Lil’ Peanut

  • Dara

    whooooooooooa! i just noticed your sink! i bow to you, shiny-sink goddess. *bows, worships*

  • Chris From Ohio

    Can’t. Stop. Crying. Laughing too hard. I’m easily amused. Thanks, Fish. Keep it rizzle fo’ the weekizzle, fo’ shizzle.

  • Bruce

    How do you folks make some of your text bold (did it work?)

  • Fish

    put asterisks (*) on either end of the *word*.

  • Bruce

    forgive me dooce
    did that one work?

  • Wendy

    How can you not just eat her every day?

  • Bruce

    *word* to your mother,
    how annoying can i be…?

  • Amanda B.

    I’m with Fran. We are all different people with different beliefs- but look at us getting along and being all sweet!


  • Amanda B.

    On a side to Bruce- the pc expression now is just “Word”. There’s no “up” or “to your mother”. Just want to keep you up to date with what’s going on with the kids.

  • Bruce

    you kids these days…
    I just can’t keep up…
    I wish they’d come up with some quick and easy way for me to let you all know that I am laughing out loud.

  • Fish

    Amanda “Vanilla Ice” B: down wit all da fresh lingo.

  • Mason

    Baby: Its whats for dinner.

  • Human Writes

    Wait. I thought Jon was spooning with ME last night! If that wasn’t him, who was it?!

  • Amanda B.

    Well, you know how it is. With all this hipness come great responsibility. It’s quite a weight to carry.

    *amanda whistles dixie…dicovers extra digit*

  • Beth

    I’m sorry, but Fish’s reference to the Shizzolator (no Fish – it NEVER gets old) inspired me. This is the latest ‘Feeling Guilty’ – Shizzolated:

    “Feeling Guilty
    Friday, 12 November 2004
    For getting crib from izzle walk yesterday, ‘n yes, yes, know what I’m sayin’? Only then did I realize that Leta wuz only wearing one sock.” AGAIN n’ shit.

    I. GIVE. UP, know what I’m sayin’? ”

  • Alicia Tan

    A b s o l u t e l y
    A d o r a b l e !

  • Fish

    Even the solicitations are good. For instance:

    “Pimp yo shiznit on”, or
    Paypal, tha Big Ass River”

  • David

    Yesterday’s photo was just gross. Bags of breast milk and she boasts, “My boobs did that”?

    What’s next? A shot of a toilet full of poop and boast, “My asshole did that”? She probably would given her extensive history of constipation.

  • DeAnn

    A sink bath! Those are the greatest (or so I would imagine). Something you can only do for such a small portion of your life, and then it’s the bathtub forever after.

    Also, the socks? Don’t give up on them. You just need to find less stubborn feet!

  • bb

    toooooooo *CUTE*
    I hope my baby has as good pictures as yours does. Imagine how much she’ll thank you when she sees this when she gets older!

  • Fish

    Uh, oh, David. I hope you were being sarcastic, because there’s an awful lot of mommies who read this site who are going to be unhappy with your comment.

  • eddo


    If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it… the rest of us find Heather fascinating.

  • Brooke

    You’re just jealous, David. YOUR boobs could never do that, and you know it.

  • Molly

    Well.. Dave.. Since you don’t leave a website, how is she supposed to get a picture of you?

  • Em

    Yes, Leta is absolutely precious! Always is. And, yes, I am FLOORED by how shiney your sink is. But what I really want to comment on is your post. I am so inspired and warmed by the love you and Jon share. I’m just busting with happiness when I read that!!!! Congrats to you for finding a gem of a man and having such a doll baby together!!!!

  • Kim

    Totally in agreement on the growing out part. I love a cleanshaven man – or rather MY cleanshaven man. I hate the first 4 days of growth. I LOVE a nice soft beard. mmmm mmm mm

    and I too am LOL at “thigh ticklers”

  • S Lynn

    David, I am guessing you don’t slaughter your own meat, clean your own fish, and wash your own diapers. Yes, I mean your *own* diapers.
    How much money did you invest in that myth of sterility and sunshine they sold you?

    Don’t look now, but you’re probably crawling with germs, bacteria, microbes, dust mites…

  • DM

    May I mention how cool I think it is that you have not one but two friends from Minnesota? In a way, it makes me feel that if I lived in Utah, we might be friends as well. That’s just so sad, isn’t it? I seriously need a life.

    And I say pantyhose all the time. Well, okay, not all the time because I don’t wear the damn things but if I did, I would say it.

  • Peg

    She’s beautiful! I think she looks like you in this picture.

  • Gia on Guam

    No need to tell you Leta is gorgeous…but I will say that one of my favorite parts of her is the little wrinkles/bags/creases she has under her eyes. I don’t know why. I just got a little kitty who’s fur makes her eyes look like that and she totally reminds me of Leta.

    I checked out the Robeez site. I don’t think the frog ones are for Leta. The Navy is too dark and I think Leta is a light colours girl (furry white coat). I recommend the pastel elephant or the turlte. The white bowz in “puttin’ on the Ritz” is nice too.

    Being Asian, chinese in particular, the men don’t do well with coverage in the facial hair department. Fu Man Chu’s are not sexy! But I also realize that men with hairy faces are usually hairy everywhere else too. I’m not sure I’m ready to depart from smooth bodied islanders.

    Got this pic in an email…I couldn’t stop laughing for a good 7 minutes

  • Cristina

    Your baby girl is so freakin adorable that I totally want one of my own. I told fiance that if he matches for residency in some place like (OK, DOOCE READERS, GET READY TO TAKE OFFENSE) Madison Wisconsin, or Cleveland, Ohio (forgive me, I work in fashion, I would like to live where I can hopefully find work) then I would have a baby to occupy my time. And I would let it play with knives and matches just like lil miss Leta does, right Leta?

    Also, I am from the south too, and there is NOTHING wrong with Waffle House! How can you fault a place that non only serves you a tasty breakfast for cheap but also has its own jukebox full’d up (colloquialism just for effect) of songs about what? Waffle House and how great it is. Duh.
    Also, in the south we say Coke and we mean any variety of soft drinks (sprite, dr. pepper, what have you)–none of this “pop” nonsense.

  • Carol (but not Dooce’s Carol)

    Yes, Waffle House!!! And I’ll have a “Coke” with that, but make it a Sprite.

    Born and raised in the South and spent my career in the North and now raisin’ babies in the South. Love the South!!!

  • Carol (but not Dooce’s Carol)

    Oh, I always forget half of what I want to say… Ladies Night. A MUST for mothers. What would I do without my girlfirends??

  • Cristina

    After the bath picture,and the “oh-so infamous picture of a bare bottom baby laying on her stomach on the bed” I recommend the bare-bottomed baby looking out the window. g’damnit I have been blackmailed by that one so many times.

    Yeah! i am probably #187!!! Who cares?

  • Carol (but not Dooce’s Carol)

    Oohh, David.

    I love your big cajones! (thanks, whomever, from a few days ago)

    Just learn to love the bosoms. You can do it.

  • Peter Hentges

    Hey, DM, I’m a Minnesota resident myself and found it cool that Dooce has MN friends out in UT. Road trip?

  • RandyRambunctious


  • cpr

    can i just say “wow” regarding your husband’s post:

    it seems you are equally blessed to have found each other.

  • Carol (but not Dooce’s Carol)

    For David:

    as a woman, for years you are fondled by the bosoms and it’s great and you feel good. but there’s something missing. mostly the guy that just fondled you.

    but you wonder … WHY? why are they bigger than boys? why are they fascinating? why does every starlet want them to be FAKE? why do men stare at them so? and then you are preggers and they are even BIGGER and then you have the baby and you BREASTFEED.

    W. T. F??? is going on here? Mooooooo. Moooo. oooooo. ooooo.

    Then you realize.


    And that purpose is Oh So Lovely. And you are giving MILK. Yes, MILK. MILK!! to your child. Feeding your child. Lovely.

    The wonder of it all!!!

    but you’re a guy, so you don’t understand.

    oh, well. have another beer.

    : )

  • Carol (but not Dooce’s Carol)

    God, I’m the only one up right now.. but I’ve been investigating the site and ..

    Feeling Guilty:
    For jumping to all sorts of conclusions when I really should just be jumping on a trampoline.

    Love that!!

  • brandi

    Ivy says “pree!” That’s 21 month old speak for pretty!

  • AndreaBT

    For the record: I’m from the midwest, lived my whole life in Indiana (except three years in China, which don’t count for this purpose), and although I do say “kahn-crete” and “ba-kahr-di”, I do also say pantyhose. Sometimes I shorten it to “hose”, but not because I have a problem with the word “panty”, but just out of simplicity.

    And YES I like Waffle House! (but I do think IHOP is better.) So there Beth and Carol ;) Carol, aren’t you excited they’re even mentioning you in her GUESTBOOK! :)

  • LadyBug

    Kids are in bed, hubby’s at work…time to check Dooce again.

    Catching up:

    1. The ‘Girls Night Out’ post was absolutely hilarious. But I’m totally perplexed as to WHY the main page Google ads are for ‘Broken Jaw Quick Release’ and ‘Troubled Teen.’ Whah?

    2. I checked out that Robeez site. Cute shoes, but there’s no way I’d spend thirty dollars on a pair of shoes my baby will outgrow in a couple months.

    3. I’m in Texas. We say ‘pantyhose’ (or ‘hose’), and we say Coke to mean any soft drink. And it’s IHOP here.

    4. I can’t say ‘pantyhose’ without thinking of “Raising Arizona” and the line, “Son, yew got a *panty* on yawr hayud.”

    5. I believe that’s the second mention of “Raising Arizona” in today’s comments. Lordy, I love that movie:
    “They got a word for people like you. That word is called *recidivism*.”
    “Repeat offender!”
    “Not a very pretty word, is it HI?”

    6. I should probably seek treatment for my Dooce and “Raising Arizona” addictions.

  • eco2geek

    By the way, that previous picture of Leta with Beth’s kid, urm, Kyle, was one of the cutest I’ve seen.

    This blog is addictive! Keep up the good work.

  • Carol (but not Dooce’s Carol)

    Lady Bug-

    “Raising Arizona” is the BEST! My favorite is Frances McDormand (otherwise known is Marge in “Fargo”)…

    You gotta do that HI! What would Ed and little Angel do if a truck came along and splattered your brains all over the interstate!
    Where would you be then!?
    Or you got carried off by a TWISTER??!!

    My favorite scene in a movie. Ever.

    And you can’t forget “Harold and Maude!!!” Have you seen that one? Another favorite.

  • Shelagh McIntyre

    Ladybug – I have to say that Robeez shoes are WONDERFUL – my 9 month old has 3 pairs and they last at least 6 months on him.

    But then, I love shoes, and my son should have shoes, but really, there is nothing like them. Beautifully made, and good for baby feet!

    And Leta is as cute as pie. And I love pie.

  • LadyBug

    Well, Carol and Shelagh, I think we may be the only three left tonight.
    Carol, I’ve not seen “Harold and Maude,” but if it’s anything like “Raising Arizona,” I’d probably love it.
    Shelagh, I didn’t mean to imply that I thought there was anything wrong with the Robeez shoes. I’m just on a tight budget and don’t really have thirty dollars to spend on shoes for ME, much less on someone who’ll outgrow them so quickly, whether that happens in two months or six months…The shoes ARE cute, though, and probably worth the money, especially if they keep babies from looking like little one-sock hoboes!

  • jia

    now THAT really makes you want to eat her whole head. and those cute little chuby shoulder. and that FOOT IN THE BACKGROUND!!!! OH MY GOSH

  • jia

    corretion: chubby shoulders. eeeep!

  • Carol (but not Dooce’s Carol)

    Lady Bug-

    About to sign off.. East Coast time… But…

    Harold and Maude – not as slapstick as Raising Arizona, but good music (Cat Stevens) and a GREAT message. Some people find the movie slightly depressing, but I find it the most Life-Affirming movie ever made. It’s my absolute favorite. Never grows old. You should definitely rent it.

    BTW, listening to Liz Phair right now. Do you know her? Reminds me of Dooce. Takes no prisoners.