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The Stupid Standard

So I think I’m getting the hang of this thing, this thing being my new job as mother of a two month old baby. I haven’t mastered this thing by any means, but I’ve at least come to a point where I don’t panic when Jon leaves for his job in the morning, and I’m [...]

Hell Yes, She’s Worth It

First, there is the smiling. My God, the smiling! Not to mention the fact that she likes TiVo. She is the most remote savvy baby in North America. Oh, and she has hands, too. She starts piano lessons next week. Did I tell you about the part where she’ll sit in the swing without crying [...]

How to Annoy Me

Poop so violently that it shoots out your diaper, up your back, and INTO YOUR HAIR. Who taught you that?


If your local grocery store doesn’t have any twinkies in stock it’s probably because I ATE THEM ALL.


The World of The Office


Elbow: Cast of Thousands


DotMoms: “The worst job I’ve ever done”

Feeling Guilty

For pretending that my breast pad was a yarmulke and that my dog was Jewish.

In The Time It Took Me To Write This Post My Mother Sold Another $400,000 in Avon Products

Last week my mother agreed to watch Leta for a few hours so that I could get my hair colored. I guess the word “agreed” isn’t necessarily correct in the sense that my mother informed me that she would be taking my baby away from me for two hours and I either comply or be [...]

How to Charm Me

Pronounce “haute couture” as “hoe coo toe” because you just don’t know any better.