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Painting Rather Than Updating

In the last 10 days or so I have spent approximately 35 minutes in front of my computer, a notable and very much hurtful 4,000% decrease in the usual amount of time I spend catching up on the lives of strangers with online dumping grounds. It’s almost sad to get back online after several days [...]


God, how I miss Jillian Barberie.

Feeling Guilty

For stealing the soap out of Granny’s bathroom. I am gonna have one PISSED Granny.

How to Annoy Me

Lecture me for eating all the bologna, you fucking bologna cop.

How to Charm Me

Feel no shame in going with me to the grocery store to buy nothing but beer, tampons, and People magazine.


Yo La Tengo: Summer Sun

April 28, 2003

Things I Don’t Remember

1. The tick my mother burned out of my ear when I was five years old. 2. Why I woke up that one time at Mandalay Bay when I was staying at the Hard Rock. 3. Every New Year’s Day for the past seven years. 4. The words to my High School alma mater. 5. [...]

Feeling Guilty

For painting my dog’s tail…on purpose.


Lost in Transit