• http://www.misscranky.com Tiffany

    Sometimes kids prove themselves worthy of not entering the food chain as prey. I’m glad you’ve found a few who qualify.

  • Jenny

    Aw. I love babies! And I also offend 9-year-olds by calling them babies. Hey, you’re a baby as long as you’re being cute, and these girls are definitely being cute.

    Sidenote, are they curly-headed blondes? Because that’s how I’ve pictured them. With huge eyes. I LOVE BABIES!

  • http://happykap.blogspot.com Heather K.

    I have the opposite problem. Babies gross me out. I like kids. Don’t want any of my own, though. :-)

  • abi

    well done…I go from having hope for the next generation, to thinking what a waste – after this, I will have hope for at least for a couple of days.

  • http://electrolicious.com Ariel

    That shade of lipstick is so very you.

  • http://www.filteringcraig.com FilteringCraig

    I had a similar experience with a group of second graders that I tought for about five weeks. I grew to love the immature sense of humor, their eagerness, and their willingness to ask whatever was on their minds. I even got used to their incessant farting.

    The thank-you notes I got from them were priceless. I wrote about them here.


  • http://footinmouthdisease.blogspot.com Naaman

    I love that sound!

  • http://www.tangerinestarbuggy.net s00ka

    i’m totally with you on the babies vs. kids – they’re great until they start talking.

    btw, you’ve got quite the generous mouth there – according to those (pretty neat) kids – i bet you go through a lot of lipstick

  • http://www.antisocialdiva.com antisocial diva

    why did the virgin suicides pop into my mind?

    those kids are cute and sweet and thoughtful. but i am childfree and so, so glad that none of my neighbors have kids. the sound of a little boy on a pogo stick the next street over drives me batty.

  • http://www.digitalcatharsis.com the mighty jimbo

    dooce, if ANYONE in utah should be breeding, it’s YOU.

    we need more people like you.

  • bucci

    Is there something coming out of the dog’s bottom unit?

  • http://brittney.pitas.com brittney

    I believe I see shades of septic tank poopy red hair in that first one.

  • http://www.nikky.org nikky

    Maddy,Alex, Ally,and Isabelle sound like ‘SuperKids’. You know, the ones that are intellectually light years ahead of their peers. They get up at 4:30am to make their ballet, karate, figure skating, piano class before school starts. Then it’s off to baseball, soccer and gymnastics practice after school. These kids go on to be doctors, lawyers, astronauts, etc.

    When I was a kid I used to be jealous of SuperKids. Now, while these SuperKids have grown up to save the world, here I am sitting in my cubicle hoping the boss doesn’t find me on dooce.com …

  • http://www.daymented.com dayment

    Dooce do you know when you are moving yet? Leaving these girls is tragic.
    Please visit them often.

  • http://www.moviepoopshoot.com The Deuce

    what a rip-off. i thought from today’s headline, dooce was going to treat us to her favorite memories of actor/gospel singer jim nabors, who played gomer on “the andy griffith show,” a bartlett, tenn. favorite. shazam. maybe tomorrow.

  • http://people.cs.uchicago.edu/~sbose/ Try to fly away and i choke

    yoah. houses, kids, breeding. i am out of the loop for a few months and find an almost (but not really) alternate dooce. what happened to the survivor margaritas and lousy hollywood parties? sounds like you’re happy, though, so i am happy for you and hubby. congrats on the house.

  • http://www.symbiotika.com symbiant

    Sort of makes me want to talk with my S.O. about breeding. Well, at least practice anyway.

  • http://scalefigure.com/ chorizo

    babies smell good?

  • http://blab-o-rama.com Beerzie Boy

    A truism: Many people suck and some people rock; many kids suck and some kids rock.

    MY 3 little guys ROCK, and even if they don’t, I don’t notice or care.

    You will be the same, too. Don’t deny it.

  • http://heathnad.diaryland.com sparklers

    dooce, as a recovering heather, i feel for you. these pictures here are PRICELESS.

    you light up my life with my weekly wanderings over to dooceland.

    and not to mention the furry beast and the newly defurred husband. oh, the realtor, with the hand up your ass.

  • http://www.playapixie.org Dawn

    Congrats on the new place!

  • http://www.ardenstone.com ardenstone

    and besides, if you don’t manage to have kids that rock, you can always give them away to gypsies and try again!

  • http://shyeyes.org shy

    babies don’t always smell good…

  • http://www.slackcircus.com Jay

    Way to go on the new hizouse! Don’t go turning into one of those sunshine-walking dimple-faced motherfuckers on us now that you’re moving out of the basement. ;)

  • http://www.eddoandco.com eddeaux

    Those cards are awesome-
    makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside-

    We all love dooce

  • bit2byte

    kid art is just so cool.

    It’s a dooce makeover: Isabelle’s pic is a before / alex’s is after. of course chuck looks perfect with those super round paws. these must be framed and displayed proudly in the new nest, part of the art collection that will come to be known as dooce and jon’s “early years” .

  • http://queserasera.blogspot.com Sarah B.

    See, THAT is why I want to have kids. But a Saturday afternoon at Super Walmart usually cures me of that.

  • http://carrieon.blogspot.com Carrie

    In Ally’s picture, it looks to me like Chuck has a little Septic-Tank-Poopy-Red-Fur thing going on. Love the cards! They are sweet.
    Some kids really *do* rock.

  • http://convivial.blogspot.com Heather #2

    Best Comment Made on a 2003 Blog: “Sometimes kids prove themselves worthy of not entering the food chain as prey.”

    I will love you even if you DO become a sunshine-walking, dimple-faced motherfucker, whatever that is.

  • http://yahmdallah.blogspot.com/ Yahmdallah

    When you have kids of your own, you adore and love them in a way that’s sometimes painful. The sun and moon rise and set on their precious little heads. However, you still feel the same about other people’s kids as you always have. If ya couldn’t stand’em before, you still can’t after. Ditto for liking them. Moral: don’t let other people’s brats ruin it for you.

    Oh, and babies smell wonderful. Especially your own. Our daughter kept her baby smell until she was four.

  • http://zandria.blogspot.com Zandria

    I completely agree about the kids thing. I don’t think they would be quite so annoying if parents didn’t let them run wild (and subsequently become little terrors!). Sometimes I feel like saying, “Other people have to put up with your bratty children too…”

  • http://www.odessastreet.net lee

    Alex will be the artist. Ally the writer. Look at how different the twins’ cards were.

    Kids rock.

  • Danika

    Awww those kids sound great!! Visit them often!

  • lordgoon

    My niece and nephew are clearly far, far cooler than these kids will ever be. Rest assured that if either of them were ever in possession of a magic marker that gloriously and singularly poop-colored, they would certainly not be wasting their time drawing pictures of a dog.

  • http://kevin.phrenzy.org/ Kevin

    Isn’t it amazing how kids adapt to society? I never drew highlights in hair when I was little.

  • angelique

    dooce, i hear ya on the closing thing… i actually work for *the* biggest lender in the country… stagecoach… you figure it out. i am in post-closing and loan servicing… i hear every day the woes of people who were mislead and/or improperly educated on the finer points of lending. please feel free to email me if you wanna blow off steam about the whole process. i advise mortgagers all day. i completely understand how you feel. 40+pages of docs is a tremendous amount… and the title work, insurance, taxes, appraisals….. rediculous.

  • http://www.injust-spring.com Alex

    Yes! Children like those are the reason I would have any. The world needs more cool people.
    When my nieces and nephews bust out with some magnificent one-liners, I’m always amazed at how truthful and insightful they can be. Plus, it’s super fucking cool to aid them in there evil pranks!

  • http://http//missjenjen.pixelkitty.net Missjenjen

    There should be more kids like these. Then I might consider actually procreating and actively restraining myself from shooting the kiddies in the mall.

  • B

    snot, drool, liquid poop, every color of vomit not found in nature (always on you favorite stuff), rash, gas, insomnia, 300db screams, whining, moping, thinking you’re a bitch, intolerance, rebellion, their own blog bitching about you, crappy flowers on mothers day, college tuition wasted on partying, not paying rent, eating your food, paying only lip service, dating that slut just to piss you off, marrying the worst possible choice, not naming the first born girl after you, etc, so on, so forth.

    How much more could you ask for? granted children are cute for 3 hours a day, to bad often it’s when they’re sleeping

    but if it weren’t for my mom, I couldn’t be here after doing all that to her (well most of it (some of it is you)) and you know what? I’ll love her more than anyone on this fucking planet ’till I die

    there you go

    get knocked baby!
    and more power to ya’

  • Sheila

    Maybe if you’d drawn an analogy between the snails and your father-in-law…they’d have understood.

    Kids’ art is the best; my sister framed a few of my niece’s things…and I feel like stealing it off the walls when I visit.

    Good luck with establishing the Anderson homestead.

  • http://suoic.blogspot.com suoica

    the best part about kids is that they belong to someone else.

    and when you finish reading “Running With Scissors”, you should read “The Corrections” by Jonathan Franzen,

  • http://www.darthmiles.com da

    ..life is good,life is sweet, grab yourself a front row seat…

  • http://anordinaryboy.com/blogger.html alex

    wowies! cool pictures! oh, and those child drawings are ok too.

  • http://www.swirlspice.com Irk

    I would like to see those young artists’ renderings of the realtor’s hand up your ass.

  • http://queserasera.blogspot.com Sarah B.

    So were you wearing a blue shirt or were you wearing a green shirt?

  • EC

    When a bunch of kids love you enough to make you some cards, you know you gotta be doing something right.

  • dvl

    keep looking at those cards long enough and I guarantee you will begin to hear you uterus doing flips…. and that is the sound of you being ready to have some of your own.

  • http://www.sillyamericangirl.com jenn m

    I think they draw better than I do. Where do I sign up for lessons?

  • Glovia

    Oh that is totally sweet. Don’t you just feel all kinds of loved?

  • deb

    I still do detest most kids. They are generally annoying and spoiled.

    Just not my own. They are the cutest and most infuriating individuals on the planet.

    I apologized to my mother after having kids because I realised what she must have gone through with us. And I saw her in a different light.