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Feeling Guilty

For being completely and utterly OBSESSED with sticking my finger up my child’s nose.

The Other Furry Child Who Knows How to Sleep Through The Night

License to Shrill


More than Words

One of the biggest adjustments I have had to make as I transform into a mother-thing is remembering to talk to my baby. The kid manual books tell you that it is important to speak out loud to a baby all day long so that the little seedlings of language can take root in the [...]


Some days are really good. Some days start with bacon and biscuits and then more bacon because the first round of bacon wasn’t enough. Some days have foot rubs and flowers and an extra 30 minutes of sleep, delicious and indulgent. Some days the drugs seem to work and I feel like I am born [...]

I’m Just A Girl

Two separate times in the past week someone at the grocery store has referred to Leta as “a little fellow.” I normally wouldn’t find this disturbing as most three month old babies aren’t readily identifiable as boys or girls, just as lumpy babies who could pass for either, and what does it matter, they’re all [...]


My Karate Kid Shower

How to Charm Me

Make a baby monitor that is so good that I can hear the sound of my baby’s hair growing in the other room.


Empirical evidence shows that babies don’t particularly like to have their toes pulled. This doesn’t mean that I won’t keep trying.