Mountain with windchime

  • Emily

    And stalkers can operate 24/7 from any of those points in the space time contimum that is the world wide web.

  • Badger

    That’s not a windchime. A windchime is a delicate little thing that makes a faint, melodious tinkle. I’m betting that motherfucker in the picture wakes up everyone within a 10-mile radius on windy nights.

  • Autumn

    Which 8AM is in SLC, Utah at that moment.

    Anyway, I’d hate to trek myself over those hills. ;)

  • JuJuBee

    Happy ten months, Leta!!!

  • Moxie

    This pic reminds me of the gorgeous drive from Albuqurque to Santa Fe. I love me some New Mexico.

  • Emily

    Err, continuum.

    Hell, it’s only 6 something here.

  • Shiz

    Amazing pic.

  • Calli

    Double digits? I’ve never been double digits before! Those mountains are gorgeous… you have such an eye for photography.