Post Sake

  • Chanelbaby

    I cannot agree more with Elegant Goose. If I weren’t so frickin’ lazy I would scroll up the page, take down hmer email address and tell hmer so. But I’m just going to comment.

    Dooce, I cannot tell you how STUFEFYING it is that there can really be people alive on the planet who would send you emails like that. No wonder the shit going on in the Middle East and Dafur is still going on, us included. Sheesh.

  • Sarcomical

    he looks SOOO ready to eat.

    also, you take amazing pictures of the most ordinary objects. love them!

    *i like little rachel’s quick wit. i think that would be a good reason for LOTS of us to not live in seattle. oh, and the earthquakes.

  • Seattle Bon Vivant

    Love the hue of the photo, Heather. Very Zen ina red kind of way.

    RE: Dry cleaners in Seattle: I’ll have to send you the copies of my monthly dry cleaning bill. Keeping my blacks black adds up fast! And btw.. I have a dry cleaner in the corner of my block. Rachel needs to move downtown. Ha! ;-D Want two reasons to move to Seattle? The seafood and the sushi! Yum!

  • elswhere

    I know a kid who, telling her teacher about how people lived in the olden days, said something like “yeah, and at my grandma’s house there’s this really old, old thing, it’s called an *ironing board.*”

    Do I even need to add that I live in Seattle?

  • ange

    Love your daily photos.

  • Reluctant One

    Here in the Great White North even the crack dealers take Thanksgiving (Columbus Day) off.

    Which really sucks, cuz with all these annoying relatives around i could really use some crack.

    So i know of your pain.

    PS my biological clock exploded when i looked at the pictures of Leta.
    It hurt.

  • Jimmy the espresso crazed boy

    Seattle Bon Vivant, three syllables: es-press-oh!
    Seven more: Hines Pu-blic Mar-ket Co-ffee!
    You must go, if you haven’t yet.

  • amy

    I WISH my hubby and I could go for sushi and drink sake.. Problem is sushi makes him retch and his idea of ‘eating out’ is the local fried chicken place.. (that is not fair.. he does also like the Greek place..which is good, I will keep him.) Thinking though that we could try some sake.. hear it is potent stuff!

  • Jeff

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, from Canada. Great picture.

  • Sven

    Why don´t you go get yourselves a life? I think some of you are crossing the line between taking interest in something and substituting.

    But then these pictures obviously make for perfect Rorschach tests.

  • RJ Hampden

    I’m Sven. I’m so sofistikated. I’m better than you cuz I post on a blog, but with negative comments.

  • Sven

    That´s the point, RJ. Why can´t you accept someone disturbing homogeneity? That´s what this whole blog is about, after all. So why exclude the comments?

    Agreed: the first part was a little annoying; I see that and I apologize. But what about the second one? Isn´t there that line?

  • Colleen

    ahhh, Sven, spoken like a man who puts a lot of clout in Rorschach tests.