• http://www.muc.muohio.edu/~Muraii/ Muraii

    All I can say is…

    (+) You appear to have sensibilities as antithetical to Utah as Satan’s are to Heaven. Sweet.

    (+) J. Lo is the most curious combination of hot, hot in all its forms — sly, bold, seductive, overpowering — and boring, borning in all the ways Hollywood is noted to make things and people.

  • SnarkyPup

    Um, it’s pretty clear from the tone of the description that the use of “dawg” and “posse” was ironic and somewhat self-mockingly doofy. I mean, come on: “what I suppose was one of the dawgs in his posse”? Could that sound any whiter? Clearly the author did that on purpose. But I guess all the non-dumbass readers already figured that out.

  • http://inspirationstrikes.blogspot.com Matt

    good luck in utah. i’m sure you’ll celebrities there too, but they’ll more like steve young and shawn bradley.

  • http://smivey.blogspot.com Smivey

    You know, a month from now you’re just gonna be bitching about how much cooler LA was.

    As for celebrity sightings, I once saw that guy who played Long Duck Dong in Sixteen Candles. He was at A Votre Sante on La Brea. No, I didn’t ask for his autograph.

    Also saw Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise (prior to the big breakup, obviously) sitting in a theater in Westwood, watching the movie Unbreakable. Unfortunately, the sighting was more exciting than the film.

  • brent

    Uma. Trolley Square, Salt Lake City, UT.

  • http://www.realityremixed.com Keith

    Awww… I really wish you guys could stay in L.A. Best of luck to you & DJ Blurb no matter where you go and what you do.

  • http://gravitylens.org heather #3

    Will Chuck soon experience the wonders of snow? If so, I think we’ll need photos.

  • http://www.shiftyeye.com/home.asp LA

    Spent about a month in LA a few years back and saw 1)Adam Sandler wearing a black baseball jacket, cap turned backwards, and horn-rimmed glasses. 2) Dave Grohl. Long-haired and white t-shirted, the coolest guy in some hipster sushi bar.

  • Rick

    According to the latest incarnation of that irritating Hannukah song, Perry Farrell is Jewish.

  • http:///ALLISON113 ALLISONIC

    Good luck with the move. Change is good, and at least we all know where to find you online.

  • http://none Marshall

    So finally, we all now know where you used to work, and who fired you? Can we bitch at him now?

  • http://www.thesafeword.com/daily/kerry.html Kerry

    Dooce, I am utterly envious of all your celebrity sitings. Seeing how I’ve lived in North Carolina for 17 and a half years, my siting have been limited to the following:

    1. Moby. He came and did a record signing at a local music store. I stood in line so that I could offer him my own autograph. He seemed a amused and said that yes, of course he would like my autograph. It was exciting.
    2. Delta Burke. I ahd a brief stint working for a sound company when I was 16 or 17, and one time we had to do sound for this fashion show Delta was doing for some clothing line she had come out with for plus sized woman. She loked just like she did on designing women, except fatter, and she was really kind of a bitch.

    3. When I was in Catholic school, I carpooled with the breeder that the New Kid on the Block got their Chinese Sharpei from – you know, the one that was also in all the cartoons. That’s not really a celebrity siting, but since I live in NC, and not a cool place LA, I’ll take what I can get.

  • http://www.thesafeword.com/daily/kerry.html Kerry

    I really feel like I should point out that the reason my comment is totally inconsistent, with a bullet AND a number, is not because I’m stupid, but more because I am tired.

  • http://www.dooce.com dooce

    kerry: i fixed it for you. how certifiably non-certifiably not nice of me. hope you get some rest soon.

  • http://thetextobscured.net ismat

    I saw Joe Dumars at a restaurant in Detroit once.

  • http://thetextobscured.net ismat

    And we all know Jennifer Garner is the big winner. That lucky bitch, what with Michael Vartan all to her tall, gorgeous, pleated/tapered khaki-wearing self.

  • http://tequilamockingbird.blogspot.com julia

    hey, now…we’ll have no mocking of jennifer garner’s pants. she and i share a hometown, and believe me when i tell you that, where we grew up, tapers and pleats were the very height of fashion. actually, still are the very height of fashion. no lie.

  • http://www.eonline.com ex-liontamer

    That’s quite a list. I wonder whom you’ll run into in… um, where did you say you were going?

  • georgeloveschuck

    I think you’re going to be missed terribly. Have a safe trip. What about your Patricia Arquette and Jeremy Sisto sightings? Could she be more beautiful?

  • http://paulsboutique.blogspot.com Paul Gutman

    Am I allowed to gloat over the West Coasters that Dooce is moving closer to me?

    (yes, I know I’m in New York…we take our victories where we can).

    On the flip, damn, Dooce, that was quick! Just think it and it is so?

  • gmike

    As seen in NY in loose order over a period of 7 years:

    1. Jeff Bridges
    Bumped into him outside my work place, literally. Friendly but firmly – looking straight into my eyes, excused himself and said to a bystanding assistant: “Where is Barbara?” (read: Barbara Streisand). They were shooting some movie together on the upper Westside.

    2. Alec Baldwin
    Seen him walking down the street twice and on the set with Demi Moore.

    3. Susan Sarandon
    In a movie theater one row in front of us. We had just seen “The Banger Sister”. By the way she looked at us, we believe to this day, she wanted to tell us something. But she got up before the movie started. I guess she was in the wrong movie.

    4. Brad Pitt
    On the set to “Sleepers”

    5. Sylvester Stallone
    Surrounded by 500 body guards on 5th Ave.

    6. Goldie Hawn
    Walking down 57th Street with protruding red lips.

  • Anonymous

    no need to give up star sightings- you could always work for the sundance film institute .

  • Dan

    Heather, I was (once again) having a terrible day and you were the one to brighten it. This was a flashback to such classics as ‘dear cranky old bitch who cut in front of me at canter’s deli’ and ‘Recipe for Jack and Coke at the Beloved Blurbodoocery’ that kept me going at work almost a year ago. Cheers to you!

  • Kerry

    Thanks Dooce. That made my day, actually.

  • http://www.thepropagandist.com the propagandist

    my god, have you considered a celebrity stalking show ala mutual of omaha’s animal kingdom?

    you could force jon to engage the celebrities in dangerous situations:

    “today john will be cutting off judd nelson on sunset. look closely for the excellent coloration on the back of judd’s neck as he screams at my assistant…”

  • cassandra

    i’ve just started reading dooce, and now you’re leaving la! i find your thoughts to be irreverently eloquent – it makes my day to read dooce.

  • http://convivial.blogspot.com Heather #2

    No one has mentioned the logo. It’s my favorite yet. Along with this post. As for Usher’s pow-pow noises, I just thought I’d mention how wonderful my (soon-to-be-ex) husband thinks I am at drums: “Tchit, tchit, tchit, tchit, tchit.” It really doesn’t matter – snare, bass, bongos – makes no difference. All drums sound the same in Heather’s world.

    O-K. Soooo.

    Have a great trip. Drive safely. Love life, and live it.

  • http://queserasera.blogspot.com Sarah B.

    Pleated tapered khakis? My God. For some reason, I think that just makes me love her even more.

  • http://www.antisocialdiva.com antisocial diva

    “Scott Foley had really sweaty palms but I forgave him because he looked me in the eye when I told him that if Felicity didnít choose him I was going to fucking cut that bitch.” i was a ben fan than a noel fan than a ben fan and then a noel fan and yadda yadda. i wish that show were still on. it made rooting for the underdog exhaustingly fun.

  • Kevin from Seattle

    OK, here’s the thing: I spent most of the earlier portions of my life in and around L.A. Bailed out of there 30 years ago and still not a week goes by that I don’t think about going back. You will find that the pull is strong, but then you have character to burn, don’tcha? I’ll never forget that hot Saturday night on the Strip and a carload of loons cruising up and down in an Eldorado entirely covered with aqua shag carpeting. It’s a tough act to follow. All the best to you, Blurb and Senator Chuck in your travels. Will be looking forward to reading about your new life…

  • http://www.semaphoria.com/james semaphoria

    while in portland oregon i lived on the same floor at college as brandy gold (wildcats with goldie hawn, and amityville horror 4, and whose first kiss was “leo” dicaprio)- who is also sister to tracy gold (growing pains) and missy gold (benson). she, and her entire family are a bit nuts in that la way – but are really just sweet as pie. and since the utah thing seems relevant – over the course of 3 years in park city i saw erkel(bad tipper / had never had a mocha before), dennis franz (good tipper / latte), cheech (great tipper / plain old coffee), and the guy who played spencer in spencer for hire.

  • http://www.blurbomat.com the husband

    The dog’s full name: Former Congressman Henry “Buck” Chucklesworth. He’s not a senator. He might do a Senate run in 2006. He’s a Democrat.

  • http://amindofamind.blogspot.com Naaman

    Just got back from LA and had dinner with Robert Rusler who informed us that when he dumped a cup of slurpee on the guys in Weird Science, the stage hand up above actually dumped a huge bucket of slurpee, drenching them while Robert Downey went crazy in the mall.

  • http://scribbling.net gina

    Somehow I’ve avoided being a total kiss-ass up until now, but I just can’t help myself. Please excuse me, but – dooce, you really freakin’ rock.

  • se

    Good luck with the move. Keep Chuckles safe–cellphone # on his tags? I’m a worrywort, I know. But I warned my cousin to be careful when moving with her cat. She woke up in her motel room to find he’d disappeared. She finally found him spelunking in the boxspring of the motel bed. Looking forward to hearing about the adventures of dooce, the husband, and Chuckie in THE PLACE, also known as Zion.

  • http://www.islandindigo.com Cindi

    People you may be lucky enough to run into in SLC; Robert Redford, Donny and/or Marie Osmond, Roseanne Barr, the cast from “Touched by an Angel”, Mrs. Fields…the list of exciting celebrities to spot doesn’t get any better!

  • http://vibegrrl.diaryland.com vibegrrl

    Being a radio DJ, I get to meet a fair amount of celebs. But here is a highlight or two:
    John Corbett: Touring around with Nia Vardalos(a riot), doing publicity for ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ back in April. He was Fascinating with my co-worker’s breast implants, and RIGHT before he left, while they were still all ON-AIR, she said “Hey John!” When he turned to her to respond, she flashed him!
    Jennifer Lopez: I concur. Her ass is MAGNIFICENT!
    Shane West & Mandy Moore He’s the older brother from that show “Once and Again,” and she’s, well, a pop tart. Call me cheezy, but in person, Shane was HOT. Mandy was sweet. But she was an EERIE kind of sweet. She was SO grateful that someone offerred to make her a Hot chocolate, you’d think she’d been living on the streets all winter, without anything to eat for MONTHS, and with nothing to keep her warm but a holey, dirty old coat that wouldn’t even keep you warm in July. Strange.

  • http://vibegrrl.diaryland.com vibegrrl

    FASCINATED, not fascinating. John Corbett was FASCINATED with my co-workers implants.

  • http://vibegrrl.diaryland.com vibegrrl

    ps – I had a SICK addiction to Felicty. I almost peed my pants when I found out you can buy the first season on DVD!!! I was ALWAYS a Ben fan though…

  • Kevin from Seattle

    Re: Former Congressman Chucklesworth

    I stand corrected. I share the former Congressman’s affiliation, and no insult to his dignity was intended.

  • http://www.megchem.com megchem

    LOL…I’ll take that as a no….some people get a trip outta touching something that will end up on mars….just thought i’d offer. You aren’t gonna stop blogging when you move are you? *gasp*

  • http://ed-one.com ernold b

    i’ve never met you or even seen you and for all intent and purposes your posts will have the same flair and snap and crackle as always and yet i’ll miss you. i’m vaclempt. i don’t know what to say here, the metro LA area will miss you.

  • http://outoftune.org/em Em

    You make me laugh like no one else on the internet can. And this has got to be one of the funniest entries. I love all your experiences. “Nothing to report except that he really is that short and that cute and you just want to fold him up and stick him in your pocket like a little blonde gummi bear.” That is hilarious. Actually, David Spade is the only celebrity I have ever seen over here and I even saw him at an airport!!

  • http://www.kfc.com extra crispy

    an aim conversation between two los angeles-based dooce readers:

    person1: dooce is moving friday!
    person1: can you believe that
    person2: heh, i guesssss
    person2: oh wait she’s moving to utah
    person2: no

    your take on the angeleno lifestyle will definitely be missed. you were practically a celebrity in your own right. good luck!

  • http://jungle.adventure.tripod.com Sammas

    I envy you so much… especially the part about meeting Jennifer Garner. Wow. Yeah. Wow.

  • deadking

    hey is your apartment still available?
    if that damn neighbor guy screws with me i’ll just kick his ass.
    im moving to la soon and need a place to live any info you could tell me would be greatly appreciated.

  • ron

    so is that space between the legs generally considered a good thing? for me, it’s tending towards wrong…

  • http://ponevac.com David

    I’ve lived in El Paso for about 6 years and the only thing i saw was a bust of some big mexican druglord on the border. “Germany meets Poland in 1939″ would be the best decription of what was happening there. So fuck all this celebrity big ass, big boobs crap, go find some real action.

  • http://runajrun.blogspot.com anna

    I will be leaving this city very soon as well. I’ve had too many celeb sitings to count but my all time fave will be seeing Scott Bakula and me squealing like I was 15 again.

  • anna

    i almost think i love you, you make me laugh so hard.