One of the reasons I moved back to Utah

  • Natasha

    Another “amen” for voting no on Proposition 3…thankfully I live in Massachusetts!

    Beautiful pictures.

  • Cate

    It’s been a while since my good girl days, so I’m a little rusty on my Church History. (Yay for recovering Mormons!)

    The Mormons were forced (yes, forced – violently – Extinction Orders, general outright persecution) out of every place they tried to settle – Missouri, Illinois (others, I don’t remember them all). So they made the trek west, and found Utah – a desert nobody else would want, where they wouldn’t be bothered by a country that didn’t want them (but got bothered anyway, different story), and made it their home and made it beautiful.

  • eco2geek

    Here in Oregon, it’s Measure 36. It probably has a much better chance of failing in Oregon than it does in Utah.

    Regarding the Mormon migration, Jon Krakauer writes in *Under the Banner of Heaven* (not recommended — I only made it to page 39) that Joseph Smith was murdered by a mob in Illinois in 1844, at which point Brigham Young led the Mormons to Utah. So you might say they got run out of town.

    (My favorite Mormon personality is that entertainer, Ethyl — Ethyl Mormon. Ba-dum ching!)

  • andre

    How your country can achieve so much with such a high proportion of wingnuts is still beyond me.

    Think of the intelligence of the average American. Now realize that half of them are even dummer.


  • ksea

    Yay the t-shirt!! :) And the baby grin.

  • The Mighty Jimbo

    andre, i’m hoping that “dummer” was your attempt at ironic humor.

  • Antonia

    Is there really any need for intellectual stimulation and cultural growth when there’s just so much television watching and shopping to be done? I have learned to be very sceptical about what historical information to believe, since it often seems contorted to make all the achieving possible.

  • Emily

    Thanks for posting that about voting, dooce. I kinda teared up a little at your threat of violence.

    Rock on.

  • Kaycee

    That was one of the best things about living in Utah (I, too, am a BYU grad-turned sinner-in-the-eyes-of-my-mother).

    Sunday drives up the canyon in fall were the best thing ever!

  • wix

    so lovely. we don’t get much in the way of seasons in texas, so i’m living vicariously through the lens of your camera.

  • New Kid on the Hallway

    Lord, I’m jealous…am currently living in a seasonless land of warm weather. I’m told it will get cold, but I think all the leaves are just going to fade away without ever changing color.

    Just gorgeous.

  • Karen

    Beautiful photograph. And beautiful daughter.

    And, by the way, because of your link, I have a similar photograph on my blog as well…


  • Christine

    Have you ever considered selling prints of some of your photos? (just the landscapes, not the personal ones, of course). They’re so lovely,and clearly many of your readers admire them/have amazing taste in art :) . Might have a different feel to it than selling t-shirts with Dooce plastered across the chest from Cafe Press, might make a few bucks and let some readers have incredible art in their homes and be able to see some lovely scenes shot from your perspective. Hope this isn’t creepy.

  • Soylent Red

    Your pictures are so beautiful, I would actually pay money to have them in a larger resolution to use as my desktop wallpaper or screen saver. Also, have you ever thought about making them into specialty note cards? I see these type of photo-pasted-on-nice-heavyweight-paper cards (which are sold individually) in most of the smaller local shops here in rural NH, usually selling for 3-5 bucks a pop. Not a huge money maker, but I suppose the profit could be enough to buy a couple of bottles of bourbon. ;-)

  • teach

    I can’t believe you didn’t like Under The Banner Of Heaven, eco2geek. I found it absolutely riveting. I grew up in Wyoming with Mormon friends up the wazoo and I am astonished at how little I actually knew about the religion. I highly recommend it.

  • jennifer


  • trudie

    today’s photo of leta just screams ‘lil stinker’

  • Shortbus

    Dooce, love the picture as always.

    Also, even if the Mormon state votes in the amendment, you could get lucky and have something like this happen.

  • Shortbus

    Oops. Tag didn’t work. Here’s the link:

  • meilaan

    You people are nuts. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with mermaids and their way of life.

  • Michele

    Beautiful shot. I swear when we drove my stepchildren home last year to Santaquin Utah, all I saw was red dirt and thought–this place is ugly the Mormons can keep it. I take that back.

    Love the shrit on Leta, Hunter’s on on the way.

  • Jessica

    Sometimes I am just so proud to live in Massachusetts.

    Leta is adorable as always, the yellow trees have me looking around New England going, “What gives, foliage?”

  • di

    everytime i visit the photo page, i keep thinking, “man, someone needs to set up a dooce discussion board….”

    great photo! i love the contrast between the trees and the sky.

  • CursingMama


  • Aaron

    Wow – those colours are extraordinar. I’m supposed to moving to the US early next year for work but I get nervous whenever your politicians open their mouths. That picture, and the intelligence of a lot of the people I read here, is enough to make me calm down and look forward to it. Thanks

  • Lindsey

    I’ve always been a proud New Englander, the Massachusetts drivers may be a bit scary, but when they went legal last year I wanted to shout it from the rooftops :)
    P.S. please tell your folliage to kick our folliage’s ass into gear!

  • Jason

    wow. It’s been so long since I have seen something like that in person, it nearly gave me chills. Lucky for me I’m far too jaded for actual chills.

  • King Poop

    Does all of Utah look like mustard?

  • http://www.BiancaAndDarren.comBlog Bianca

    You could make a beautiful photo-book with these photos!

  • http://www.BiancaAndDarren.comBlog Bianca

    You could make a beautiful photo-book with these photos!

  • Cate

    Ah, yes. The Whiteness that is Utah.

    My mother loves to tell how my Army-brat self came home from my first day of school in Utah and declared with much distress that everyone was blond! I don’t remember that particular conversation, but I did spend much of my time high school thoroughly disgusted by and sorry for the majority of my fellow students, who had never even travelled outside the state, much less the country! Such an insular existence was beyond my comprehension.

  • Tim

    A dooce discussion board would be awesome! As for voting…in the words of one Eddie Vedder at the vote for change concert…..”don’t let me down.”

  • log-cabin-it

    Damn it! Why didn’t I just move to Utah?

  • Wingnut

    Krakauers of Oregon? There was a Sarah Krakauer in my high school ca 1970. It’s funny how names pop up after 30 years… But let’s not get started on that. Eesh.

  • McD

    Hmm… no tip jar?

    There’s an evil part of me that wants to import the photo into Photoshop and change the yellow to green just to see if the composition holds up.


  • Abigail

    Utah is so unbelievably gorgeous! So is this photograph!

  • Brooke

    Leta wants a new president!

  • Amber

    You have amazingly beautiful pictures of Utah. How gorgeous. I admire what you do.

    I will be voting this year, too, but probably not for the same person as you. However, in my state there is something similar to your “Proposition 3″, in which I will be voting on with the same political view.

    Anyway, beautiful pictures. And I love the picture of Leta with the new t-shirt on.

    I’m oxymoronic. I love those shirts, I really do. I might just buy one.

    Love in Christ,
    Amber <><

  • tyra

    i swear those clouds are moving.

    i went out with my dig camera & took pix around my little neighborhood pond this morning in the sun, but the results were… let’s just say not comparable!

    i think you should add selling postcards of your fantastic photography to the money-making effort. the one last week of the yellow trees on y’all’s hike was also phenomenal!

  • Hannah

    The first thing I thought when I opened your site this morning was “WOW! Leta’s so BIG!” And she’s still adorable.

    Just read Amendment 3. What a load of crap.

    Our Australian election is tomorrow and I am SHITTING myself!

  • Gia on Guam

    That yellow colour is amazing!

    You’re interviewer is it pronounced Lay Pay or Layah Payah, Lee-Uh Pee-Uh ? Interesting name.

  • Suzy

    Although you may like to punch me in the face [and I'm glad you won't get the opportunity] if I lived in Utah, I must say your daughter is precious and you take wonderful pictures. =]

  • Krystal

    that is one of the most beautiful pictures I have seen in a long while.

  • Kim

    Your “blog birthday” is my actual birthday! Except in 1979. :o ) I am so honored!

  • Karry

    I miss those kinds of trees – wanna swap a few always green palm trees for some of your gorgeous yellows?