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The Recession Chic Lie


Luc Latulippe

How to Charm Me

Forgive me for being shitfaced and belligerent simultaneously.

How to Annoy Me

Touch my monitor with your chubby, greasy digit.


I wish I could CTRL-Z the gel I put in my hair.


Someone downstairs is taking a shower, right now. I know they know that I shower at the same time every morning, this time, this moment right now, and I can’t understand why they would choose to shower when they know that I’m usually showering right this instant. I bet it’s the girl who lives directly [...]


Nathan Jurevicius

How to Charm Me

Sneak two cans of Coke into a movie via your two very small front pockets.

How to Annoy Me

Make a movie starring Kevin Costner.

I am My Father’s Daughter

My father, Michael A. Hamilton, buys Krystal burgers with coupons, and boasts about the money he saves to co-workers, most of whom are 25 years younger than he is. When my father wears shorts he also wears tube socks � white-cotton Sears brand tube socks � pulled up and over his knees. Dad is color-blind, [...]