• http://www.godtar.com Charles R. Kaiser

    Further to my Timber Wolf story. . .

    I also have a friend named Holly. Holly Andreas. She has a birthday on October 31st. Her middle name is Wyn. Holly Wyn! That’s just cruel!

  • http://incensed.net Kate

    Talon Ted would be the best name EVER. Hahaha!!!

  • christine

    A Mormon family I grew up with: Dad-”K”; Mom-Frankie; kids-BoDawn (Binky) (f); Debrav (m); Rikayla (f); Dekail (m); Deffrin (m) – I kid you not. I may have the spelling wrong on a couple, but does it really matter with names like these? Wonder what ever happened to them.

  • Krichelle Cajun Rayne

    I got the song stuck in my head now too Irk. Found myself walking around and vacuuming to the beat of a sesame street song! Great….

  • http://www.tangerinestarbuggy.net s00ka

    congradulations, dooce! but, oh man… He should change his last name to “Ravenlocke” and then he could be Talon “Claw” Ravenlocke and run around Utah, playing dungeons and dragons with his real name…or not. ohman. i can’t get over this.

  • http://www.swirlspice.com Irk

    I’m Aaronica Mauricette. Mormons are as bad as black folks with these names.

  • http://shyeyes.org shy

    congrats! talon is a beautifull and adventurous name!

    i’ve just been up to my neck with baby names too…

    for my baby hamster. her name is kiwi. because she looks like a kiwi when she’s rolled up in a ball and sleeping.

    [ahem... my story, i know, isn't as exciting as yours.]

  • http://kiwi-kath.diaryland.com kath AKA kaltighanna

    Hey shy! MY name is kiwi! A nickname, actually. But I like that a hamster is named the same.

  • http://www.chadcrowell.com Chad’s Favorite Bridesmaid

    Looks like Auntie Dooce will have to teach him how to fight.

  • Grunt

    A friend of mine has the last name “Geto”…and when her brother had a son, they named him Harlem Jazz Geto.

    Harlem. Jazz. Geto.

  • j

    or maybe he should just be Legolas. how cool would it be to be – Legolas Hamilton. he would SO be the king of the playground with a kick-ass name like that.

  • http://www.amusiac.net/minorchords/home.html Magpie Serenity-Tabitha-Ann

    congrats auntie dooce!

    talon ain’t so bad, really… try on Eska or Razaellan for size, and Talon seems pretty good. Although Talon Hamilton does sound like the name of a Steven Seagal character. Poor kid.

  • Lorelei

    I agree with J. Legolas Hamilton would be a kickass name.

  • http://sessex.blogspot.com/ Susan

    We have a Talon in our family too. Only she’s a girl. With a dainty sister named Olivia. Poor kid.

  • http://www.mediasparkles.com/blog Vera

    Wow. Now that I’m hearing all these unique, totally-out-there Mormon names, I have totally decided to become Mormon.

  • patatomic

    worst name ever:
    bronze swallow

    my wife dated this guy for a bit.

    best porn name ever:
    wayne sunset

    this belongs to my friend, joe.

  • http://funtime.studiom11.com Funtime Ben

    Talon! Does your brother play Dungeons and Dragons? This kid is so going to get his ass kicked, Hamilton name or not.

  • http:www.screenimages.com Marc

    Talon? Oh, isn’t that cuticle…

  • http://www.apeymonkey.com christa

    I love Talon. That’s so great.

  • http://zchannie.blogspot.com zchamu

    Congratulations Auntie Dooce!

  • http://www.aubreysabala.com aubs

    Talon — perfect. I was thinking “Night” (of Nightranger fame) but that’s just because I’ve been listening to “Sister Christian” on repeat for a while.

  • Rachel

    Who names a kid Talon, to bad he is going to get laughed at. Oh well, at least people will remember his name.

  • http://www.dooce.com dooce

    who names a kid Ranger?

  • http://www.swirlspice.com Irk

    Congratulations on your new nephew! Does the kid have any sharp, pointy features?

  • Ragg Mopp

    I was almost named “Dawning”. Thank God my dad didn’t feel the urge to name me after an obscure verb like my mom.

  • http://www.madhaiku.com hagran

    According to the Mormon Name Generator (http://rumandmonkey.com/
    Talon translates to Stockton Malone. Go figure.

  • http://www.whatsthefuss.com Mrs. Kennedy

    Sheeyit. Is it too late to name him Rebel?

  • Valkyrie9

    Hagran, I’m loving the Mormon Name Generator. I’m Cachelyn Channelle.

  • http://quixotical.org Anna

    “Who names a kid Talon, to bad he is going to get laughed at.” Don’t worry, they won’t laugh at him here in Utah. He’ll fit right in with all the Brecklyn-s and Tolby-s and LaDon-s.

  • EC

    Wow…and they really put down that crack pipe, huh?

  • http://texastbone.blogspot.com Texas T-Bone

    Talon is certainly unique and I have heard worse.

    Have a feeling that if the child were able to name himself, it would not be Talon. But that probably goes for a lot of people named Bobby, Sam, Frank and Louise (not there’s anything wrong with those names in particular).

  • Tee hee

    Talon isn’t so bad, but it doesn’t go with Hamilton, is there anyway to change his last name?

  • Rachel

    Smoke Fest…how was it dooce?>please reply.

  • kavin

    Kids will make fun of you regardless what you name is. You better worry about if he will have the best NIke shoes or something.

  • http://www.slackcircus.com Jay

    I think Talon is a cool name. Is his middle name still Aragorn?

  • http://www.ericandleandra.com leandra

    My dad’s name is “Manliff,” at least it only became my brother’s middle name… He is also the lone boy after two girls.

  • Barb

    seems like uncle Doug aint gonna be alone anymore..cause that’s just a crime..congrats

  • http://bearclau.diaryland.com bearclau

    I go by ‘Clau’ all the time.

  • http://aprilgem.com/log April

    So long as his middle name isn’t Ted… because regardless of how talented he might grow up to be, that’s just plain wrong.

  • http://scalefigure.com/daily/ Jamieson Messiah Angel

    Would be clever if his middle name was Claude. He’ll need to grow up with a sharp sense of humor and keep an eagle eye out, or the other kids will be on him like hawks.