• http://strangecat.org chris

    the “once, there was a girl who …” by crash test dummies. i heard it on a rerun of SNL awhile back and now it’s STUCK in my head.

  • pinky bethesda

    Its always the theme song from the cat food commercial from the 80s: My kitty cat, craves chicken. My kitty cat craves milk, etc. or the theme sog from fucking diffrent strokes.

  • http://www.godtar.com Charles R. Kaiser

    Some damn company has starting running ads on television with “The Song That Doesn’t End!” Arrggh!
    This is the song that doesn’t end/
    Yes it goes on and on my friend/
    Some people started singin’
    it not knowing what it was/
    And they’ll continue singin’ it forever just because/
    This is the song that doesn’t end/
    Yes it goes on and on my friend. . .
    Continue until someone punches you in the head.

    Sort of like this story that my evil mother used to tell me:

    It was a cold dark night in Borneo, and dragons large and dragons small were gathered ’round the campfire all and Horatio said “Tell us a story.” And the story went something like this: It was a cold dark night in Borneo, and dragons large and dragons small were gathered ’round the campfire all and Horatio said “Tell us a story.” And the story went something like this: It was a cold dark night in Borneo. . .

  • cat#1

    JC: my brothers and i used to torment each other like that, too. this post is definitely providing me with enough ammo to last quite a few years…

    as for me, anything by Luscious Jackson gets irrevocably lodged in my head for hours. it becomes horrifically irritating after i find myself chanting “Fantastic fabulous, you are wonderful…” under my breath for the hundredth time.

  • http://www.slackcircus.com Jay

    Gimme some o that
    Gimme some o that
    Runnin’ her hands through my ‘fro.
    Bouncin’ on twenny-fo’s…

  • subbacultcha

    it’s been a constant shuffle of that thermals song and “nothing better” by the postal service for the past couple of weeks. i am a slave to the indie Top 40 (or rather, 4). little yellow different Pop.

  • http://www.pbase.com/bast Bast Herself

    Smelly Cat by Phoebe from Friends.

  • http://www.amandalewis.net Amanda Lew

    This song hurts my face.

  • http://www.humminahummina.com Tara

    1. “Goonies R Good Enough” by Cyndi Lauper

    2. “Angelina” Louis Prima

    3. “Instant Pleasure” ALA Rufus Wainwright

    4. Also, the Banner Mattress ad, which if you are a Californian you have to suffer through some fat chubby guy with a voice like Mike Tyson say “We’ll beat anyones advertised price or your matress is Freeeeeeeee.”

    So damn annoying.

  • http://texastbone.blogspot.com Texas T-Bone

    This is our jingle for goldfish, our jingle for goldfish!

    The snack that smiles back until you bite their heads off!

    Love that commercial and the song sticks to me as does a moistened fish-shaped cracker.

  • http://jenn.monkeydepartment.com monkeyjenn

    Every time someone mentions anything about the temperature, I get “It’s Getting Hot in Herre” by Nelly stuck in my head and the only way to dislodge it is to sing it out loud.

    Also, I have had the chorus for ‘What’s Your Name?” by Lynyrd Skynyrd stuck in my mind for weeks! WEEKS!
    Shoot me. Shoot me now.

  • http://piehole.diaryland.com Jennifer

    Oh, I kid you not peoples… But I cannot stop singing “Mystery Date”… Are you ready for your mystery date? Don’t be late! For your mystery date!

  • john

    “Always look on the bright side of life”, from monty python. With the whistle.

  • http://yahmdallah.blogspot.com/ Yahmdallah

    Speaking of Monty Python, they have a song on their “Contractual Obligation” CD that is apropos to this thread: “Here comes another one”

    It goes:
    Here comes another one
    Here it comes…again
    Here comes another one
    When will it ever end?

  • http://www.penswords.com chunderchud

    I’m dying!!! Meow Mix, Conjunction Junction, Low Book Sales, Inspector Gadget…not to mention the comment about eating people in the temple and emos!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!

    Mine: Shake your pants by Cameo

    and just a tip, if you really want to piss people off, imitate the chicks voice from Nelly’s Hot in Here song (I…am…getting…so…hot…)

  • http://www.inapuddle.com anne

    No, the stickiest Monty Python song is “Eric the Half-a-Bee,” which in some ways is fun, because if you sing it enough, people around you start going homocidal, while you’re inexplicably perky and happy.

    Ah-la-dee-dee, one two three, Eric the Half a Bee!

    A B C D E F G, Eric the Half a Bee.

  • http://www.inapuddle.com anne

    Did I just type homocidal? I meant homicidal. Hehe.

  • http://www.melissabethkelly.com/decepticon.mp3 decepticon by le tigre

    Hopefully this works, click above to hear the one in my head for days.


  • http://www.leadingbrand.org/mp3s/manahmanah.mp3 Justin

    Mahna Mahna by the Muppets. (Click above)

  • http://www.humminahummina.com TARA

    Cruel, but fun.

    Whistle “If I Only Had A Brain” and everyone will have it stuck in their head and then it will take them ages to figure out why and what song it is.

    Heh. I used to do that at my old job.

  • http://www.wildsnowflake.com Snowflake

    Apparently, chewing on a cinnamon stick is supposed to work to get that song unstuck.

    I rely on MJ’s “Billie Jean” to get more obnoxious songs out of my head such as American Idol 2′s “God Bless the USA”. However, this is potent stuff… be sure that whatever song you have stuck in your noggin is worse than vintage Michael.

  • http://www.incae.edu The Inmate

    Finally a proper tagline. I don’t get it though. How is an upturned chair picky and pretentious? Moreover, totally so. Alright, alright. So perhaps pretentious. I’m just not buying picky from the upturned furniture.

  • LB

    My internal DJ likes bad 80′s hair rock – Bon Jovi’s been rockin’ out for 4 days now…”your love is like baaaad medicine…”
    Heh – radio’s on and the (real) DJ forgot to stop the guitar insanity at the end of “Freebird” before starting “Crazy Train”….that might have cleared out the Bon Jovi – thank God.

  • http://line-noise.com jackie

    mmm! yummy new design! the background is especially blissful.

    and weird that john stewart mentioned girl from ipanema last night! i mean, in conjunction with the muzak hall of fame, but still… i was going to comment about it right after, but then i thought, that’d just be too lame. like, i can at least pretend i’m nowhere near a computer.

  • http://strangebrew.gbmmt.com andrew

    just before christmas i was out drinking with some friends and they started humming this oddly familiar tune – once i learned the first few lines they got stuck, and have been there since.

    ‘it was christmas eve, babe//
    in the drunk tank//
    an old man said to me//
    won’t see another one//
    and then he sang a song//
    a railroad mountain tune//
    i turned my face away//
    and dreamed about you’

    by this point i’ve even mastered the trademark shane mcgowan irish drunkard rasp – oh boy do the pogues ever rule.

  • Benita

    Copacabana by Barry Manilow. “Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl With yellow feathers
    in her hair and a dress cut down to there..” It seems like such an innocent tune, until one sings that first line and than the tune is invariably stuck for eons in the mind.

  • http://www.swirlspice.com Irk

    Chris: I am so mad about Inspector Gadget. ARGH!

  • http://not-right.com Erma

    I start humming either the Trading Spaces or While You Were Out theme song. It’s funny to read others posting about the Foxwoods theme. I used to see the commercial and hear it on the radio all the time, I now know all the words to it. Now I can’t help singing it everytime I drive by the casino. They’ve gone and planted it in my mind forever. Evil!

  • ~Angel

    I have jello days.
    “watch it wiggle, see it jiggle cool and fruity, jello brand gelatin. Of all desserts you’ll love the one that da da da(don’t know the words here)and makes such fun…something, something, something jello brand gelatin…”
    “meow, meow, meow, meow…”
    & what reeally kills me is, I neither own a cat or eat jello.

  • http://www.explosive.net/shade-n-froyduh maryduan

    After reading a few of your archived pieces, I had “Smack My Bitch Up” stuck in my head for days. I had never heard it, and I made the mistake of asking my coffee barrista friend if he had, so he could hum it to me. That made me start humming it too.

    Now my 9-year-old fines me .50-cents every time he hears me humming it. I’ve lost quite a few dollars this past week.

  • http://www.thesalads.com AC

    Get Loose by The Salads (www.thesalads.com)
    The song rocks but you can’t turn the radio on these days w/o hearing it. Damn Canadians!

  • http://www.excitementmachine.org kmel

    The Arby’s oven mitt mascot exceeds the angry gumball in bizarre craptacularity. Mercifully there’s no jingle other than stupid Volare.

    I find the Chips Ahoy Cremewiches jingle intoxicating and sticky.

  • Taylor

    I baby sat today…D-d-d-d-Dorrrrra. Theme song to Dora the Explorer, Nickolodeon can just kick it’s own ass.

  • IKE

    Lake Shore Drive—If you’ve ever heard it you know what I mean.

  • http://www.tumbleweed.blogspot.com tracy

    I’ve played that song for the last two hours I’ve been online.
    Uh, thanks.
    I only wish I didn’t have shitty speakers AND I’d rather listen to it in my car.
    It makes me grit my teeth and nod my head.

  • x

    For the past few days, I haven’t been able to get NWA’s classic rap anthem, “F*ck tha’ Police” out of my head. I sit at work, coding C++ while bustin out lyrics about being an oppressed black youth from Compton. http://www.leoslyrics.com/listlyrics.php?id=68141

  • http://5corners.blogspot.com candace

    tatu is like nicotine, yoshimi is like crack, but
    liz phairs “polyester bride” is like fucking HEROIN.

  • http://thehazefilter.freddeaton.com fred

    Sorry, no echos in my head from this one and I had no problem tuning it out!

  • http://ryanbytes.alittlenote.org ChepasChips

    Ooh ooh Malibu! hahahha Grace!

  • marc

    Three hours. To download them all. I’m gonna do myself with ‘em tonight…

  • Sheila

    Fred…you suck.

    Ahhh hey mamama hey. Life in a northern town….ah hey mamamama ah.

  • Angelique

    a song from Delerium – it’s an older one that i heard at a club thursday night. it has Sarah McLaughlin singing….. damnit if i remember the title…

  • http://shyeyes.org shy

    mine is the worst… due to that stupid commercial for advil… or something… i can’t remember which headache remedy.

    it’s when the kids keep on singing, “this is the song that never ends… yes it goes on and on my friends…”

    bloody annoying!

  • http://evel.blogspot.com Eva

    All last week, I found myself humming “Misty” by Johnny Mathis You know the one

    “Look at me, I’m as helpless as a kitten up a tree”

    and I have no idea where it came from.

  • Jacob

    Simon & Garfunkel: “Feeling [Fucking] Groovy,” the most irrepressibly optimistic song there is. The happy-ass bass-line in the middle is the worst part. I swear I’m going to jump…

  • Jeannen

    Theme to Bonanza running through my head for the past 5ish years. I’ll be working on a project, humming and I’ll realize that it’s Bonanza. AHHH.

  • Erika

    Legend of a Cowgirl by:Imani Coppola; it’s been stuck in my head for years.

  • http://www.jodiverse.com Jodi

    Mine isn’t a song that I can’t get out of my head but a dialogue from a seventh grade Spanish class lo so many years ago. Read all about it here.

    And I absolutely REFUSE to click on your song OR read any of these comments for fear of what might get lodged inside my brain.

    I’m not LISTening … I’m not LISTening …

    Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb …

    Lalalalalallalaaaaaaalalalalalaaaaaaaa lalalaaa

  • http://www.jodiverse.com Jodi

    Damn. You don’t allow HTML. Read about it … here: http://www.jodiverse.com/archives/001611.html


    My name, in Spanish, is a tense of “to fuck”. How very appropriate.

  • http://www.eleventwentyseven.com christine

    Oh, my GOD! Yes, Jodi! I have the exact same thing happen to me often, only MY dialogue is in French…Où est Phillipe? À la piscine. Avec qui? Avec Marie….Although I can never remember who he is at the pool with. Avec Marie? Avec Celeste? But the damn thing does pop into my head at the stangest moments.