Lady in red

  • Rebekah

    LadyBug!!!!!! I am so scared for you. Does it hurt?? You are a SAINT!!!! 44DD… I think you win the prize.

  • eddo

    Cutie Patootie!!

    Has anyone been over to OMW if you have grown up in church then you will laugh until you vomit cavity-fighting dog puke!

  • Lisa

    No am I FIRST????? What do I win???

  • LadyBug

    A prize? There’s a prize? Cool! What is it? Is it the same as the “I’m first!” prize?

    And…”Does it hurt?” That’s got me laughing out loud at my desk.
    Although, come to think of it, my back DOES hurt. A lot.

  • Rebekah

    You win the MOM of the year prize!!!! For feeding your baby with those big boobies!! I give you major mommy points.

  • Tracy

    Carol – the kids had wine at Santa’s? No wonder they were off the hook!

  • beachgal

    Yay! Just voted again for the blogawards. Dooce is up to 7.4. Come on guys, we gotta get her higher!!! She totally deserves it!

  • Jenniffer

    Dear Leta,

    We would like to invite you to join our club, as you obviously have naturally perfect form.

    En Garde,
    Charles River Fencing Club

  • Jenniffer

    And dare I say it?
    ::whispers:: 44J nursing 2.5 yo

  • Carol

    Tracy- Hahaha! Yeah, I noticed that after I posted, but didn’t correct myself. No, where Santa was (a historic house where I live) had wine. And I do love me some wine!!


  • Carol

    Dare I say OH MY EFFING GOD!?!? FORTY-FOUR JAY!?!?

    Kudos to the still nursing bit. My prenatal yoga teacher was still nursing her 4 year old. I stopped at 6 months because I’m a crappy mom.

  • Dr. Johnny Fever

    Is it possible that the popularity of Boobah on this board is a direct result of the first four letters in its name?

  • eco2geek

    From “BoingBoing”: — a link to a site with instructions on how to “knit your own uterus”: … cute.

  • Carol

    Dr. Fever- Ha!! I was just thinking that the men are all being VERY silent. Scratching themselves, waiting for the women-folk talk to come to an abrupt end.

  • Allyson

    She’s a cutie!

    Did you see this, dooce?

  • Renee

    Yeah, it’s not as much of a thrill for women who already have big boobs. But DH gets excited and then bummed with each kid.

  • termagaunt

    cavity-protected, minty fresh dog puke?? That’s cool– as long as the original scent is covered, you know a modicum of care was taken. I once interviewed this girl who I -swear- smelled like Wint-o-green-and-deodorant covered semen-and-whisky. I hired her straight away, of course, and we’ve been best pals since.

  • efrain

    I’m sorry, but the way she has her hands up in the air like that, she reminds me of Uma Thurman on Kill Bill about to kick some ass.

    OMG! I’m number 252! Yay!!! :D

  • Julie


    Your poor, poor back.

    My back was killing me from the DDs and E. But, hell, I NEVER got so many doors opened for me, cars stopping to let me cross, grocery store baggers asking if I needed help out to my car, etc as I did that first trimester. I’m not sure a single male looked at my face for an entire 3 months. Including my boss…my husband…and even my Dad. I think he was so freaked out by what was happening to his daughter he couldn’t handle it. He just left the room when I came in!

  • Julie

    Oh – I have a theory. I think that if your dog will respond to you saying No, then your baby will too. Our dogs won’t listen to me say No, but they respond to my husband – same with the baby. It’s the exact same situation in my best friend’s house. Exact opposite in my brother’s house. Guess my hubby’s alpha male and I’m, what is it – omega?

  • Amanda B.

    I didn’t even know there was a size “J” in boobs. I have been seriously robbed!

    *bitterness, anger, resentment*

  • Julie

    don’t be bitter amanda…once they get to be around a D, it takes major plastic, metal, and stretchy stuff to keep them closer to your neck than your belly button…

  • Amanda B.

    Thanks Julie. That puts it in perspective for me. :)

    Here’s a link for Jon and the guys.

  • Jenniffer

    I wish I could take umbrage and say that they were perky as the day is long, but alas, I cannot tell a lie. However, perkiness does not lend itself to the nursing gymnastics of a toddler, so there is, um, *utility* in their current state of elasticity.

  • LadyBug

    Amen, Julie. No more pretty little lacy bras once you reach D (which stands for *Damn,* those boobahs are big!) and beyond. Bras now come in your choice of white or, um, white, with big, fat, wide shoulder straps, and your choice of 37 or 38 hooks. Veeeeery sexy.

  • Carol

    Jenniffer – that’s what lifts and implants are for!!

    I personally didn’t have that done, but my sister, after looking like she belonged in National Geographic, sure as hell did. They are perky perky. And all lovely round. And bouncy. She’ll show you. Just ask.

  • Julie

    Not to mention the stretch marks all over them…if you’re like me and they “sprouted” overnight 2-3 cups! Had *always* wanted bigger boobs and used to stuff my bra in high school. Now I wish I had smaller ones. Sigh – grass is always greener. We should all just love the ones (boobs) we’re with!

    Oh – my baby gained 1 lb. a week for 8 weeks while breastfeeding!!! We called my milk liquid gold. We had to stop breastfeeding because she had major reflux and she stopped breathing, etc. at times. But, my boohbahs worked! :)

  • Fish and Dr. Fever

    *scratch scratch scratch*

    when will this end?

  • Julie

    I thought boobs were one of guys’ favorite topics… ;)

  • Mrs.Stray

    I nurse. My boobs are in constant demand.

    However, if any person over the age of 1 (besides my husband) attempted to suckle my bossom we would have a serious problem.

    The milk is in the fridge kid. *scram*

    Milk is gross.

  • Carol

    that was me, sorry. i forgot to put my name in and it looked like it came from them. it didn’t.

    more stories, please…

  • Julie

    I had to give up breastfeeding (or “nursing” as my mom calls it…she also calls my daughter’s formula “milk” which annoys the hell out of me because it’s not milk – it’s actually a very expensive protein free formula with NO MILK PRODUCTS in it) because Maddy has really bad reflux. Well, I cried and cried and cried the first time I gave her a bottle, even though breastfeeding had been really tough for us (she cried and arched all during feedings because it hurt going down her throat).

    Within 24 hours, I was one happy mommy. I think breastfeeding is the best thing in the world, thought I was going to die when I couldn’t do it anymore…but when I just HAD to stop for her health, I felt SO free. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO free. And, I didn’t feel one bit of guilt after that first 24 hours. I think the fact that she *couldn’t* nurse helped me feel better about it, but just from a physical standpoint it was amazing.

    I’m with you Mrs. Stray – actually, I think I may have stopped around 9 mo. or so on our own anyway…whenever Maddy started solid food. If she is eating ravioli, she doesn’t need my booby.

  • Julie

    Oh my god…I said “nurse”

    Oh my god…I have to take a pill and go to bed now…

  • eco2geek

    All I wanna do is have some fun
    But I can’t cuz now it’s all going to my son
    All I wanna do is have some fun
    Until the sun comes up over East Menomonee Blvd.

    (OK, I’m a dork.)

  • Nik

    I see you in her eyes

  • Sheryl

    Yep, eco2geek, when you start spoofing lyrics to illustrate a point on dooce, you are officially part of the Dork’s Club.


  • eco2geek

    More to the point, Beerzie, why should anyone care whom Kevin Aylward (the guy who runs the site) gives awards to? What an honor to be given an award by…the man himself…Kevin Aylward.


  • Sheryl

    Fish, so *your wife* “benefitted” from the milk augmentation? Uh, *unlikely*.

    If in fact she was already stacked with a rack upon which you could tack a plaque or unpack bric-a-brac.

    Sorry, too many Dr. Seuss readings this week with the nieces.

  • Anne

    This is exactly the ONE conversation about boobs that (most) men don’t get off on.

    I think the men have all about cleared outta here.

  • Carol


    I had to quit “nursing” also – my son was drinking so much, he couldn’t digest my milk. We used Alimentum. That stuff is EXPENSIVE!! I was kind of glad to stop, too.

  • Littlehoney

    I’m with you Mrs. Stray. If a kid is old enough to ask for it or to unbutton your shirt – the kid’s too old to be breast feeding.

  • aic

    Hey dooce, my son, Elijah (eight months old on the 16th), has eczema and gets red rash-like sploches on his face – i have noticed a really faint bit of redness on Leta’s forehead and between her eyebrows in some pictures. Is that eczema by any chance? If it is, whatcha doin for it? I have tried a number of things and am now just starting prescription strength hydrocortisone but would love other suggestions. If its not eczema on the lady in red, never mind. Oh – and to me she really does look like a little Heather-Jon combo – go figure.

  • Jenniffer

    Wow. Um. Wow. Tootles.

  • Gia on Guam

    Was I supposed to link up to a photo??? I didn’t think that was a nice thing to do.


    Yes, it’s an ass’kickin ‘Brady’ good time!

  • eco2geek

    Gia, I assure you, it was a *very* nice thing to do. :-)

  • Rebekah

    Amanda- you are going to get your day with boobs. Just wait until the babies come… I promise!!!! Are you married or planning the wedding? (I saw your site)

  • Molly

    Hey, Niffer, Don’t sweat it.. just remember.. this is a place where everyone knows your name.. but they don’t know you..

    Take a deep breath… :)

  • beerzie yoink

    The weblog awards are run by a right wing jerk. Dooce may deserve recognition, but quite honestly, I cant’ see supporting that asshole’s site by giving his awards site legitamacy.

  • Suzy in NV

    She is soo adorable with the cutest little cheeks and her big inquisitive eyes. You are one lucky momma!