• Matt

    NINNY… someone I once worked with had 3 girls…ninny worked well.

  • http://www.intigrationresearch.org Scott

    for the boys we call it a “dinky”, and “the doilies” and for the life of me i have no idea why. i never called it that growing up, so i have no idea where i got that from?!

  • Daisy

    My cousin always called the little girl’s a Dutesy (rhymes with cutesy). So, my male cousin’s always grew up thinking another name for a little girl is Dutesy. One day my cousin walks into daycare and hears my male cousin (who is about 4 at the time) yelling at the top of his lungs he wants to play house and he wants to be the DUTESY!! My cousin about died!!

  • http://www.damemusic.net Kellie

    I called it my vagina. My husband wants up to teach our kids the dirty words for it. He thinks it would be hilarious for our kids to tell their teacher that they hurt their “super dirty name for it.”

    I call it my hoo hoo. My cousin called it her tinkle bottom for some reason.

  • http://www.stillinthebox.blogspot.com rh dorsty

    In my family, even my grandmother calls it a vagina.

  • Amy

    it’s hard to stop laughing. i’ve heard of tookus and teetee. i babysat for a family who called it pork chops…i think of it every time i try to buy some. we called it our “pee pee” or “potty”. my daughter says her “down there”. i would avoid “bug” as there are a lot of references to that in early chilhood. hats off to trying for creative terms. i wish my parents would have been so…forward thinking. (i love fancy)

    my mother is 70. she still can’t fathom why parents would ever call their boys, Peter. she still giggles when she says it.

  • corrinne

    I cannot recall what “it was called in my early years only that when I got a bath my mother would tell me to Plie so that she could clean down there. It sure made for some snickering when she put me into ballet class. It slowly dawned on me that the other girls mothers didn’t use ballet terms when they got baths. Don’t laugh I thought it looked like a flower, a tulip no less, so called it a tulie. Now I just call her “my girl”

  • http://ayrrichelle.bravejournal.com/ Ayrie

    Well I have always referred to the male anatomy as “thingy” and female anatomy as “stuff.” But I think the “betweens” idea is great too.

  • Stacy

    I used pee pee until I met my childhood friend. For some reason her family referred to it as doobie, and that has stuck ever since.

  • Ali

    When I was younger, it was ‘pee-pee’ for both my brother and myself. Now it’s (for me, atleast, he’s a 14 year old boy so I can’t predict HIM): “That Place You’re Not Going to See, So Back Off.” It has a ring to it, I think, but might be a bit long for such a little one…

  • http://www.fotolog.net/ledent lala

    we call the girls part as “quack-quack”, and the boys’ part as “sausage”.

  • SO

    I believe I knew the real words too, but it was always referred to as “privates” which works – its not an everyday word out of the mouths of babes – so no confusion.

    However, I have heard recently from some friends who have kids refer to it as “moon” or “twinkie” both really cute but definitely ranking in the confusion category – and hooha is one I’ve heard a lot and it makes me laugh.

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/thetrashysister Jessica

    My mom taught us that boys had “peenies” and girls had “ginies” – I can’t even spell that, but its like vagina, only cuter.

  • Felicity

    I can’t remember what we girls nicknamed our “privates” but I do remember referring to my brother’s as a “Dinky.” Now we just refer to everything as “Naughty Bits.” But for a child, maybe “Bits” would be short enough.

  • http://www.lizapalooza.blogspot.com Liz

    How about just keeping her in the dark about the whole thing. I didn’t know I had anything down there until I was about ten. That kept me pretty celibate for the next 10 years after that.

  • http://www.amalah.com Amalah

    We called everything “privates,” which is very boring. But when I was very little I called poop “gucky” and my family thought it was so cute they all called it that. But then they forgot to tell me that I made the word up until I referred to gucky in front of a bunch of my first grade classmates. Nice.

  • Nancy

    When she was two our daughter started calling it her “pee stuff”. This seems to work great, since everybody has “pee stuff”.

  • http://xdm.typepad.com/ Xdm

    Called it my “pee pee.” Still do, actually. Everything down there was “pee pee.” My mother was a nurse so I knew all the correct terminology but I hated the sound of the words. Still do, actually.

  • rcarr

    my mother raised three girls and called all of ours “Tooter”

  • http://simplify.diaryland.com catie

    i knew to call it a vagina, but i preferred tutu and girlie. although i have terrible relatives who called the vagina a butt, i think that’s horrifying.

  • SLO Jane

    HooHa = girl-bits
    Pennsylvania = boy bits

    When I was a new mom, I called the food boobs, “NaNa’s” …
    When my daughter first starting talking she would lift my shirt (at very inappropriate times…) and say NaNa milk! NaNa milk!

    Yeah, the whole breast-feeding thing is what you need to worry about. Your daughter is gonna think she owns your boobs! I started to call myself 7-11! Open all the time!

  • http://www.willotoons.com willo

    wow, i was going to be so surprised if nobody wrote what I grew up saying! But then there at the bottom there was a flurry of em:

    pee pee

    now I call it my girl and when I get my period I say I have a girlfriend coming to town.

    :) congrats on sweet leta! i love reading your site. xooxox

  • http://www.ceece.net Courtney

    we had these neighbors that used to call it a front butt…I don’t really remember talking about it that much. I think though my mom referred to it as a “patutie” aww memories…

  • G

    I was taught it was a “vagina”, but thought it was “Bagina”. Other popular ones include “privates” and “pussy”… Kat made a good point, VULVA is more correct than VAGINA!

  • bigbadem

    I think I’m a little too far down on the list, but I’ll throw in my two cents anyway. I think I just called mine what it was, or at least don’t remember it’s pet name, but my friend’s Spanish grandmother used to call HER, not even her “parts”, a cononito de oro, or little golden cunt. Kind of cute in a bizzar sort of way.

  • Mer

    My mom called it a goolie.. I was on the phone with her last year sometime and she was watching the Simpsons and some ballet teacher with a camel toe came on the screen and she gasped, “Mer, you can see her whole goolie!” I hadn’t heard the word in probably 15 years and after laughing hysterically, I told some friends at work. To this day, one of them still only refers to me as Goolie.

  • shannon

    When I had my ultrasound finding out that I was going to have a boy the doctor called his parts a turtle. I don’t remember ever calling the girl parts anything so I am no help there.

  • tx

    The earliest memory of actuall calling it by name was “tee tot”. Don’t really remember who gave it that name, but it stuck.
    Good luck!

  • Sabrina

    My great-grandmother called my feminine parts a ‘googoo’. I still can’t listen to that band without breaking down into hysterical laughter.

  • http://golfgirl.blogspot.com Lauri

    I, too, knew it was a vagina, but remember calling it a “tutu”, or perhaps “toosh”. My mom called my brother’s a “dinkus”. I dated a guy whose mom called dirty diapers “shoo shoo panties”, which was always cute. She’d ask a toddler, “Do you have shoo shoo panties?”

    I absolutely love your site. Keep it up — I enjoy watching Leta grow and reading your posts. They put a smile on my face.

  • murphy

    I would have to suggest going with “danger zone”. But that is only funny if you watch mad tv and know who stuart is.

  • http://fiddledede.typepad.com Rebecca

    I like hooie.
    “don’t forget you wash your hooie.”

  • http://www.scripturient.com craig

    For some reason, we’ve started calling our 5-month-old daughter’s vagina her “business.” As in, “stop squirming, I need to clean your business.”

  • http://golfgirl.blogspot.com Lauri

    One more thing — “gina” (pronounced geena) is short for vagina, and not so clinical.

  • Jeannette

    We say “labia” because that is the part our two-year-old is pointing to when she asks, “Whassat?” With the recent addition of a baby brother, we have heard lots of talk about his “Pee-NUSS” and how she has no “Pee-NUSS”, only a “ladybug.”


  • http://www.imperfetto.org Jenn

    My parents taught my little sister to call it her ‘cooter’. And a penis is a ‘cooter bug’. I guess it works cause how often do you hear the word ‘cooter’ or ‘cooter bug’ in everyday conversation? Not too often, I should hope. ;)

  • http://www.khathryn.blogspot.com Megan

    I think generally, we simply DIDN’T refer to our anatomy in my family when I was a child. If we did, I’m sure we simply said “crotch.” When my son was younger, we used the term “peebug” rather than penis. Now that he’s older (9), he says crotch, as well. My 3yo step-daughter, despite my best efforts, calls hers, her “front butt.” Oy!

  • allie

    I was raised predominantly by a prudish grandmother and she refused to use the word vagina so she referred to that part of my anatomy as my “flower.” it makes me laugh to think about it now.

  • Colette

    We always called it “downstairs”.
    Breasts were called “upstairs”.

  • http://crazyjaneski.typepad.com crazy jane

    In my house it was the Wa-zoo. I think “bottom system” really rules, though.

  • http://pauserewinderase.blogspot.com melis

    Privates or Down There.

    I love Peter for a boy’s name, but I don’t think I’ll EVER be able to use it because of calling boys’ anatomy by the same name.

  • Kris

    Always called it privates, a generic term applying to (the alternate) “down there” for both sexes. I like privates because it reinforces that your vagina is, in fact, private. And for boobs, “the girls.”

  • M

    My cousin calls it a peach. My friend called it a punky. I called it what it was to the dismay of my third grade teacher.

  • http://bluepoppy.omworks.com bluepoppy

    My friends from Atlanta taught their daugher that it was her little “puffed wheat”. Don’t know if she eats the cereal or not, but it sure is image appropriate.

  • Diana

    My parents taught me the real names too. Though for a long time I thought it was a Virgina. It didn’t seem to bother me that my grandparents lived in Virgina. I like “betweens” and “fancy.”

  • Laura

    Gina (pronounced like china) or Gine (like vine). My mother called it a Yoni, which I think is from a different language.

  • http://www.yayaempress.blogspot.com yayaempress

    We called it a variety of names: hoo-hoo, cooch, catdog (for a penis), flower, etc. I could go on and on and on . . . to this day I can’t recall ever hearing my parents calling it anything at all. I think they’re still in denial.

  • http://stefko.t35.com Dana

    I can’t remember what my parents taught me to call my privates, if they taught me anything. My daughter calls it her “front bottom” or her “front bum” which surprisingly somebody else said up top. I just call it “bits”.

  • Brandi

    I always called them my private parts but my favorite is my friends children call them their party pots since when she was teaching them it was their private parts they could not say that very well. I just love “party pots” I think it goes well :)

  • http:///adventuresinspace/ seanna

    mine was called my cookie, which could be a problem for the word association thing, but i actually sort of just always understood the difference – i think they explained it in a way that i knew what a real cookie was, but that it could also be a code word or something, i don’t remember exactly – but it was fun and cute, and i might still be using it, (but don’t tell anyone! :)