• SpiKe

    Hey, baby … I’m thinkin’ of high-jacking your new design. On second thought, I better not — men have been shot for less.

  • http://www.amishrobot.com Josh

    Sundance is the place for celebrity sitings.

    Robert Redford, of course, is always there. He is very friendly, very short, and has skin like an old bomber jacket.

    I have also seen Sally Field Fields there. I swear the woman has had cheek implants. They were so big and high they obscured her eyes.

  • http://www.hammerland.net Xanthan

    Damn, Dooce. It breaks my heart to think you’re moving back to the land of fried baloney and white bread because of some mis-guided perceptions about fertility. But I wish you well, because your contribution here is reason enough to cut you continents’ worth of slack. You go show them Orem bunnies how to live! You and the DJ.

    Now, can you just get Congressman Chuck to run for senator against that Hatch guy? PLEASE?!

    And if you stop blogging again, we’ll have to hunt you down and shave your head. You know we will…

    Dooce uber alis!

  • http://www.pseudofamous.com paul

    i met carrot top once too, a whole bunch of years ago, in montreal at Just For Laughs.

    me: “you’re that really annoying comedian everyone wants to punch in face right?”.

    him: “uh, yeah”.

  • http://nikkihoh.com Nikki Hoh

    I thought I was the only person who’d seen Strange Brew, eh?

  • Hurgle the GErbil

    Eagle Mountain has 3,000 sq. ft. almost new houses for $125k. But I see you guys living in Sugarhouse.

    Everyone in Utah has seen Strange Brew.

    Putting the Dooce in Utah is like checking to see if your gas tank is full with a bic lighter.

  • http://www.ixnow.com/niurope swona

    the only black person you see and you have to refer to him and his “friend” as “dawg?”
    come on now, we can at least pretend to be pc around here and use the right terminology. i’m black and i don’t refer to my friends as dawgs or hommies or whatever lame word white people think we use. you were cool until today – not that you care what i think but i wanted to let you know anyway.

  • http://queserasera.blogspot.com Sarah B.

    I’m sorry, but I would bet $500,000 that Usher refers to his friends as “dawg.” Whenever he’s not engaging in gay sex with them, that is. Maybe even during.

  • http://delicateflower.prettyposies.com melanie

    swona, why don’t you climb the golden stepladder and get the fuck over yourself? being pc isn’t a requirement, you know, and you should go see a doctor about your irony deficiency. lighten the fuck up and get a sense of humor.

  • http://www.cyberdorks.com/drew/ drew

    i ate a double double from in-n-out burger on lankershim next to bob hope once. i went to school with one of frankie avalon’s sons. i also toured with HR from bad brains for a while.

  • http://www.mapquest.com Ex-liontamer

    ..I still don’t know to where her dooceness is moving.

  • http://blab-o-rama.home.att.net Beerzie Boy

    Swona, it’s “homies”, and whether you really are black or not, go fuck your self.

    Anyway, the only celebrity sighting, outside of Ms. Asner’s fab knockers and Ms. Lopez’s tasty rump, that I’m jealous of is Perry Farrell. He Rocks!

  • http://www.tiny-empire.com/cicada/ cicada

    Honk if you think Orrin’s a weenie. (On a NOW bumper sticker in Salt Lake City — I leaned on the damn horn when I saw that.)

  • http://www.elenor.net elenor

    My strangest celebrity sighting came at my old job (I was the lead programmer for an Icebox competitor). I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, looking out the door of my office into the entry way and who walks past? None other than Ron Jeremy. Apparently he was a character in one of our lame shows. Naturally I had to IM all my friends. “Hey, you’ll never guess who’s wandering around my office…”

  • o

    i just wanted to say that on sunday morning paul benedict (the doorman on the jeffersons) was eating lunch next to me and tried to leave through a door that had metal bars behind it.

  • http://sx70.blogspot.com sx70

    if’n you’re reminiscing, surely you have more memorable moments from living here than celebrity sightings. if that’s the only thing that you’ll miss, that’ll be sad.

  • http://www.turbanhead.com/mt ME

    I hung out with Jon Stewart after a performance. While sitting on the couch with him, someone took a photo. It was a smoke filled room, both of us were smiling and I must have blinked. We look like a bunch of potheads in the picture. He was down-to-earth and short, though not as short as David Spade for whom I had to reserve a table at the Palm in downtown Philly after his show was over. I could probably kick Spadeís ass if he werenít hypoglycemic.

  • http://www.planetbrent.com Brent

    Awhile back I sort of set up a little page for posting celebrity sightings (http://planetbrent.com/stars.aspx), but then took down the interface when it fell into disuse. Maybe there really is a fascination with all things Hollywood after all! And if so, maybe I’ll put the page to work again…

  • golden state

    hold on, rewind things back for a moment…swona has a point that is worth talking about in more constructive ways than telling her to ‘go fuck yourself’ and to ‘get the fuck over yourself’.

  • http://jason@completesquare.org jason

    i hate usher

  • moose

    Hurgle: “Putting the Dooce in Utah is like checking to see if your gas tank is full with a bic lighter” — that is inspired! *FOOM* A definite potential. The SLC hive should be honored to have Her Dooceness blogging her spicey sweet nectar from its midst…hope they appreciate it all.