• http://angoras.blogspot.com/ TracyDee

    If you can get through a day keeping both socks on Leta, I’d count the day as a win :)

  • Carol

    well, just off the bat, tervis would be good (house warming and all), but if that’s not their cup of tea… i’m thinking….

    what is he like??? conservative or progressive? lawyer/academic or artsy/whatever?

  • JPB

    Oh…is she constipated yet? My little one…who is 18 mo old…STIILL can’t eat mashed potatoes without getting constipated. If she does, just give her some of those nasty baby jar prunes. Works like a charm…

  • Sheryl

    Yeah, it was amazing! How big was the baby that time?

    But the thing I like the best about it is how you and hubby are standing, and the expressions on your faces, especially yours!

    Reminded me of some classic movie – a young Katherine Hepburn…

  • http://hsquared2004.blogspot.com Heather 2

    Mashed potatoes have to be one of the best food inventions EVER! My step-mom, however, thinks our family is strange because we want them for Thanksgiving dinner. She’s from Texas…is this a southern thing to not have them on Thanksgiving?

  • Carol

    Ooohhh, Katherine Hepburn… thanks!! What my expression was was…”Can you believe how fucking HUGE I am???” That one was #2 and only (ONLY) 10 pounds – he was a week early. BTW, it looks like I’m sticking my belly out.. but I’m not!!!

  • http://missdomestic.com Paige

    Love the masthead!

    p.s. I’m last last last last yay yay yay yay ayayaya. poo!

  • montana mommy

    he’s in the film industry, artsy, liberal, anti-coorporate america. the tumblers are kinda neat. i dig the bullet-proof strenghth granny on the website.

    works like magic!

  • sab

    I love the lack of pants!

  • montana mommy

    carol- how much did you gain? my daughter is 7 months and i’m still working on the 55+ i gained.

  • Caroline

    Karo, I already tried that, it didn’t work. I’m frustrated. Poo, gotta leave.

  • Carol

    and they do WORK LIKE MAGIC!! i really do love them.

    let’s see…

    if you want to spend less, I just got a t-shirt on veer.com.. the “lorem ipsum” one. an inside joke for advertising people….

    an old hi-8 camera

    a script of his favorite movie

    tix to an underground show in nyc (i went to blue man group and stomp before they were known (shows you how old I am)

    and the rocky horror live with ruPaul in atlanta in high school

    both of those were really cool.

    book of poetry or an obscure movie book

    does that help?

    still thinking….

  • http://heather-anne.com Heatheranne

    So will tomorrows picture be of the mashed pototoes in the hair and on the walls?

  • Sheryl

    MM, how about one of those subversive cross stitch kits they mentioned here in comments yesterday or the day before?

    If they like to cook, or are veggies, there are a lot of funny things to use and wear at wearablevegetables.com…

    And if he is techie at all, http://www.thinkgeek.com. Some subversive stuff there.

  • http://www.lindseyandray.com/blog.html Lindsey

    Ohhh I just want to gobble up her thighs! What a cutie!!!

  • montana mommy


    look at all the great ideas! why don’t i just get you my credit card and a list…

    are you “advertising people”?

  • http://shenuts.com Sarcastic Journalist

    “Damn woman, give me them taters!”

  • Carol

    oh, montana mommy-

    I gained 45 with the first. He was 11 pounds.. I am 5’4″!!! Definite C-section. 50 with the second.

    But the first was a voracious breastfeeder, so I lost 55 pounds within 3 months. Weird. My sister kept and gained weight with her kids breastfeeding. It’s weird how it affects you. You CANNOT help it. I truly believe that!

    But remember this… both my sister and I have lost all kinds of weight. My kids are 1 and 3 and hers are 7 and 11. She looks better than she ever has in her life. You’ll get it back. You really will. It takes hard work and you’ll never really be the same (a little sagging and stretchy skin) BUT you will be a MILF!!! Just be patient. It starts coming off after the first year. Unless you are lucky like Dooce!! She looks fab. But I’m short and have fat genes. But I’m a size 4 again. It’ll come when your body is ready.

  • Melanie S

    I love the new look, Dooce!

    Congrats on keeping Leta’s socks on! It IS a most difficult task!

  • Carol

    I WAS advertising people – art director for print and TV. Had a career, now work part time, but it’s a JOB, not career (basically I suck) because I have kids now. Not willing to travel and work late. But had a GREAT 10 years in the northeast kicking some ass.

  • Carrs

    that’s not your kitchen

  • Carol

    MM- heres more…

    a digital camera… if you are independently wealthy

    film-based coasters/napkins/plates/poster…whatever…

    tickets to a gallery opening

    tickets to a concert….

    rent at a studio/dark room


    nyu film classes

    there is a store in nyc called “maxilla and mandible” (on Columbus Ave., I think) – crazy skeletal stuff (don’t know if he’s into that) but I once shot with an amazing photog who used all that kind of shit in his photographs and made dead birds look BEAUTIFUL!!

    now I’m getting carried away….

  • Stacy

    Heather 2- I’m not sure what’s her problem, I’ve lived in Dallas my whole life and always had them on Thanksgiving.

  • montana mommy

    11 pounds!!?? and you are 5’4″? is your husband a giant? i managed to gain all that weight and only have a 7 pounder. sigh, i was once a size 4…

    anyway, i, too am an art director for an ad agency. working part time, 3 days a week. sometimes i feel bad for not staying late, like tonight, my coworkers are getting an rfp together and i’m at home shopping on line and chatting on dooce. i traveled a bit too but not anymore, at least for a while until my daughter doesn’t need the boob anymore.

  • Marie

    ‘Tis true, Karo, ’tis true! I’m actually a liberal arts major who is gainfully-employed (sorta, I’m a teacher) in the field in which I majored….whooo hooo!

    Heather 2, I live in Texas, and we have mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving. It’s mandatory; your step-mom is just weird! :)

  • Sheryl

    Carol, what were they selling with the pics of dead birds?

  • cranberrigirl

    Yup, I was crying with you Heather. I was a freakin mess. The liver kid, the crying 8 year old. Sobbing. Then they did the “Letters” Could they not kick me when Im down?
    My face looked like a big red puffy pillow by 5 clock.
    Can’t wait till todays show. :)

  • Carol

    crazy coincidence.. where do you work?.. i used to work at mullen in wenham, ma. i did the first stuff for nextel. anyway… don’t fret about the weight. really. just when you think you are about the fattest you could ever be… you lose it. and don’t feel bad about not putting in the time right now. you are a mom. that is SO much more important than an RFP!!! don’t you think?

    you gotta get the lorem ipsum t-shirt for you. but I am warning you (you may want to wait a few months), i ordered the Large and it’s rather small on me. Gah!! is this a young industry or what??

  • http://ruminatingslav.blogspot.com/ Karo

    Carrs, I love the quasi-accusatory tone of your post. You’re all, “A-ha!”

    I’m in Texas tooooo!

  • montana mommy

    he is really into photography. i saw the holga camera on veer. might be fun for him.

  • http://www.poppymom.com Poppy

    I bawled all the way through “Oprah” yesterday, too. Don’t ever TiVo Oprah and watch two episodes back-to-back. It leads to two-hour crying jags because the man gave up his liver, the baby lived, and the woman from Starbuck’s with the nine kids got a new house. It’s too much. Just too much.

  • Carol

    the photog i hired is a belgian artsy photog (gorgeous, i might add and way cool) but it was for Agfa (a printing company out of belgium) so they were open to it. although, i think they ended up not running the ads. but he’s a very celebrated photog. hans neleman. he’s cool as shit. ahhh… the good old days. now i just get boogers handed to me. : )

  • http://www.eleventwentyseven.com Christine

    It looks like the two of you are conducting some kind of scientific experiment.

  • montana mommy

    try this on for size


  • Melanie S

    I don’t know if anyone else has said this, but, I feel as though I can’t “heart” George anymore knowing that he makes poop.

  • Carol

    hey!!! I just had idea… IF..IF… I can find them (BIG IF) … I have some 8×10 polaroids from Hans. Originals. I’m not in the market for dead birds anymore (would give the kids nightmares), so if your BIL likes that shit… and these are worth some money. I’ll send three to you … free. Let me know.

  • http://shiz.typepad.com/ Shiz

    Leta looks good in pink.

    Good morning, Dooce Armstrong.

  • Carol

    just turned on lemonheads…mmmmm…evan.

  • http://homepage.mac.com/christykilgorehadley christy

    I am guessing this is from Thanksgiving, Carrs. The older-model highchair is a giveaway, too. :^)

    I think that maybe the reason Leta doesn’t want to put weight on her legs is because she knows the legion of adoring fans of her chub-a-licious legs have would be disappointed if she burned any of that off.

  • montana mommy

    checked out hans’s web site. cool pics, might be interested, we’ll have to be in touch. i work here http://www.mercuryads.com
    all the gift ideas are great, i’ll run them by “the husband”

  • Katy

    Im with you on the Oprah-induced-crying-spells. I was a MESS yesterday. I kept hugging my 5 month old baby girl and telling her I dont know what I’d do if something happened to her. God bless that man who gave up his liver!! He is a real hero.

    Sadly, I didnt call anyone. I was afraid they would laugh at me! What’s Beth’s #?? lol

    Where’s FISH? I want some guppy stories! I’ll bet Fish would give up his liver for his son!

  • al

    you look kind of grim in that picture. like you’re feeding leta arsenic.*

    (*of course you would never do such a thing because you sound like a loving and awesome mother. the picture was funny, though!)

  • http://www.ficklewhimsy.tk Jenn

    Hey Dooce, any idea why your new design doesn’t show up in Mozilla?

    My girlfriend and I were just discussing how Leta looks ALOT like Jon. Have a good day!

  • Chris

    “spanning time”
    was that a vincent gallo reference ‘cos that is what I think of when I hear the phrase…

  • http://www.secretexploits.com murphy

    wait. wasn’t your watch on the other hand yesterday?

  • Carol

    are you Emily? your life looks idyllic!!!!

  • LeChico

    THERE’S THAT LACK OF SMILE AGAIN!!! you don’t smile at yourself, fair enough! BUT HOW CAN U NOT SMILE AT THAT ADORABLE DAUGHTER OF YOURS?!?!?!?!?!??!!?

  • montana mommy

    nope, i’m robyn. i had to go check my info real quick, it hasn’t really been updated for a few years.

  • http://www.vgmoms.blogspot.com vgmom

    Well I am hate popular things and never follow the crowd so is good thing am not creating a comment on a popular website just to attract attention to mine….SHIT!

  • Carol

    Ok, gonna email you so’s you got my info if’n you want those pics. IF… if I can find them. Can’t promise… but if I have them… they are yours.