Yeah, that there is snow, and that’s me on the inside not being able to go for a walk

  • 0xCC

    Anyone else notice that the Google ads on this site now include hot sauce and chili pepper sites? ;)

  • mainer

    generally LUV LUV LUV your stories, but the albee story was boring.

  • erin

    mainer – you may not realize that a blog is someone’s online journal that we are graciously ALLOWED to read. It is not for your entertainment and amusement.

    If you don’t have anything nice to say…

  • Erin (different one)

    I LOVED the albee story.

  • Laurie

    Loved the albee story, my neighbour is very similar except he is a old french gentleman. He leaves bottles of nice wine by our door, but then claims that someone else must have left it. I’ve caught him through the peephole before. :D

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hooter’s Old Bay wings. And Hooter’s Dayota wings. I can withstand the semi-naked women for some Old Bay wings….yummm

  • Ev

    I’m in Maine and haven’t seen snow yet this year. I don’t like driving in it, but I love looking at it. But it’s pretty cold here already and with the price of fuel being what it is…by the way, speaking of Canada, here’s a website of Canadians who are offering us a way out via marriage

  • Mo

    OMG you guys are making me want wings. They might just be the perfect bite size food. I love how satisfying it is to strip the tiny bones of thier flesh…kind of like cracking open a crab leg and getting a big mouthfull…
    ok. sorry if i’m gross. I love food.

  • maggie

    **warning, gross medical stories here, don’t read if you’re squeamish!**

    Hey, no making fun of “medical investigation,” especially because “gynecological examination” would actually be quite a fascinating show–when I did my rotation through ob/gyn in med school, we had to work in a clinic in NYC. Not to be gross or anything, but you’d be surprised at the kind of stuff people do and the stories people tell you about what happened. We once had a woman ask us to do a post-coital test (it is just what it sounds like) because she couldn’t figure out if her husband was placing his penis in the “right hole.” They sent me and another med student to go do it. Turns out he was in the right spot, but had a small penis and just wasn’t very good in bed.

    There was this one Attending Physician (the head MD) who used to yell (very inappropriately, I might add) at all his female patients who came into the clinic with chemical vaginitis, “NOTHING besides tampons and penises in the vagina! NOTHING!” Us med students used to have to turn away and cough or something to try not to bust out into laughter. To this day, I can still hear him screaming at those women, and want to crack up. It boggles my mind that anyone actually ever came back to see him…

    I promise I will never again share gross stories from the medical world.

  • lori

    I’m going to have to link to your site in my Christmas card. I must spread the joy of reading such a well written site. Why must you express my feelings about the world exactly and in such an amusing light to distract me from very important working business?! The only solution is to get all my coworkers equally addicted so then we can call it “training.” How did people get amused on a daily basis before INTERNET?

  • Big Gay Sam

    hmmm… I didn’t even have frost on my car this morning. I love New Mexico. ;op

  • Brian

    You know, I was driving to the bank on my lunch break today and saw a sign for Damiano’s and thought ” oh god yes, pizza’s a great idea!” But then the harsh reality that Im on Long Island and not Cali set it.
    My stomach grumbled.
    It was sad.
    I had Wendy’s instead.

  • wonder

    “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill

  • Amanda

    oh please.

  • midwifegoddessannie

    I want more George… he needs his own blog.

  • contessa

    Yay, George!

  • DM

    I want more George as well. I loved the duct taping pictures. That was great. He does need his own blog.

  • Hillary

    That story just made me laugh so loudly that my roomate asked me what the hell could be so funny. After reading it she laughed just as hard. You should have a blog!

  • Angie M

    I can’t wait to hear about George’s adventures when he’s demormonized and leaves BYU!

    Looking at the photos in Georges’s post… do you get issued the FANTASTIC teeth when you sign up to be a mormon, or is it because everyone in Utah can trace their family tree back to the Osmond clan?

  • Mary

    I heart George.

    Isn’t “Having Fun In College With The Opposite Sex” a huge sin?

    And, is George going to another college or graduating?

    Again, I heart George.

  • Gia on Guam

    Maggie, I loved the NOTHING story!

    The Albee story made be go “awwwww” and sigh.

    George SO needs his own blog. But the guest writing on Dooce is good too. Suggestion: George needs is own pull down category.

    I’ve been a vegetarian for a little more than a month now. Personal choice after seeing Super Size Me. But oh how I now crave some buffalo wings!

  • Carol

    the best thing about snow is skiing. love to ski. would do it every day of my life. but, alas, i live in georgia.

  • Sue From Ohio

    GEORGE FRICKIN’ROCKS!!!! Where he’s going now? I hear OU (Ohio University not Orthodox Union) in Athens (Ohio not Greece) has an opening for an ‘interesting’ student…I live about 5 hours away but George has a place here in Ohio, if he wants to commute, WHEEEEEEEEEE…

  • mrs. george #2

    WHAT’S THIS? George is in Texas?! Well I am also in Texas and want to dry hump George’s sweet ass. YOU ROCK MY WORLD, GEORGE! And I want to add that those Mormons are soooo wicked awesome for ALL OWNING SLEEPING BAGS, namely the guy with the Scooby Doo bag.

  • tiffany

    Heather, my husband’s purpose in life is to make noises that annoy me. His secondary purpose in life is to someday own an old Ford truck, but even when he’s working on that goal (by obsessively surfing used car websites) I know he’s also thinking up new irritating noises he can make later on to annoy me with.

    OMG Maggie. That was great! Please don’t promise not to share anymore… I almost didn’t read it because I am squeamish but hahahaha I’m glad I decided not to be a sissy.