danny

    hahaha. that had me cracking up. and.. then nearly vomitting. :D

  • BB

    Jethro Bodine?

  • Igor

    I definitely agree that you should get yourself an agent (but then we’ll have to pay to read you page, I guess).

    As for the dog thing… the image itself is funny enough but the way you write it it’s like the world stopped until Beaver Cleaver got his rocks off. That would be taking things too far for me, I’m afraid. I’m thinking steel-tipped boot on an intersecting trajectory with big doggy cohones. Just to take his mind off my own dog you understand. Not that I don’t like dogs, but if you happened to meet 5 dogs like him every time you were walking your own dog, you could spend a nice chunk of your life listening to people who “don’t know why he’s doing this”. It would definitely bother me.

  • http://theminister.net/craig/eyesaw.html BTEZRA

    could have video taped it, you know there are tons of people into cooky stuff out there

  • Todd

    You’re hot….I think.

  • Coyote

    Beaver Cleaver’s owner needs to peruse the following website. They are so not kidding. Now there is no excuse not to neuter. http://www.neuticles.com

  • http://www.digitalcatharsis.com The Mighty Jimbo

    Stop…stop…I’m gonna pee….
    Dooce. You are, without a doubt, the shit. You are my digital hero.