Jupiter Access Roll

  • http://shenuts.com sarcastic journalist

    Mom! Is that you? I told you, no matter how pretty you try to make it, I’m NOT going to eat seafood!

  • http://www.isnotchicago.com LT

    Holy crap. Does that place prepare good Ikura too?

  • Sue F.O.

    Does tuna from a can constitute as sushi?

    I’ve never had sushi before but I must admit, that picture made me say, ‘YUMMY!’ Of course, sushi from Lake EERIE probably isn’t the first place I should try it from, huh….

  • http://seattlebonvivant.typepad.com Seattle Bon Vivant

    The intense color saturation and definition on that roe and the translucency of the fish over the rice on those rolls is superb!

  • amy


  • http://throughlife.blogspot.com kEma

    You got me hungry..
    Wonderful picture!

  • http://www.symphonicprose.blogspot.com Jenny

    Sushi! I’m the biggest sushi addict. I also take pictures of food.
    This reminds me…I haven’t had sushi in two weeks.

  • http://www.symphonicprose.blogspot.com Jenny

    Oh, almost forgot: Happy Canadian Thanksgiving =)

  • http://www.evilsciencechick.blogspot.com Regan


    just how I like it, too, with lots of roe on top that burst like tiny bubbles in you teeth.

    dammit. now I’m hungry!

  • http://jes.greentome.com Jes

    I am so jealous…of the photographic abilities, and the food.

    Keep it up!

  • http://wouldacouldashoulda.blogspot.com/ Mir

    So… hungry… must… find… dragon… roll….

  • http://myemptynest.blogspot.com/ Kathy

    I’m a day late and a dollar short (as usual) but I LOVE the the “Mommy wants a new president” t-shirt!

  • http://www.infinitepink.com Christine

    Your eye for composition is intriguing. You’ve made sushi appear monumental… like a mountainscape with a line of red trees along the top. Interesting stuff.

  • http://battybeyond.blogspot.com Tammy

    yes, the scenery REALLY makes me want to move to Utah :)

  • http://bleeblahblog.blogspot.com Shmee

    DRAT! Now I’m craving sushi and sake instead of the turkey that is right now roasting in my oven! Happy thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians.

  • http://spankyourcat.blogspot.com/ Christi Lee

    Very pretty fish eggs. They are indeed the highlight of the photograph. Glowing little souls ready for consumption. I am proud to love dooce and all her beautiful pictures.

  • Kath

    Ummm…hate sushi…love Dooce pix…would love to see how you’d portray my favorite snack foods…(and one of yours too)…the DORITO!! Yum…think I’ll have some now!

  • http://jelene.modblog.com jelene

    omg, now i want some california rolls and cream cheese and tuna rolls. yum! sushi is so pretty.

  • robin

    I bet being able to have sushi after pregnancy was fabulous! It was one of the things I ran towards first. That and advil.

  • http://www.anti-aliased.net Jaia

    I know I should be talking about the picture, but…

    Your micro-post about the Cheeto Hands made me laugh out loud. My sister-in-law is from the South, and I can’t get the idea of her yelling that at my brother out of my head.

    Oh yeah, and I had no idea that Canadians even celebrated Thanksgiving. What an insensitive ethnocentric bastard that must make me. Bad, bad bad.

  • http://ximena.blog-city.com Super Turtle Girl

    Sushi…oh sushi…wasabi…oh yum. I can’t wait ’til I get to eat solid food.

    When I saw the red roe in the tiny picture on the main page I thought it was Fall leaves. I like this–sushi as landscape.

  • http://www.yamila.id.au Yamila

    yummy yummy delish sushi

  • http://none Andrea

    Sushi! Ohhhhh….drool…I’ve been missing good sushi (at least my favorite, the RAW type) since I’ve been pregnant. I still go for the non-raw type because I’ve actually been craving WASABI (can you hear the waves of drool crashing down my chin?), and eating wasabi straight just doesn’t cut it. Ten more weeks…mmmmmm….

  • jill from nc

    “Git awf mah bayud with those cheetoh hayunds” …is that what it sounded like?

  • http://jbru.livejournal.com Peter Hentges

    No amount of rice wine can make me drunk.

    Pretty fish!

  • http://www.lemonlight.org Angie

    Any food that comes on a continually replenished conveyer-belt has a double thumbs-up from me! Yo, sushi!

  • http://myemptynest.blogspot.com/ Kathy

    Canadian Thanksgiving:

    In Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October. Unlike the American tradition of remembering Pilgrims and settling in the New World, Canadians give thanks for a successful harvest. The harvest season falls earlier in Canada compared to the United States due to the simple fact that Canada is further north.Butchart Gardens

  • http://www.muworld.blogspot.com Moon

    Sushi is beautiful.
    Yummy…I want some now.

  • http://www.oxygenvalve.com/vanessa Vanessa

    Aaaah, you’re making me hungry!
    I am so jealous of your camera.

  • http://kaiso.typepad.com karen

    i had chirashi (sashimi on a bed of sushi rice) for lunch and now i am still craving sushi for dinner. i may even go get some. one can never eat too much sushi, i believe.

  • http://kaiso.typepad.com karen

    also, as much as i love the camera and think it is wonderful, i really think it’s your talent and eye for color and composition that make your pictures so great, dooce. right? please tell me this is so, so that i don’t run out and spend a thousand dollars on a camera.

  • http://lalawawa.blogspot.com Lauren

    I think I like some of the thumbnails as much as the actual photos.
    Happy CDN Turkey Day.

    There IS only ONE Lauren.

  • IHateToast

    you do take great photos. i wonder what doesn’t make it….other than the ones that involved extreme nudity. this photo is good, but sushi is handsome food. i challenge you to take a photo of …oh, let’s say gravy, oatmeal or any “meat” baby food and make it look as good. no cheating and having beautiful utah mts in the background! or sexing it up with extreme nudity. or would nudity and oatmeal be the ultimate challenge. hm…

  • http://shiz.typepad.com/ Shiz

    Mmmmmm, TOBIKO!

  • http://www.digitalcatharsis.com The Mighty Jimbo

    hmmm…this is against one of my rules to live by.

    never eat sushi anywhere without a coastline.

    not really a problem now that i’m vegetarian, but still i think solid in principle.

  • Gia on Guam

    I just saw Super Size Me. I’m going vegetarian for awhile…but that doesn’t mean I give up sushi & sashimi.

  • http://bluelights.diaryland.com Christy

    How lucky, you can put photos up of *sushi* and get fifty responses. :)

  • http://www.partofthatworld.com Becca

    I love your camera. You can make anything look good.

  • jana

    What a great picture. Mmmm…sushi

  • http://www.ladygypsy.net Kimberly

    I’m so glad someone else in this world also take photos of food. :)

  • http://www.xanga.com/fenixl Fenix

    That’s one strange looking Sushi! Which restaurant is it from?

  • Chellerella

    Anything? That’s SUSHI – that’s making what already looks good, LOOK GREAT! This site is of great pleasure to surf!

    I’m thankful for it…

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  • Surfie

    For someone who doesn’t really like sushi (too much saki..blech), even this picture makes me want to eat it!

    Have you ever seen this site? It’s pretty neat-o.


  • http://heather-anne.com Heatheranne

    I can honestly say I have never had sushi.

  • Milo

    What’s saki?

  • Irrylyn

    That is the most beautiful picture of food I’ve seen!

  • http://chloeishere.diaryland.com/ Chloe

    Looks yummy.

  • Molly

    mmmm I am hungry..
    Great picture.. as always..

  • Jeff C.

    Love your pictures! I wish i could take pictures like you.

  • http://www.dianaschnuth.net diana

    darn you, silly atkins diet! i miss my maki (but not sashimi — never was into that). rice has so many carbs… ::sigh::

    sake is japanese rice wine. it can mess you up quick, especially considering that it comes in little teeny flasks. smells like paint thinner, but it doesn’t taste too bad.