• http://experimentspace.blogspot.com S.

    (that was meant to go on a t-shirt, see)


    going home on the subway after work and you feel something hit your legÖthen you notice the smell. you look under your newsaper and see the homeless man sitting in front of you putting his now semi hard penis away. *ahhhhh*

  • http://blab-o-rama.com Beerzie Boy

    Putting a pinecone up your ass, then jumping off a ladder and landing on your ass, then pulling the pinecone out with a corkscrew, then having a alcohol enema.

  • Sarah L.

    I was visiting Toronto with my parents at the tender age of 9 or so. We went out to breakfast and I was allowed to order what was for me a rare delicacy, an apple turnover. As I ate, I kept crunching down on these really hard bits that weren’t very crust-like in nature. Finally, I pulled one out of my mouth to check it out and found it was a chunk of jagged glass. Then I puked all over myself and my mother. The best things always seem to happen to me when I visit canada.

  • http://kittysnapper.diaryland.com Kaye

    I saw this porn once; these two hot japanese chicks taking a bath together, rubbing each other with soap. Its all quiet and looks so nice, the only sounds being their sighs of pleasure and the water gently lapping at the sides of the tub. Then one pukes in the others mouth. then they sit there and CHEW it.

    And, whats the difference between a dead baby and Long John Silvers?

    The sauce

  • http://johncarleton.us JC

    that reminds me of some video clip a buddy forwarded me of some asian chick sticking her whole hand, and even some arm, down her throat to make herself puke into a bowl, then eating the chunky bits out of it, and repeating the process. who does that?

  • http://archopht.ama-assn.org/issues/v118n7/fig_tab/epe90105-1_ft.html Bot Fly

    Anterior Orbital Myiasis Caused by Human Botfly. (Follow my link.)


    Worked at a restaurant w/a large salad bar. Went to tidy it up after lunch rush. Under light layer of iceberg lettuce in the big lettuce bowl? A very used band-aid.

    ManagerNaziBitch made me extract it (w/latex glove on), then refill lettuce (no throwing out old lettuce, no washing bowl, just a refill). Never ate at that place ever again.

  • http://www.macrostate.com DRY HEAVES

    Stepping off the back deck, barefoot, in the middle of summer, right onto a giant 5 inch slug. Feeling it squish between your toes you hop on one foot towards the garden hose only to step in a pile of fresh puppy shit. Oh yes, it’s a true story.

  • speedo

    I’m getting aroused!

  • speedo

    I’m getting aroused!

  • jesus

    a blumpie: getting a blow job while sitting on the toilet taking a big raucous shit.


  • jesus

    Imagine eating a bowl of gumbo and noticing something chewy. You pull the chewiness out of your mouth and find that it is a very used band-aid.

    Finding a purse in the bar where you work, open it to look for ID and instead finding a used condom.

    Walking in on a male house guest in the bathroom and catching him hunched over the trash-can sniffing a used maxi-pad.

  • suzi

    eating a poop sandwich.

  • jesus

    using a big dookie stick as a dildo.

    damn, i’m good.

  • http://lauradeda.blogspot.com Laura

    The two I remember:

    -When you’re eating cornflakes and your little brother asks you if you’ve seen his scab collection.

    -Two vampires fighting over a used tampon.

    Let’s all go back to jr. high.

  • http://joga-luce.com/silke Silke

    meeting your internet boyfriend and finding out that he is not only 20 years older than you, but he wears dentures that he takes out, when he eats (while sitting across from you). not that i know from experience or anything.

  • http://www.battybaby.com dirty girl

    Catching a snowball from Anna’s 400 pound man after he’s felched the colostomy bag hooker!

    hmmm hmmm tasty!

  • http://www.chriscrosdale.com Chris

    The Hello Kitty Personal Vibrating Massager.

  • http://mazzmeola.com mazza

    hot karl and a dirty sanchez

  • http://www.kellyink.com kelly

    this isn’t mine and i’m usually a lurker, but the colostomy comment made me want to share. in a similar game called roughly something like “what’s the grossest smell you can think of?” the ultimate and forever winner was told to me by a friend:

    dead hooker crotch.

    incidentally, that later became the name of friend’s flag football team but that’s not so much gross as just silly.

  • ExPat

    Coming on a usually incredibly funny website only to read about dead babies and maiming. :(

  • http://bornalion.org jess

    if you’re telling me that not one thing having to do with this topic made you laugh, you’re a low down dirty liar.

  • http://www.booklend.net mark

    that botfly eye thing just made me die.

  • Anna

    Finding a moldy decomposing subway sandwich in a very flabby lady’s overhanging fat roll.

  • Anna

    A 400llb woman who came into our ER complaining of abdominal pains–upon opening her up we found a 2 litre coke bottle she had been using as a dildo!

  • http://www.zorblog.com Zorbs

    having your period. and a bad case of the shits.

  • http://mad_conservatory.blogspot.com cole

    yes, definitely the bug-in-the-eye thing.

  • http://www.jeremiahsherrill.com jeremiah “I have never been more discusted” sherrill

    You people are sick good lordy you are sick.

    How about waking up one morning to find you cat licking your balls.

  • http://jen.urban-gypsy.net Jen

    My brother was on our roof and as he was stepping down through the arbor onto a ladder, the ladder tipped and he caught himself and hung for a second on a rusty nail in his armpit.

    And if anyone actually gets so far down here to read that, realize that you may in fact have no life…

  • http://panajane.blogspot.com Jane

    Two comments made me die of laughter:
    -the waking up to find the cat licking your balls one
    - and I forgot the other one.

  • http://www.geocities.com/malisa_evans fzzbkt

    strep – of the twat

    full body, skin flaking red rash combined with ring-worm under the breasts and lower abs

    body acne

  • http://threeonethree.com/threeone Matthew


  • chris

    having a q-tip in one ear, then tripping and slamming on the side of your head…

  • http://www.sickbastard.com Sick Bastard

    tossing someone’s salad and finding corn in your mouth… you haven’t had corn in months.

  • Andy

    Some mixed ones after a fevery night without sleep, feeling real sick:

    - Kinda old one: rinsing with pulpy OJ, ten minutes later eating a whole chocolate bar, aluminum foil and all

    - Not snowballing, but shitballing the 400pound guy, during diarrhea. The chunky kind.

    - Two rodents up Rush Limbaugh’s rectum. Procreating.

    - One cold winternight, the rodent up Anna Nicole Smith’s rectum finally arrives again at the oesophagus, looking forward to a short period of freedom. When it’s hit by the semen of the 400pound guy ANS is deep throatin’ live on television, then and there it decides to take out a good chunk of the guy’s head…

    - Jakob Nielsen doing the next k10k-redesign

    Grosser than gross? Decide for yourself!

  • Andy

    Damn, forgot one:

    - A surgeon pleasuring himself with your new liver, minutes before the transplant

  • http://www.italianolio.com Eddie D.

    the extracted “underdeveloped twin” is called a terratoma, and I used quotes because that is just a theory. No one really knows what it is.

  • Your Correctional Officer

    If I’ve read all these comments without so much as blinking or even becoming remotely disturbed by any of their images, does it mean I’m desensitized? Damn TV, ruined my… ummm… something. Ah screw it, I’ll think of the word later.

  • jenhaaay

    whenever i feel sick to my stomach, my dad offers to make me a “greasy pork sandwich.” those 3 words on top of an upset stomach make me spew every time.

  • http://captainpoopypants.com hang on…

    Vicious wrote: “during one of my junior high basketball games, some poor girl’s used (very used) very maxi, new freedom pad somehow come out of her polyester shorts, onto the gym floor, and then stuck itself right onto my converse con hightop.”

    not that i’m calling you a liar or anything, but i have to question the dubious physics of this event. so, the pad somehow didn’t have enough glue on to stay adhered to the girl’s panties, but it can flop itself — defying the whole “bodies at rest stay at rest” thing –out of the panties and the shorts, then onto the gym floor, then onto your shoes, where it apparently had enough glue left to stay on while you ran across the court? i ain’t buyin’ it. not even fer a nickel.

  • http://aaronandjane.com aaron

    Pealing your skin off, rolling in beauty bark, and then taking a bath in lemon juice.

  • elissa

    that botfly in the eye thing is so disgusting. nothing else made me feel sick except for those pictures. i have to lie down now.

  • Lily

    What did one lesbian vampire say to the other lesbian vampire?

    “See you next month!”

  • Necropheliac Joe

    Knife-raping a retarded nun.

    What do you call a dead baby crawling up your leg? A home-sick abortion.

    Blindly reaching for a nectarine in the fridge, pulling one out, biting into it, thinking it’s the juiciest nectarine you ever ever had…then realizing it was your dead baby-daughter’s head that you had saved after cutting it out of the 12 year old homeless girl you “saved” fom the area teen shelter, raping her, and locking her in the basement. Then, renting her out to the local “conesiors” of under-age girls, then, when she starts to “show,” slicing her throat with a A-1 caked steak knife, cutting the baby out of her stomach, feeding the body to the german sheppard in the garage, and putting the head in the fridge to place on the doorstep of the church across the street.

    oh yeah…and maybe having a 90 year old woman laying a “Cleveland Steamer” on your chest, and then rimming said 90 year old.

  • Danika

    OMG I can’t believe I just read all of those… ick its like a car accident.. I just couldn’t look away.

  • http://fantasyislandgirl.blogspot.com/ Fantasy Island Girl

    How about this?

    Male siamese twins, joined at the hip, share an asshole.

    One’s gay.

    And he has a date tonite…

    My husband told me that one…

  • http://www.blurbomat.com the also sick husband

    Take Vise GripsÆ and lock them onto various teeth/gum areas (best if used on front teeth) and then pull down hard.

  • http://aprilgem.com/log April

    Good gawd. I think i’m going to faint again. And I thought the bikini wax description was bad.

  • http://aprilgem.com/log April

    Oops. Sorry. Here’s my contribution: papercut on your eyeball, and someone filled the Visine bottle with lemon juice.