• http://Minions-R-Us.org Angelique

    My obsessive issue as a small child? I have been so afraid of death since the age of 3 that to this day I can’t sleep on my back. If I just happen to wake up with my arms on my chest, I have panic attacks.

  • http://quixotical.org Anna

    There was a while, as a kid, when I was obsessed with having all of my stuffed animals in bed with me at night. I was very concerned about any of them feeling slighted if I chose to snuggle up to only some of them. So, I’d line the bed with stuffed creatures, trapped in a fairly immobile position so as to give them all room, and of course I’d wake up in the morning with them all having been kicked off the bed.

  • http://www.allthegrrlshateher.com Julie

    I had this thing where if I wanted to stop eating, I’d not let my teeth see any of the food I wanted to stop eating. I figured if my teeth saw the food, then I’d stay hungry. And if the teeth didn’t see any food, then I wouldn’t want to eat.

  • http://www.talkingcrow.com/blog/ rosebaby

    you knockers should read ‘an invisible sign of my own’. also, welcome back heather. what a way to make my week, finding dooce back in action.

  • R3

    When I was about 6 years old, I was absolutely obsessed with the idea that there was a volcano building under our house (in Newport News, VA). I was just sure that one night we would all be blown sky high in an eruption.

  • Gina

    To this day, I have to step off of stairs with my left foot. Every set of stairs I take on a regular basis, I know what foot to start with in order to finish with my left. On my car CD player, the volume has to be on an odd number. I don’t listen to even numbered songs on CD’s…if I really want to hear them, I reburn the CD and either leave the even tracks blank, or just switch the order around so I have 2 different copies. I also always put my left shoe on first.