• http://arielmeadow.com Ariel

    …Er, ok, so that was just one article. You still would appreciate it (and I couldn’t find the other one).

  • Pascale

    Weaning self off Effexor, so far, so okay. Got sick of wanting to sleep all the time. Also, the annoying inability to think of anyone thing for more than 5 minutes at a time.

    Since I seem to be backwards girl, my experience was contrary to many others’.

    Going ON Effexor made me nauseated for about 3 months, with the result that I lost about 20 pounds.

    While on Effexor, rather than losing my sex drive, I experienced multiple orgasms for the first time in my life. I have to say I’ll be mildly bummed if that goes away along with the pills.

    It remains to be seen whether I’ll wind up looking for a replacement for Effexor.

  • Aye

    My fiance is on paxil but not for depression more for anxiety. He’s been on it since he was a teenager, and I would hate for him to be on it for the rest of his life. Is there any way of getting off it?

  • http://ain'tnowebsite sylvia

    you’re on paxil, aren’t you? I tried to wean myself off it once. a tragic mistake. death woulda been preferable to the sick I got.

  • angelo

    I Love You.Marry Me

  • http://www.kdpublish.com Jennifer

    I came down with some serious depression when I was a teenager and henceforth was successfully brain-washed by the psychiatric establishment into believing in the myth of biological psychiatry. Only in the last year have I realized the truth about psychiatrists: they are all either fools, madmen, or evil. I’m talking about the ones that push drugs. They have no idea what these chemicals do to our bodies. Looking back on those early depressive spells, I can see major situational factors at play, combined with a diet which at its center featured sugar, yet another drug.

    I would encourage you to examine the entire medical model of depression extremly skeptically, and to perhaps use the suffering you are now feeling to empower you to seek your own personal truth. The doctors are lying to you, and they are perpetuating your suffering. Depression is *not* diabetes.

    If your doctor doesn’t believe you are ever going to get better (and that means healthy, which means without drugs), it is time to get a new doctor.