Under the moon shone a bottle of laxatives

  • Sheryl

    Just got back from a meeting and I already sprayed coffee on my flatscreen twice. Damn I hate cleaning the keyboard!

    I give thanks for Amanda B getting my belly laugh freak on with the Danny Boy line – and now I can’t stop. How can y’all write the funniest shiznit of the day and it’s not even dark out yet?

    By the way, I prefer it when they come after work, since my dry cleaning bill is getting f-ing ridiculous. Soon I will have to see a doctor for the coffee burns in my sinuses. And my cube neighbor just sent me an email recommending AA and therapy.

  • http://symbioticfishes.blogspot.com Fish

    Just for the record: it is not my fault that this discussion has turned to phrases such as “Precious Cox,” or “Cox-Pitt.”

  • http://hsquared2004.blogspot.com Heather 2

    Is there a certain setting on digital cameras for taking pictures of the moon or sunsets? I just can’t seem to get a good one.

  • Sheryl

    Sorry thought my blackberry crapped out on the post the first time!

  • http://nowhere.com moose

    KS and Kahli, THIS is why that picture is associated with Heather B.

  • http://nowhere.com moose

    (but they got it from dooce)

  • http://nowhere.com moose

    …crap. what i meant was. never mind.

    Dooce, your last few posts are hilarious. Write a book, girl, I’m tellin you.

  • Sheryl

    My boss just called me from home where she is working today to ask me if I am OK. She had reports of someone crying in my row, in loud bursts, followed by a few “Oh, SHIT!”s

    She was not amused that I said I had, umm, received some humorous comments today.

    “Dooced”: Recive verbal warning for laughing too hard and too long too many times in one day, for staining company property with coffee-spew and for using cursewords outloud when accidentally posting a message twice, while reading Dooce.com.

    She actually said: “You should just curse under your breath, like everyone else does!”

  • http://chloeishere.diaryland.com Chloe

    Now I feel like the only person in the world who starts thinking up bad jokes and giggling immaturely the instant I hear the word “box”. At least the Canadians are with me!
    It took me a minute to figure out that this picture was actually OF the moon. I have brain rot, and I fear it may be terminal.

  • Tracy

    Well, of course Leta’s not a witch YET, Fish – she isn’t old enough for Wiccan school yet.

  • Tracy

    Wiccan Camp, I mean.

  • http://www.shano-studio.com Shano

    The laxative box totally adds to the composition of the photo. Pure Genius!

  • Anne

    All I gotta say is the kid baptized herself. What a smart cookie.

  • http://sbfh.blogspot.com Psycho Kitty

    Well, don’t you think that you’ll get your card back now that you’re singing in the choir?

  • http://www.ipengy.com Chris From Ohio

    The Vagina Monlogues shall be performed in, ironically, a black box theatre.

    Waitress: Would you like a box?
    Diner: Yes, but I’d like to just keep eating.

    Warehouse Manager nickname: The Box Master

    I’ll leave the girlscout cookie drive boxes alone; make up your own jokes.

  • http://www.eiu.edu/~sprtinfo/releases/football/04_Sam_112004.htm christy kilgore-hadley

    At the university I work at there is a football player named Lucius Pusey. There is no way to say that and not make it sound like you are saying luscious pussy with a bad french accent. Or an accent OF FRANCE!!!!! that is.

    Anyhow – check the last line in the story I linked to if ya don’t believe me. You can see his picture if you download the whole PDF media guide.

  • http://homepage.mac.com/christykilgorehadley/Menu6.html christy

    Hi – I’m the dork with my whole full name posted. What a nerd.

  • Weezee

    Um, Lucky #86…what’s with the tupperware story on your blog? Looks an awful lot like Dooce’s.

  • http://www.vaguelyspecific.com faith

    Slang travels, in Dutch they use the term “doos”. (Say it like ‘doshe’)It means……..box. In both senses of the word.

  • Kahli

    Whoa… Lucky, what’s up?

  • Carol

    Always clean the carpet or sofa or floor first. By the time you’re finished, the baby’s probably done something else to themselves anyway.

    What’s the deal with not being able to comment on other things? I missed something.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am too tired to try to be funny.

  • http://www.xanga.com/schmoopy liz

    On my crapy little weblog, “comments” are called “chubbies”, because i find the word “chubby” infinitely hilarious. then combine that with the fact that to leave a comment, one must type in the “box”. a few weeks ago, i got a comment that literally said “How do you make your box such a hard place to leave a Chubby?”

    i almost peed my pants.

    ok, ok. i did pee my pants. but only a little.

  • http://homepage.mac.com/christykilgorehadley/Menu6.html christy

    Yeah – no kidding Lucky! That’s not cool.

  • hayley

    GREAT. just now when a student asked me if she would get her new class schedule put into her BOX, i nearly died laughing.
    THANKS GUYS. i am now COMPLETELY unprofessional.

  • Anne

    Re: #86 – HA!

  • http://nowhere.com moose

    Lucky #86- what the hey??! That is so not cool. What gives?

  • http://occupant.org/anna lulu cornichon

    Liz– that’s *hilarious*

    Lucky– what’s the deal? How is that okay?

  • Kahli

    Release the hounds….

  • http://sistersindance.blogspot.com GRAYGIRL


    If you are going to blog at least be original, if nothing else. What are you thinking…no one is going to see it? DUH

  • http://homepage.mac.com/christykilgorehadley/Menu6.html christy

    I left a comment regarding lucky’s post on her page and it was deleted! Double uncool.

  • Caroline

    Wow, I guess I upset some people yesterday…..

    YaY ME!

    I accounted for not one but TWO of the Tards!

    I’m so proud….

  • Sheryl

    Lucky. Dude. Did you check the copyright on this site?

    I ran a compare on your version of Dooce’s Tupperware story and the original. Small number of deletions and changes. That is illegal, on multiple grounds. And bad karma.

  • http://www.quercusalba.blogspot.com anne

    Well…looks like we’ve all been locked out of Lucky’s commentary – hmmm. Why would that be? Is someone feeling a little *guilty*?

    Mayhap this is an experiment on her part to increase her readership.

    Could be either, I suppose.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Heather and family… and to the rest of you out there in commentland! (yes, I know, it’s only thanksgiving in the US – happy happy, anyway…)

  • http://aletterunsent.blogspot.com/ steph

    LMAO at your WWF entry. It’s so true!! Although sometimes I do resort to hair pulling if the nads aren’t within reach and he has a death hold on me. Which is totally wonky considering I have about 40 pounds on him.

  • http://homepage.mac.com/christykilgorehadley/Menu6.html christy

    She deleted it already.

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/raindropjunky Lucky

    the blog was a cut that I had taken from another persons email versions of dooce to me. Hence the reason it is the only one that is unlocked. For future referrence no copy and paste will be used. I had only read the email until I had actually come across the site. No worries kids. I’ve taken it down and read through dooce and now know where that came from.

  • http://occupant.org/anna lulu cornichon

    And that somehow makes it okay? huh?

  • RG

    Dude… what idiot completely rips off a website, and then comments on said website, complete with a link to their blog, where we could all then read said idiot’s blatant plagiarism? Wow. That’s just… that’s just so dumb.

    Should be fun to watch!

  • http://homepage.mac.com/christykilgorehadley/Menu6.html christy

    Yeah – I don’t get it. You still didn’t have on there that is wasn’t what you had written in any way, shape or form. People were commenting about how funny it was and you said nothing.

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/raindropjunky Lucky

    Not okay, just unknown to me. First time I’ve posted to dooce and I guess looking through emails not the first time these blogs have been reworded.

  • beachgal

    That moon picture is really cool. You yet again blow me away.

    Not to be a total nerd, but it’s WWE now.

    Oh god, I just admitted I am up to date on wrestling stuff. Eek!

  • Sheryl

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know what these references to emails are about?

    Dooce, do you also send out a big email when you post?

    Or are the emails just when other people copy the cool thing they saw online and send it to other people?

    Lucky, you still represented it as your own words, by using “I” and by not prefacing it with the fact that someone sent it to you in an email (if that even happened).

    Dooce fans can be like a pack of attack dogs. But ya gotta atleast be honest about what you were doing.

    I mean, I do not believe that you wouldn’t be pissed and rightfully so if the situation were reversed…

  • Carol

    I’m an idiot, but what is LMAO??

    Oh, Sheryl did you finish your 50,000 (!!!) words? What are you writing about?

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/raindropjunky Lucky

    Good, send the pack.. otherwise the post would not have been public. Shit happens folks and thank god it does because this is all being cut and paste to the source that gave it to me. yes it’s taken down but the link to this page is alive and well.

  • Different Patrick

    Lucky, people just usually expect blogs to either a) contain original writings or b) explicitly state where the copy/pasted material is from. And they don’t expect wholesale quoting, just excerpts and a link.

    And now that attention has been brought to it, and the plagiarist has recanted, then everyone else can take a chill pill.

  • Danika

    Carol ~ LMAO = Laugh My Ass Off

    *sigh* I think I’m going to need to look at this pic on my iMac. It really looks crappy on this browser… can’t make out ANYTHING other than what must be the moon…

  • http://line-noise.com/journal jackie

    HEY! I don’t get it either! Is there supposed to be poop coming outta ther? Or… no poop? I don’t GET IT. WHAT LAXATIVES? I don’t have kids so I’m never gonna get the kid talk, but I do poop so let me get in on the poop jokes!!!

  • http://line-noise.com/journal jackie

    p.s. nard punching #1!!!!

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/raindropjunky Lucky

    as I said before this would have been a locked entry if I had written it hence why I wanted to leave the link.

  • http://www.ipengy.com Chris From Ohio

    Carol – LMAO is Laughing My Ass Off

    In other news, what do you call a shipping outfit run by transvestites? Male Boxes Etcetera.

    Hello? Is this thing on? Tough room…