• http://www.halfass.com scotty the body

    So what IS the new super-Indie film fest these days? I have a friend who just made a feature, and he’s hell-bent on Cannes and Sundance, but basically, you need clout or a star to get in those. So what’s the Next Big Thing?

  • http://planetbrent.com Brent

    Ah, Dooce, what ought we to think? You write that it’s hard to be in a Utah that’s so blazingly white, so Uber-normal, but then when Hollywood comes — with all its weirdness — you find that hard too. Hmmm… maybe you might try Canada. They might have the perfect blend of whack and wonderful.

  • PJ

    Was Ed wearing a beret?

    Also, I am glad you are not what my friend Carmen and I used to call a ‘star-fucker.’

  • http://shotwise.com shotwise

    I wandered into the London premiere for Double Whammy by accident, and during the question and answer session, the director kept making references to his “very, very gay friend Steve Buscemi,” who was in the movie. Well, he was also in the audience and he kept shouting out, “I’m not gay!” I ended up with his autograph, but I’m still disappointed he wouldn’t sign it, “I’m not gay, Steve Buscemi.”

  • http://www.jenandtonic.ca jen

    See, if you live in Canada, and not Toronto or Vancouver, your celebrity sightings are; “hey, didn’t that guy play the dad on Different Strokes?”

  • Devin

    if you are wonderind if you are hip. Here is the test and some tips on how to fit in at the next emo show you go to. http://www.hipsterhandbook.com/

    As a park city resident I have noticed that sundancers are the whinest people ever. I have never seen more sore vulva’s.

  • rd

    My husband and I disagree about whether Steve Buscemi is cute in a creepy sort of way or not. He thinks he is and I say he’s just creepy. But he is a great actor and plays great roles. Those teeth, though, are just plain awful.

  • http://swirlspice.blogspot.com Irk

    There is no way you can convince me that there is anything attractive about Steve Buscemi. Christopher Walken, maybe, but not Steve Buscemi. And frankly, I’m not real comfortable with the William H. Macy/Mario Bello combo, either. I guess I have to see the movie.

    I don’t care what anyone says. Tina Fey’s a hottie and “I thought it was a crazy straw!” will continue to be my most favorite Joke-Off line ever.