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November 2003

Like Clockwork

Although Jon and I haven’t yet enrolled in birthing classes, what everyones says is supposed to empower us with pain management techniques and teach us how to work together to get this bulging baby here, we’re already pretty good at being each other’s partner. Anyone who is married or has ever been married knows that [...]


Subversive Cross Stitch


A Catch

How to Annoy Me

Come to the dog park with treats in your pocket and act all surprised when my dog knocks you over and chews your pants to shreds. Duh?

How to Charm Me

As I walk into the room shifting my enormous weight from one leg to the other, refer to me as your “hot waddler.”


Never again will I take for granted the ability to bend over and tie my shoes.

Feeling Guilty

For the pan of brownies, the plate of chocolate chip cookies, and the pound of banana pudding I thought it necessary to cook in one night.

16 Candles

Sunday evening Jon and I along with my sister and her five kids joined my mother and step-father for a late afternoon protein-packed lunch to celebrate the installation of my mother’s new kitchen countertops. My mother being the eternal optimist that she is (or, denialist, if there were such a word to describe someone with [...]


The Stills: Logic Will Break Your Heart