• Venus Man Trap

    Oh….and Dooce must have her lips superglued shut as it is anatomically impossible not to open your mouth while feeding a baby.

  • Danielle


    echo echo

  • http://mihow.com mihow

    I speak good.

  • Carol

    Ahhh!! Yes, I read that, but lost it in my brain somewhere. Well, apologies to Dooce. I don’t think I was being MEAN, just dumbfounded.

    : )

  • Russ

    2 socks…but NO PANTS!?!?

  • Carol

    victoria- that didn’t go ignored… details, please….

  • http://fibermusings.blogspot.com Christiane

    Man, those are such cute thighs. Makes you want to bite them…
    Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Danielle

    yeah yeah…. heard it allll before. _grin_

    I think I’m headed off to bed. ‘night.

  • Dale

    My daughter (15 months) LOVES mashed potatoes. You’ve got to be BRAVE and let her fill every cavity with them! Nose, ears, hair – who knew mashed potatoes made such a great hair gel!?

  • Carol

    p.s. because I’m typing to myself again…la la la lalalalla

    Dooce…I don’t think you look like you’re not smiling. You’re CONCENTRATING… on feeding the baby… keeping your cool with your sister or mom or whomever… what to post tomorrow…

  • http://blackmartha.com Martha

    Aw that’s cute.

  • Sherly

    Hi Amanda B, I am sorry you feel yucky.

    In shock. I just got an email from a literary agent (which at first I thought was a hoax, but isn’t) and must make phone call. I’ll be back.

    *wheeeeee, all the pretty floorboards*

  • http://www.sweetney.com sweetney

    the legs!!! the undulating rolls of chubby legness!!

  • Carol

    Goodnight, Danielle.

  • http://ruminatingslav.blogspot.com/ Karo

    Marie, if you can’t see the new masthead, you need to clear your browser’s cache.

    ALSO! I can’t believe no one’s commented on it yet, but the cutest thing BY FAR in that picture is the way Leta is pointing her left foot.

  • Carol

    Good God, Sheryl!!! Go girl!

  • http://humanwrites.blogspot.com Dr. Johnny Fever

    Heather, do people’s jaws always drop open like that when they’re staring at your bossom? Leta’s apparantly does and, if we’re being honest, so does mine.

  • http://honestyrain.blogspot.com/ honestyrain

    my daughter, who is 18 months old, does not watch tv. at all. ever. but if Boobah comes on screen she will lose her everlovin’ mind. the excitement she displays for these creatures makes me thinkg, yeah Boobah, of course Boobah. i love Boobah too!!!

    Grampa got her a dancing Boobah doll for christmas. i will come to my senses by the next morning and hate Boobah again.

  • http://amairead.blogspot.com manda

    I think you’re lying. That bowl looks suspiciously like vanilla ice cream…

  • Carol

    OK, honestyrain-

    How the Hell do you do that? Really, because I’d like to, but sometimes, I jes gotta TURN IT ON for them. But mostly for me. I’m amazed and quite jealous at your skills.

  • http://karenrani.blogspot.com/ Karen Rani

    Mrs. Doocsinsen… :p
    You have a lovely daughter!

    Thomas has those chunky chunk thighs too….scrumptious! I’ll have to post pics on my site for you later when he wakes up!

    mmmmmmashed potatoes – the ultimate comfort food!

  • http://www.cinderellablues.blogspot.com Gia

    Is that a pink garbage bag in the trash can?

  • Caroline

    I’m still not getting the new logo. Help me out Internet People.

  • http://none Rebs

    My friend and I were walking down Locust Ave. in Milwaukee when we encountered a young man playing the theme song to Top Gun. On the bagpipes.

  • http://www.biggestapple.net Biggest Apple

    To to the tune of Beck’s Two Turn Tables:

    Got two socks on but my pants fell off….

    Where they at?

    Got two socks on but my pants fell off….

  • http://chickenflicken.blogspot.com ChickenFlicken

    boobah= large, colorful uncircumcised penises.

    And I know you’ve photoshopped out the bite marks on Leta’s thighs. You’re not fooling anyone.

  • http://ruminatingslav.blogspot.com/ Karo

    On a PC:


    If you’re using Safari on a mac (and if you’re not, you should be), clear cache is an option in the Safari menu.

  • montana mommy

    anyone started christmas shopping yet? need some ideas…

  • Shannon



    Cute picture

  • Carol

    Hey montanamommy-

    who ya need to buy for?

    been looking around dooce at pics and such…amazed…

  • Marie

    Okay, I’ll show my computer-tardness… (hell, I was a liberal-arts major)…how do I clear my browser’s cache? I’m such a non-computer geek that when I see “cache”, I think of the 1st/3rd person singular form of the French verb “cacher”–to hide. God, I’m a dork….

  • Mo

    HAHAHAHAHA….bows for boxes!!!!!!
    OF FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.commuterchaos.com Kieran

    mmmmmmm mashed potatoes be goood mmmmmmmmm k

  • montana mommy

    brother in law and his girlfriend. they live in nyc. usually cool western pearl snap shirts from the thrift shop work, but couldn’t find any this time.

  • http://lasadh.blogspot.com Sherri

    Heather: I *see* you trying to wriggle your way out of your left sock, Leta.

    Leta: Squawk! Mmmm…taters…good.

  • Sherly

    Hey, my nieces and nephews (ages 1.75-7 years) have all been crazy about this video. Amazing & wonderful.

    My Neighbor Totoro (2004) DVD
    ~ Noriko Hidaka


  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/candianroxboy CDNRXBY

    She’s SO adorable and it’s good to hear that she’s up walking. When does she get to try whatever is in that MASSIVE jar behind you?


  • http://www.poboxalisoncoffey.com/ptg abc

    But there is no smiling when “spanning time.” And no kissing either!

  • Chris

    Heather, just so y’all know, as soon as she starts getting around, that trash can is going to have to go someplace else.

    I have the boy baby version, and he FINALLY started moving (his head got ultrasounded since the fontanel was still open). Will he go to mommy or daddy? No. Will he go to the lovely lovely toys we spread out? No. Will he scoot on his butt straight to the power strip, the laptop on the floor BEHIND THE COUCH!, or the kitchen trash can? You bethca.

  • Carol

    Ok, still thinking, but my new fave is tervis tumblers (plastic glasses/cups) http://www.tervis.com.. they are a definite throw back, but I have some and I REALLY LOVE THEM. Mostly because they are practical and oh so lovely everyday. Really, right now they are my fave thing. And if you want you can have them monogrammed or personalized. I know this is prob not everyone’s thing… so I’m thinking. Plus, they are a little pricey.

    How old is your bro-in-law?

  • Marie

    Well, I hit refresh, like I’ve been doing all morning, and now the new masthead is showing up. Thanks though!
    And Dooce, that is fucking hilarious!!!!

  • Sheryl

    Ok, that was a bad link – but you can find it on amazon by searching on the title “My Neighbor Totoro”.

    So you still here, Carol?

  • Sheryl

    MMMMM mashed potatoes. I should eat breakfast more often, everytime food is mentioned on this site I get hungry. Even with all the poop talk.

    Mama and Leta workin togetha. A mashed potato processin team.

    And what I admire is that your eyelashes are always wonderfully *petulant*. Goes great with the cheekbones and the doocitude. (Do you use an eyelash curler to get that effect? Ok, maybe that is a dumb question)

  • Carol

    Yes, unfortunately. I was going to be good tonight, but it’s not working…. oh well….

    I’m glad you’re here.

  • http://lostanotherme.blogspot.com Ellewiz

    You mean she didn’t try to pour them on her head? BO-ring.

    PS, Heather, look into the pre-lit trees. We have one, and it’s lurvely. I can send you a photo of it, complete with platform for the TRAIN SET beneath! Ho ho ho!

  • Carol

    Hey Sheryl-

    How fucking huge was I when preggers??Did you enjoy that pic?

  • http://bethology.blogspot.com Beth

    I swear ten minutes ago there were ZERO comments on here! Amazing! And I couldn’t comment at that time!

    If I had a baby with thighs like that, she would never wear pants. Worship the thighs!

    I’m glad Leta has had her introduction to the greatest ever comfort food invented!

  • montana mommy

    brother in law is 32. he’s tough one, just moved in with his girlfriend, thought maybe a house warming thing. they live in the city in a small apartment. i hate christmas shopping!

  • http://ruminatingslav.blogspot.com/ Karo

    I don’t think they make pre-lit real trees, Ellewiz. ;-)

    Marie, the link I posted above should help you out. Basically, you’re just clearing the temporary internet files, i.e. your browser’s memory.

    Hey, and I was an English major. Ain’t no shame in that game!

  • Carol

    well, just off the bat, tervis would be good (house warming and all), but if that’s not their cup of tea… i’m thinking….