• LK

    PS tea tree oil is available at almost any health-nut place as well as your local Body Shop in the mall. As for the Retin-A and Acutane… you need a doctor’s prescription.

  • Pimplemint Pattie

    Is this one of those throbbing pimples? Why do they throb? Maybe if you wear your hair over the pimple, your mother will say, Heather, your hair is in your eyes.

  • http://aprilgem.com/log April

    If spraying Windex on it doesn’t work, stick a Bandaid on it and say you cut yourself shaving. Who cares if no one actually shaves their forehead…

  • meesha

    The reader beauty tip in this month’s Jane magazine is to dab a cotton ball soaked in “sensitive” or “gentle” formula douche on your face to clear up blemishes.

    If anyone’s actually tried this, let me know. It seems like logically it would work, but I’m afraid to try.

  • http://www.judithburton.com Judith

    Apply Tea Tree oil and or Hydrogen Peroxide, alternately. Change your pillowcases every day.

    Please, not Canada, in fact we should de-annex most of the North of our Northern states.

    Don’t worry about waiting til 50 to have a clear complexion. For 10 years I enjoyed one of the loveliest features of peri-menopause, acne. Then with menopause my face completely cleared up. I was gleeful at not having to wear make-up. This was only nature taunting me. I still have the occasional breakout. I am 57.

    And, my mom is still as helpful as ever in pointing out every red spot on my face with such amazement, as if no one on the planet has ever had such a thing in the history of the world.

  • Glovia

    April, so long as it’s unused douche. The vinegar stuff in it will dry it right out. And you’ll smell like flowers.

  • http://thepropagandist.com the propagandist

    maybe its bothering you so much because the insidious little bastard is sending its pus-filled roots into the very embodiment of your consciousness…soon your brain will be pulsing with pimples, bursting within your skull, and then…

    a little pimple on your temple won’t seem so bad, eh?

  • http://folio.n-product.com dbj

    Forget all your dependancies on pharmacies and pharm-assisted solutions…whenever I have a problem such as acne, or diarrhea or random thoughts of violence..I ask the best darn pharmacist in the world for the remedy. My friend and yours, Jesus Christ. He’d always laughed and say how I was a wasting his time and how I should “seriously” consider following another diety…That’s Jesus, always with the jokes.

  • whatthe??

    uh… thanks for the thought, Propagandist. I think that belonged on the Grosser than Gross list.

  • Sara

    After battling adult onset acne and breaking down and going to the dermatologist, I had thought things were under control (they still aren’t). I went to my hometown for the first time in months, washed my face after the trip… only to have my mother scream this phrase at me: what happened to your face?

    She couldn’t just point out the damn things all over my face. She had to make it sound like the acne squad had come and beat the shit out of me.

    And my wedding is only months away right now… I am praying for clear skin by then.

  • http://www.planetsocks.com krotchbat

    Uhhhh, Dooce? Have you got a job yet?

  • Brandon

    Accutane is great! (If you don’t mind the fact that your lips feel like two Gummi Worms coated with tree bark.)
    Me personally…I’d pick it…then feel really guilty about it afterwards saying somthing like…”I should have known better than to pick it.”

  • http://pocketchange.blogspot.com/ holly

    Seriously. I was told that pimples are the result of food or stress one month later. Maybe its the stress from the move finally rearing its ugly head. Or its just a freak thing. Does it throb yet?

  • http://www.pbase.com/bast Bast Herself

    If you never want a pimple ever again, get on it. It’s worth all the drying side effects. I had zits since I was 12 and I went on accutane for a year. Not a zit to be found anymore. Never ever again will I get a zit now. My skin is so soft now.
    My advice for those with constant reoccurances, forget over-the-counter. It never works. Get rid of it once and for all.

  • Kat

    a clogged hair folicle. i get them on my arms, occasionally. they’re weird.

  • rd

    I SO understand the desire to pop. I get completely fixated, and yes I know that popping makes them worse. It’s the “underground” ones that are the worst. If you can manage to make it erupt into a whitehead, then you’re golden. If it stays underground, it will be there for a while. My derm says put really hot water on it to bring the puss to the top.

    What’s worse, though, is getting a big pimple AND a cold sore.

  • http://www.wwu.edu/~palmer3 jessie

    molie molie molie molie molie molie molie molie

  • http://www.ixnow.com/niurope niurope

    i have an undergroun pimple right now…

  • pinklady

    i’m a bit disturbed at all the accutane references. i guess if it works for you great, but the side effects are slightly scary. it’s been linked to liver damage, severe depression, etc. there is a daliy pumice scrub from a company called DDF (sells at sephora)that is great. tea tree oil also works well.

  • Hollow Person

    Hey, why don’t you post a song list of like 200 really good songs?

    Because that New Year tune was great, and I have no taste.

  • moose

    So did you and Jon coordinate this boy/girl post thing? Pretty funny. Not that pimples and crapping are limited to one gender or the other. But, you know.

  • http://ThatThang Yr Mom

    An “adult-onset” pimple? Come on, I know you have better posting in yuh than that. A pimple post? Seriously yall, like that isn’t a battle fought every single day by everybody not living in LA or running up and down flights of stairs with Erin Brokovich. What has Dooce become? Is this just practice for a low brow girly teen mag (comparable more to YM than Sassy) you’ve got in the works? If this is the caliber of blog people shuffle to read, I’ve got about 8 stories on face that should last me a long while, if i’m lucky and they multiply.

  • Miami

    Damn the adult pimple. I think it’s just cruel and unusual punishment that we’ve reached the time in our lives when we can start to see “fine lines” (Oil of Olay commercials have taught us not to call them wrinkles), and also see big, red, pulsing cesspools of meanness. Mine is close to my jaw. ick.

  • http://a-splinter.diaryland.com Splinter

    Ack. Is it just me? Or is your diary/site all out of whack? Did some boob fuck up your shit in your comments section and I can’t see it? Everything’s all flat and not centered like before. Now there’s a scroll button on the bottom of the screen as well as the side. Or am I just seeing things?

  • http://a-splinter.diaryland.com Splinter

    Ack. Is it just me? Or is your diary/site all out of whack? Did some boob fuck up your shit in your comments section and I can’t see it? Everything’s all flat and not centered like before. Now there’s a scroll button on the bottom of the screen as well as the side. Or am I just seeing things?

  • paperdog

    I personally don’t think that Accutane is all that it’s cracked up to be.

    I went on it for a year while in college (after suffering from acne from 12 onwards), only to have my acne return 2 months later.

    I would stick with the tea tree oil.

  • pizza face

    poor, poor thing, i weep for your one pimple. ONE PIMPLE!
    i’m nearly 26, yet my skin acts as if it just hit puberty.
    i get the opposite reaction from my mom, the day my skin looks clear she’ll make a comment about how good it looks. the very next day my skin will rebel against my mother and prove to her that it can, in one single night, produce 6 brand new pimples.

  • jason

    your layout is fucked.

  • http://www.twbexposed.com tracy

    Jimbo, thanks for making me laugh out loud at the condom-on-the-head visual.

  • http://shyeyes.org shy

    hey… who come i can’t leave any comments?

  • http://www.backattheranch.ca little miss s

    Okay…so we’ve already got the biggest pimple of a President in American history, threatening to annex us. Now, the lesser known Dooce pimple too.

    Is it a whitehead? We need a little more snow up here.

  • QuesoDiablo

    Well feel lucky because I beleve the worst form of th adult onset pimple is the monstrous ass-pimple. Totally hidden and no one can know its there but you can never stop wondering why it decided to show up on you ass in the first place, not like the face which although no one likes to get them on there’s there is that un spoken agreement that thats where there’re supposed to be.

  • http://www.lin-design.net/bluelog Lin

    Ach, the dreaded adult pimple. When will I have to stop buying acne medication..when I’m fifty?

  • http://www.digitalcatharsis.com the mighty jimbo

    bite me dooce. one little pimple. i weep.

    i have been fighting an extended guerilla war with little red suicide bombers since i was 18. i had clear skin in high school. my skin had to revolt in adulthood.

    how’s that for a genetic royal screw.

    so pardon my lack of sympathy when you find one rogue complexion terrorist on your noggin.

    i’ve waged a war with everthing short of kerosine.

    my face is like isreal. sure, i have some days or weeks free from attack. but when i least expect it, bang! three of the little red bastards explode themselves right on my forehead. or the razor that scrapes upon my neck sends the hair folicles into an uprising and they attack with the little mosters for a week until the skin heals.

    i would kill to have completely clear skin for a month solid. sadly, it rarely happens.

    but i gotta admit, its strangely gratifying to pop those little fuckers.

  • Danika

    What about getting a pimple on your leg right where your pants rub when you walk because your jeans are just a little too tight due to gaining just a little too much weight. Not enough for new pants but enough for the pimple to fucking hurt whenever you walked or moved while sitting.

    Not that it recently happened to me… :)

  • http://www.aubreysabala.com aubs

    They need to teach you that in 6th grade health class when they’re discussing adolescence and all the ‘changes’ in your body. Some teacher needs to take a stand and say “get ready, people, these pustules are going to be your nemesi for the rest of your life.” I wish I had stock in Clearasil.

  • http://www.dooce.com dooce

    Jimbo: you might want to try birth control. it works wonders on acne.

  • A Diff Erika

    How bout you normally have a pimple free ass.Then after months of not getting any you finally get a man and you get a big red monster on your ass. Sexy right?

  • http://funtime.studiom11.com/ Funtime Ben

    I feel your pain. I’m currently battling an underground pimple, which no one else can see, but which I am compelled, as if by the laws of nature, to squeeze. By squeezing it, I realize I will make it a very visible ghastly red bump, but I have to squeeze it, for squeezing will bring me solace.


  • http://aneighth.blogspot.com annie

    can you try a new, funky hair style?

  • QuesoDiablo

    Or a large colorly embroiderd eye patch ?

  • the media

    so much drama over a fucking pimple. you’ve got too much time on your hands. drink or something. yeah, kill it with alcohol.

  • http://quixotical.org Anna

    I finally admitted defeat in my battle against adult onset pimples and went to a dermatologist. Those nasty fuckers were no match for my cream wielding skin doctor. Also: A friend of mine enjoys getting pimples, and says she could sit around all day popping them. She’s really not joking.

  • http://www.digitalcatharsis.com the mighty jimbo

    that’s a good idea dooce! but do i actually wear the condom as prescribed or actually pull it over my head?

  • http://www.jenandtonic.ca jen

    jimbo – i think dooce means the birth control pill. it does do a face good. i have a few daisy packs to donate if you want.

  • Queso

    perhaps jimbo was quietly trying to point out his gender? perhaps..and Jimbo i would say pulling it on over your head when you sleep at night might work perhaps the spermicides with kill the pimples

  • A Diff Erika

    Acutane is magical. Cleared my adult acne forever.

  • buckosmack

    oh honey, lance the little bitch and let’s be on with it. as for mommy, are you telling me there isn’t at least one so-called pimple on her, um, character that you might be able to call out in a ‘tit for tat’ moment that might get her to think before she speaks next time?

  • http://delicateflower.prettyposies.com melanie

    jen, i think jimbo was being funny, not daft.

    anyhoo. minutes before my first day of teaching freshman comp at the university of colorado this fall, i got my period, spilled coffee on my boob, and watched in horror as The Biggest Pimple In the History of Pimples sprouted on my face. i’m not kidding – that thing staged a bloodless coup in two seconds flat. it was on the right side of my nose, right below my eye. i had to teach with that thing on my face for two weeks. i think it was sent to implant a microchip or something.

    so, i feel your pain.

  • http://shyeyes.org shy

    i hear you on mothers… my mother will take it one step further and begin to lecture me on eating too much greasy foods. or chocolate. or whatever the wive’s tale of what causes adult-pimples. i have one now too.