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Obligatory Reflections on The Year of The Belly

Best Day of 2003: Wednesday, May 28, the day we found out I was pregnant. We’d bought a pregnancy test and were holding on to it, trying to wait long enough to use it after my missed period to ensure an accurate reading. And we were going to try and wait seven days, but about [...]

35 Weeks, Photo Collection: White Out

The morning after Christmas Jon and I woke to over a foot of snow on the ground and to a house with a temperature hovering at about 52 degrees. Salt Lake City was in the beginning stages of a snow dump that would last almost two straight days and leave nearly 90,000 people without power. [...]

Christmas With Cascade

Because we didn’t have enough room next to the refrigerator in our living room for a Christmas tree, the only festive decoration in our house this year has been a 10-foot string of white lights. I know it may surprise some of you that even though Jon and I don’t practice an official religion, aside [...]

How to Annoy Me

Use the phrase “Log on to our internet website.”


It’s a happy family where the husband can use the wife’s belly as a table for the remote control.

Feeling Guilty

For mistaking a gigantic grape jelly stain on my belly for a gigantic stretch mark, TWICE in one afternoon.

Danger Park

How to Annoy Me

Model lingerie in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show during your first trimester of pregnancy. I hope you get fat and have to waddle.


CEO’s Marital Duties Outsourced To Mexican Groundskeeper

How to Charm Me

Promise to put away your butt crack when the neighbors show up.