• Heather R

    Clearly, I’m not alone in saying that Leta is totally on the top three reasons why people visit your site. Therefore: do not apologize for photographic cuteness! We all want more.

  • http://www.infinitepink.com Christine


    *Just say no to GAP.*

    Geezus, people. Let the kid be a kid.

  • http://deann.blogspot.com DeAnn

    Don’t worry: We all love Leta here.

    And did you know that just reading a name over and over again will make you feel like you know someone? I now feel like I am Carol’s neighbor.

  • http://journals.aol.com/fkaren1964/ScatteredThoughts/ Fran

    Leta’s all like “I’m just hanging wit my peeps.”

  • http://chloeishere.diaryland.com/ Chloe

    Damn! I just spontaneously ovulated looking at that picture. Now, Dooce. I wasn’t meant to reproduce. Tell that baby to stop bein’ so damn cute!

  • http://trigger-happy.blogspot.com jia

    aww….. just look at those beyootiful eyes… *tear*

  • Sue From Ohio

    ‘Stinky Feet Eliminated’….neat google ad hehee

  • http://www.unabashed.com sam

    in love with leta is a good thing.

    she’s looking so happy and cute, how could you not fall in love?!
    - those eyelashes and that hair!

    p.s. i don’t get the first post obsession. i just don’t. i’ve tried – but it’s just weird.

  • http://www.houseinprogress.net jm

    I love Leta deeply. I also feel my ovaries being pounded with the cute hammer…ow! OOOWWWWW!

    And I find it very amusing that your Girl’s Night post generated a Google Ad for “Stinkyfeet”. Now, that is something I just haven’t seen before.

  • http://www.ekkostudios.com Mark

    Beautiful as always.

  • A Fan~Jinny

    It is so strange to feel like you know a family when you have never actually meet them.

    It is wonderful to see her growing up. She is beautiful.

  • robo

    I thought you would probably really enjoy this one after hearing your friends constipation story : http://triggur.org/robodump/

  • Bran

    her fingers are chubby and i want to eat them.

  • Ellen

    Hours of entertainment for you: http://www.wesclark.com/ubn/faves.html

  • Mike

    I’m glad to see that Leta had BOTH of her socks and some shoes on today! I saw the whole Heather, Jon, Leta and Chuck show walking by Starbucks today. A great looking family and a surreal internet / real life moment.

  • sab

    The internet LOVES pictures of Leta. Don’t stop posting them.

  • Erica

    You have a beautiful baby. I always enjoy the Leta pictures.

  • http://chickenflicken.blogspot.com Michelle

    I am afraid that if I were to see Dooce, Jon, Leta and Chuck passing my local Starbucks, I would make a complete fool of myself in front of the coolest internet family ever.

  • the niffer

    Sorry Rhinestone Girl. My mistake – you have Fish’s wit and creativity. Are you Mrs. Fish?

  • jessca

    she is adorable, as usual :) I think everyone is a little bit in love.

  • http://blogs.lefebvre.us/wendee Wendee

    She a cutie! Your just being a proud mama!

  • Jeff

    OOoo, first post. :)

    I don’t blame you for wanting to bombard everyone with pictures of your little one. I feel that way about my daughter (who is 13 months old.
    Leta looks so comfortable on the horse, and yet, so cute!

  • Jeff

    Ok, so I didn’t hit “post” in time. Oh vell.

  • http://blogs.lefebvre.us/wendee Wendee

    That should be she’s a cutie.

  • http://www.gigglinguniverse.blogspot.com Em in Houston

    You should be bombarding us with Leta photos – you are proud and should be! She’s gorgeous! You better watch out when she’s a teen!

  • Desi

    What a cutie!! Reminds me of my 18-month-old neice who now refuses to say anything other than ‘horse’ and wants to ride bareback in the rodeo. Maybe a rocking horse would work for now…I hope.

  • http://bethology.blogspot.com Beth

    I’m amazed by people who can take a piece of wood and turn it into something beautiful. Leta will treasure that!

  • http://joy.nu Cessy

    lol expression is priceless.

    9th!!! and I’m happy!

  • http://wouldashoulda.com/ Mir

    Never apologize for Leta photos!! And your stepdad does nice work!

  • http://artzystuff.blogspot.com Sue from Ohio

    She looks tired…did she ride that buckin’ bronc too hard. What a cutie patootie!

    I’ll take photos of Leta ALL the time. At least with Leta (oh and the Dooce Juice) there isn’t much bantering going back and forth…a much more ‘relaxed’ message board…breath in, breath out, s-l-o-w-l-y, and again……

  • http://artzystuff.blogspot.com Sue From ohio

    Nice try Jeff…maybe next time ;)

  • maggie

    Oh my goodness…that girl is just so adorable. She looks like she’s practicing for her future modeling work–she has that “I’m so pretty yet so blase’ about everything going on around me” look going on.

    Oh, and find yourselves a good piano teacher now, you can’t let those long fingers go to waste!

  • http://www.kristyk.org kristal

    how cute! she looks totally grown, as if she is just hanging out talking to friends. so serious, but adorable at the same time.

  • http://humanwrites.blogspot.com Human Writes

    Let us all pause to reflect on the size and spectacular beauty of that child’s eyes.

  • http://moxiemoron.diaryland.com Moxie

    ” I wanted a REAL pony. Will these grownups ever get it right?”

    HI CAROL!! ( eleventyith mention).

  • milliegrace

    Her right hand is posed as if she is saying, “Well, I do declare this is the best pony evah! Hon, be a doll and fetch Miss Leta a cool drink, will ya? I am simply exhausted from being so cute.”

  • http://throughlife.blogspot.com kEma

    Go, Leta go! I think she will enjoy riding Chuck just as much as that wooden horse, you should try that one too :) )

  • http://users.110.net/~brucesiart/watt/index.htm Bruce

    dang, another cut photo that i can’t come up with anything witty to say about.

    kinda looks like she’s saying “who, moi?”

  • http://users.110.net/~brucesiart/watt/index.htm Bruce

    i meant “cute”… not cut

  • http://kevin.inuraiton.com Kevin

    Such a CUTE baby!

  • mama’s girl

    oohhh…first post! and i can’t think of anythang to say…

  • mama’s girl

    dang–i ran a few errands before i came back and hit post…cute baby girl

  • Susie

    Wow, never noticed the killer eyelashes before. No need to apologize; with the gift of Leta came the job of being President for Life of Leta Armstrong’s Fan Club. You’re just doing your job.

  • http://www.greenduckies.blogspot.com DM

    She’s quite gorgeous. I’m a little bit in love with your kid. Look, my nephew, he just turned a year old & he is the most beautiful child in the universe (yes, slightly biased) but hey, if the other arranged marriages don’t work out, I’m sure my sister would be thrilled to have Josh marry such a famous baby as your Leta.

  • http://www.sparktacular.blogspot.com diane

    I think we are all in agreement Dooce. Keep those Leta photos coming! They certainly brighten my day.
    And I agree with Maggie–when not smiling, Leta does tend to have that “I’m so gorgeous and so bored with you all” expression going on!

  • http://www.pismire.org/blog pismire

    Ride ‘em cowboy . . . er, cowgirl! YEEEHAAWWW!

  • This shiznit fo Fish n Dooce

    ~~rhinestone cowgirl~~

    I’ve been walking these streets so long
    Singing da same old song
    I know every crack and leftbehind sock on these dirty sidewalks of Utah
    Where hustle is da name of da game
    And nice girls get washed away like da snow ‘n da rain
    There’s been a load of compromising
    On da road my horizon
    But I’m gonna be where da lights are shining on me

    Like a rhinestone cowgirl
    Riding out on a horse in a star spangled rodeo
    Like a rhinestone cowgirl
    Getting weblog comments ‘n letters from muthas I don’t even know
    And offers coming over da cellphone

    Well I really don’t mind da rain
    And a smile can hide izzall da pain
    But yo’ ass down when yo’ ass riding a train
    That’s taking da long way
    And I dream of da thing I’ll do
    With a subway token ‘n a dollar tucked inside my shoe
    There’s been a load of compromising
    On da road my horizon
    But I’m gonna be where da lights are shining on me

  • http://blackmartha.com Martha

    Awww, she is such a cutie. She looks so relaxed on that there horsey too.

  • Coco

    My favorite pictures you post are of Leta! That girl is just too adorable!

  • the niffer

    Fish, you rock.