Methinks someone had too much cornbread stuffing and passed out

  • Squatter

    I am not first!! George!!

  • kim

    i would have been happy to help with that stuffing – and the turkey ‘n all. i also like the shirt, george.. so much better than poor leta’s ;o)

  • Shlee


  • Moxie

    Thinking:” Oh God, why did I eat ALL of Leta’s cheeks?”

  • Colleen from NJ

    Tryptophan overdose. I’ve seen it before. Nothing you can do except wait it out.
    And he’s so young.

  • emersongeek


    (But what happened to the beard?)

  • Angie

    GEORGE: “Why didn’t someone TELL me that the pig thing was a table decoration and not another course of the meal!!”

  • manda

    In my excitment of being first, I didn’t get to really comment. I had that same look Thursday afternoon/night. That top-button-of-your-pants-unbuttoned, ate-way-more-than-my-belly-could-hold, in-a-turkey-induced-coma look. Fun!

  • Mir

    I dunno, that looks more like the aftereffects of pumpkin pie, to me. But maybe I’m being swayed by his shirt.

  • sab

    mmm cornbread stuffing mmm…

  • Kelli


    Oh, George, I’ve been there. It’s not an entirely bad place to be. :)

  • annette

    When George taunted me by saying he was “going over to the Armstrongs tonight” I imagined a livelier time ;)

  • TracyDee

    A stuffed George is much better than that holiday pig decoration. wow….

  • Lindsey

    “Dooce: Now With More George!”

  • Christina

    Mmmmmmmmmm….cornbread George….

  • Melanie S

    I actually dreamt that “the George” came to party with us on Thanksgiving.


  • beachgal

    Yay George!!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday! Thanks for always sharing with us.

  • Kieran


  • paula

    Poor George, overdosing on the Turkey and fixins and being so young!

    So glad the scary pig is gone.

  • Bec

    Bad cornbread! Bad!

  • Candice

    Ha! George, you rock.

  • sweetney

    george can’t believe he ate the whole thing.

  • Bruce

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  • christy

    Nothing like turkey and football to make someone pass out. They should prescribe it for insomniacs. It works for me every time.

  • Biggest Apple

    Perhaps we’re not giving ‘ol George enough credit here. Perhaps that’s the look of one who is quietly contemplating his will power and fortitude in staying AWAY from the cornbread this year. I think that photo should be our Thanksgiving moment of Zen……

  • ashley


  • Tiffany

    Wow! I was going to not post until I could say something really meaningful and deep about something… meaningful.


    My useless spice rack used to be an ironing board holder! I never knew that! I just thought people 60 years ago had some bizarre ideas about storage. Thanks to dooce, and her kitchen remodel, I now know why there is a totally useless little cupboard, right above a heating vent, ensuring that not only do I only have space for half my spices, they go stale in four months thanks to the wafting heat.

  • Tabbie

    We always have to get our tree from the boyscouts… do they have boyscouts in Utah? Anyway you get a live tree and you support child labor.

  • Em

    GEORGE! Having a food coma. Nice. Happy Turkey Hangover, everyone!

  • Dr. Johnny Fever

    Looks like Jorge is brewing a post-Thanksgiving turd. Full concentration is mandatory.

  • Becca

    I don’t know. It could be the “Oh I wish I didn’t have so many relatives” look. I know it very well.

  • the mighty jimbo

    oh man. he looks like i did after two loaves of banana bread.

    only i wouldn’t be caught dead in orange. so not my color.

  • Robin

    You make the coolest thumbnails. Oh, good photo, too. Very evocative.

  • Dale Cruse

    Still not first! Woohoo!

  • Stephanie

    George..what the have to save room for leftovers!

  • shannon c

    And here I thought it looked like George was thinking, “Crap, here comes Heather with that damn camera again!” :)


  • Shiz


    I mean, GEORGE!

    I mean, OF FRANCE!!!!!!!

    George is cool.

  • Bob

    George, looks like a giant stuffed Pumpkin.

    Can I carve him? Can I?

  • alli

    my throat freakin hurts yo

  • Amber


  • Heather

    mmmmm, I love a stuffed George!

  • montana mommy

    looks like george ate the pig!

  • jenny

    jesus, i *heart* george!

  • Eric Bostrom

    ha, my beautiful fiancee introduced me to cornbread stuffing this year. AND SHE MADE IT WITHOUT A RECIPE.

  • maryse

    those happy golden days of yore are alive and kicking here in the northeast. everywhere you look are live trees ready and waiting for a good home. and they say blue states have no morals.

  • red


  • julian

    ha! doesn’t matter which side of the Atlantic you live on… things are never that different!

  • kim

    oh my. i just checked out the kitchen remodeling pix and boy, i LOVE your kitchen. i’m a kitchen-fan and bought the one for my new apartment on ebay and was all happy with it. until today. can’t i move in with you? i could watch leta and cook for you..??? i have to say that those american kitchens would make it easier to emigrate if i really end up “having to”. awesome, awesome job!! awesome!

  • Andreah

    George, put your goatee back on!

  • Sharon


    George? Is that you?

    I’m waiting for the matching photo of Leta in similar pose…