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Happy Thanksgiving, may you all be well


Last night Jon and I were wrestling — yes, wrestling, I grew up in Memphis, Wrestling Capital of the World, and it is an enjoyable pastime I brought into the marriage; Jon’s contribution to the marriage: Gigs and gigs and gigs of RAM — did you just notice that I used a dash, semi-colon, AND [...]


The baby just pulled my water bottle of the coffee table onto her head, and there is water everywhere. Should I wipe up the carpet or the baby first? I can’t decide.


Oh. My. God. Just. Look at the picture lower right: HERE. (thanks for the heads up, Pam)

Under the moon shone a bottle of laxatives

She’s having a boy

One night late last week long after Leta had gone to bed and right after Chuck had ceased begging for a bite of our dinner (YES, IT’S MY FAULT, ALL THAT DAMN PIZZA), we heard a faint knock on the door. Jon and I looked at each other like, you expecting someone? Because it was [...]

Feeling Guilty

For licking my hand and then using it to pat down the left side of Leta’s hair and then going ahead and using that same hand to wipe the snot from her nose. While. Horrified. People. Looked. On. I couldn’t help it! IT WAS AN INSTINCT.


A couple days ago Leta woke up at 5:30 AM making her usual noises that say, hey, I’m awake now, come and get me this instant. This happens from time to time, and our usual response is to let her fall back asleep until 7 so that we can start our day on schedule. Usually [...]


That’s my mother at age 16. I adore this photo.

I don’t crack the door too far for anyone who’s pushing too hard on me

Jon and I used to go to the gym together in the morning before the baby was born. We used to A LOT of things before the baby was born, and the gym thing along with that part about staying awake past 10 PM have fallen by the wayside. Now I work out in the [...]