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That Lovely Glow Effect

Many have asked about how I get certain photos to look fuzzy or warm and mashed potato-y. And perhaps it’s time that I come clean and admit that it has nothing to do with the camera or how I take pictures. It’s all about cheating in Photoshop. Jon originally taught me this technique, and although [...]

Things I Miss About Los Angeles

Andy Dick. Christmas shopping outside in flip-flops. Accurate forcasts that come not in blocks of 7 days but in blocks of 365. Being surrounded by people with actual pigmentation. Running stairs in Santa Monica with Tori Spelling’s boobs and that shirtless Moroccan body-builder who ate small children for breakfast. Happy hour every hour. Having my [...]

Ramblings on Skating

So Jon and I accompanied three of my nieces and nephews to Classic Skating the other night, and maybe it’s because I haven’t been skating in over 15 years, or maybe it’s because people in Utah feed their kids Malt O’Meal at every meal, but I don’t remember kids being so small. At least I [...]

January 28, 2003


So Jon and I really do have all-access passes to the Sundance Film Festival, not because either of us has anything to do with the film industry, and not because we really did anything worthwhile to earn these passes, but because, and I’m totally convinced of this, at one point in our life we both [...]

A Selection of Recent, Random and Wholly Unrelated Observations, Volume II

The only reason to pass up an entire all-access day pass at the Sundance Film Festival is the season premiere of “American Idol.” That my father and my step-father can hold a 30-min telephone conversation about cars and tools and those lovely blonde twins that make my sister’s life a daily three-ring circus, that they [...]

Blaming Mr. Whipple

Although it’s not expressly covered in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, and I’m not sure that a jury would ever hear my case if I tried to sue, I still maintain that I have a natural born right to use as much toilet paper as I goddamn well please. And it’s not that [...]

January 19, 2003

Dogs Love Weekends

Chuck and I had a quick photoshoot recently, wherein Jon teased him with the Nylabone and I tried diligently to capture Precious Moments. Maybe only other dog owners will understand this, but it’s FUCKING HARD to get clear photographs of a dog when that dog is cranked!, and his father is holding his favorite toy [...]

Careless Whispers

Aside from the fact that this is maddeningly brilliant (link via TMN), and I’ve played it probably a good four dozen times since I downloaded it yesterday, it has completely thrown me into a mid-eighties reverie wherein I cannot stop thinking of the following: 1. Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies, two at a time. Grape [...]