Beautiful Blonde Outlet

I don’t know who this woman is. But she was dressed as an outlet, and her husband was dressed as a plug. And I really liked her smile.

  • Human Writes

    I just looked at the picture again and I am absolutely positive that the guy with his back to the camera is Donny Osmond. Book it.

  • Of France !1!2!3!4!5!6!7!

    Hier Leta et moi avons eu un grand jour complètement des rendez-vous du docteur et du goldfish de fromage de cheddar. J’avais programmé son rendez-vous physique de thérapie après son premier petit somme et son contrôle de neuf mois après son deuxième petit somme parce que j’ai voulu qu’elle fût reposée et dans de bons spiritueux et tout autour de la belle dame. Vous pouvez faire qu’en tant que parent, manoeuvrez vos enfants et assurez-vous qu’ils seront sur leur meilleur comportement.

  • OfFrance

    Âne Ho Motherfucker De Merde

  • Frenchy

    Je veux prendre une merde ! Je veux prendre une décharge !

  • Kahli is so cool, whoever suggested, THANK YOU, I love that sort of fling!
    … I love the threads on this site, the politics got preachy, the funny stuff is funny though…I wish we could all have beers… you know?

    Fish- are you in Madison?

  • Kahli

    It is verrrrah This American Life if I can be so bold and annoying and lame all at the same time in saying so… love it a whole bunch.

    Dooce is very punk rock on the other hand… I
    mean that in a very Ramones sort of way… did anybody see “End of the Century”… what a bunch of assholes, well of course, except for Joey … but punk rock just the same.

  • OfFrance

    belle sortie de blonde
    beautiful blonde outlet

    le jimbo puissant
    the mighty jimbo

    je déteste le pain grillé
    I hate toast


    l’humain écrit
    Human Writes

    une autre bruyère
    another heather

    fille superbe de tortue
    super turtle girl

    poursuivez d’Ohio
    sue from ohio

    Mme dof

    attachez du ruban adhésif au ver


    roche punk
    punk rock

    geek d’eco
    eco geek

    mâle mulligan

    fille grise
    gray girl


    journaliste sarcastique
    sarcastic journalist

    Cette Vie Américaine
    This American Life

    fin du siècle
    end of the century

    groupe d’abrutis
    bunch of assholes

  • Crackberry

    Fun convo! I love you Dooce! Can read you on my commute and now post, too, all via the company-issued Crackberry! Photos look great on it too!
    One reason technology is good.

  • D

    OMG, I’m the first!!!! That is like, the bomb homie. For shizzle my baby daddy be the cat master of petcock.

  • sasquatch beee-otch!

    For shitzel weiner schnitzel

  • Liisa

    Oh! Heather…does this mean you have not discovered the quart, pint, sandwich and snack sized zip locks yet? Holy crap, if you’re hot now….you’ll totally lose it when you need someplace to stick q-tips and band aids for a family trip. MmmmmmHmmmmm…love ‘em.
    P.S. I also have a total crush on Norm. Hey, baby, what else can you do with that laser-guided table saw and make it look so…so…SO!?!

  • Fran

    William Katt played the Greatest American Hero and he did do a movie called “Circuit” that’s been reviewed as soft porn. Give’s new meaning to “you can be my hero, baby.”

  • andy

    Where did you take this? Stepford?

  • D

    Naw, Compton… beotch!

  • Dee

    I swear your daughter and my son are twins (in their personality) – one big difference, mine discovered his attached toy and can now entertain himself – AND finally stays still for a diaper change – girls don’t have that luxury early

  • Wendee

    I was raised Baptist in the south and that women looks like a bible college student or a youth pator’s wife! I also used to work at a photo stock agency and that picture looks like a stock photo. =0) Brought back some memories of my past life!

  • LadyBug

    OMG DEE!

    I have an almost-five-month-old baby boy, and I was sitting here reading your post and thinking, “Attached toy? What, like, attached to a car seat? And what does that have to do with changing diapers? And WHAT luxury don’t girls have early?” (I also have two daughters.) And then it hit me….I’m surprised coffee didn’t come spewing through my nose. I have SOOO much to learn about having a boy. Oh, the fun that lies ahead….

    God bless,

  • Fish

    I’ll take it in order:

    1) I do know who Christopher Cross is. Apparently, my delightful attempt at clever word-play was just, as the Onion puts it, dumb.

    2) I am in no way qualified to moderate anything, and I have a sincere shortfall for the proliferation of word-abbreviations found on internet bulletin boards. As I said above, I am Dumb. I just can’t figure that stuff out.

    3) That “shizzle-ized” Dooce entry made me pee.

    Okay, all caught up? good.

  • meg

    I was sure by the title that you meant that Utah had a discount shopping center where Mormen could buy beautiful blondes at a good price.

    I still wouldn’t count it out as a possibility.

  • Fish

    Meg: There is such a place right next door to Utah. It’s called Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • kris

    Lovely pic. How do u get that fuzzy look to your pics..i’ve wondered if it’s ur super camera or photoshop? (not the frosty type look u wrote about before but this blurred out sides type thing or um is this that?)

  • Em

    They are super cute. One might even say ELECTRIC.


  • Amanda B.

    Chris! I know you Did’N! Why you gotta be hatin’?

  • Em

    just noticed someone else used the bad “electric” pun. There are two of us! Eek.

  • Jean

    I love outlets…my favorite is the JCPenney outlet – I find great bargains there. (tweedle-dee)

  • Amanda

    I HATE SHOPPING!!!!!! Especially in any department store, outlet or strip mall. I’d rather die. I’m going to go bang my head on the wall just for thinking about it. AAAHHHHHHHHHH!

  • Fish

    Its best if you use it in context: “Can’t get no bling bling cause my babydad is all up in my face wit da and chillin wit his boyz stead of workin’.”

  • red

    DOOCE….. was looking through picture archives and stumbled upon one of Jon with a beard. wow, is all i can say. you are one lucky woman.

  • eddo

    Fish- is that really supposed to be black-speak or maybe Ebonics? Hilarious!

  • Amanda B.

    *gasp* I know you didn’t just say “black-speak”.

    Fish, sup dawg. Master of all Correctness in da hizhouse. Word.

  • Fish

    Eddo: to answer your question, no, it wasn’t really.

  • Katy

    Fish –
    I need to see what the master of witty banter looks like.

  • Fish

    Amanda “Vanilla Ice” B’s attempt is way worse than mine, anyway.

    I saw the Pixies last night. They were cool.

  • Fish

    Katy: there’s pictures of dooce all over this site.

    The ever humble Fish

  • Jen

    I wonder what they’re doing currently. That picture makes me feel so grounded.

  • Fish

    Jen wins!

  • Tracy

    Plug Chick’s smile seems straight out of a 50′s ad – accessorized by a frilly apron and heels, beaming into the open, fully-stocked door of her sparking new Fridgidaire. “I just LOVE the frost-free freezer!”

  • Amanda B.

    *rockin’ a mic like a vandal*

  • Katy

    Im talking about you Fish.
    Bring it on!

  • Megan

    My bf made that same costume from scratch last year, we were a hit. She does have a pretty smile. Remidns me of jenny McCarthy.

  • monkeychick

    whoops, someone already made that joke. good one, Fish!

  • Colleen

    I want to know if he was a two-prong or a three-prong.

  • kim

    that is the funniest idea for a couple-costume ever! especially in utah. i guess. genial!

  • trudie

    this was our costume, too! the bottom receptical on the outlet actually has openings for the plug…

  • Fish

    I’m so glad you didn’t say Bob Vila.

    I hate that bastard. Especially because of the way he treats Riley.

  • Bob SF

    Latter Daydar!


    Kudos to Markalope!

    (That must be the same feeling I get when I get served in an In-n-Out burger here in the Bay Area. Especially before Christmas.)

  • Fish

    There’s a gas station two towns over called the “Pump n’ Munch.”

  • Sheryl

    There’s liquor store I drive by sometimes in Peabody MA called Bunghole Liquors. No kidding

  • David C.

    Ohm my God! What a shocking photo! And now I’m all amped up because of the puns. I do wonder, though: if he has an affair and divorces her, will she be a “jolted” lover? Alternately, maybe she’ll cling to the idea of their past love. Even after she has him arrested for battery. Which’d be a horribly negative end to their relationship. (Being Mormons, would they have to get their marriage anode?) I just hope they both conduct themselves maturely.

    Sigh. Okay, none of these are as good as Jen’s.

    Doesn’t mean I’ll stop, though. Bad puns are my bread and butter. When my battery’s low, they recharge me.

  • Katy

    Come on Fish!! Im serious. I want to see you! There are no pics on your blog. I love your writing style and think you’re very funny.