Egg Nog Latte

  • ella’s ma

    I just want to give that man a big hug.

  • closet metrosexual

    Nice link, Girl.A. You frighten me.

  • Sheryl

    You frighten me, in a good way.

  • KC

    Oh to live in a country that knows and understands how valuable a latte is much less an egg nog latte! I miss Starbuck’s being within walking distance and the menu in English.

  • Sheryl (98/306)

    Yay!!! I’m First!!! Woo hoo!!! I rock!!! And oh yeah, nice pic.

  • Carol

    I’m frightened.

    And so is my 3 year old.

    : )

  • Sarcastic Journalist

    the fact that he left you a turd and then you go to get egg nog lattes? that’s the power of family.

  • Kieran

    Ok I know I have a penis therefore I do not understand anything but how is George sexy? Ok I can see adorable, cuddley, and even huggable but sexy? I mean I aint gay but I dont see it.

  • Circus Kelli

    On the subject of T-Shirts and Monty Python:

    This catalog has a bunch of funny t-shirts and amusing gifts, including some” target=”new”>Monty Python stuff.

    Reading the above comments reminding me of the catalog.

  • Jodobird

    I miss Blue Plate Diner. It’s one thing I couldn’t pack with me when I moved…..

  • Circus Kelli

    Yeah, ok… so I can be an idiot when it comes to simple LINKS sometimes… sheesh…

    If you’re interested, click the link above for the catalog I mentioned.

  • Kano

    The clothing Spiel! As long as you are talking about making some T-shirts…..You can make some Gymbags too.
    Put Dooce on the side of it and you can all own a Doocebag!

  • DeAnn

    Ooh, George all blurry!!

    I love it!

  • Sheryl

    I’d like some flushable wipes with a Dooce monogram on them. With a Tequila scent, would be great.

  • Fish

    Girl A: Where to go for bizarre links.

    Carol: I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think you should be letting your three year old look at Girl A’s link.

  • Colleen from NJ

    Say no more.

  • Tracy

    Circus Kelli, that’s a very cool website – thanks for the link!

  • Fish

    Sheryl: then the masthead could be:

    “Dooce: Keeping your ass Cuervo-Fresh since 2001.”

  • Fish

    My favoritest Holy Grail Scene Ever:

    TIM: Well, that’s no ordinary rabbit. That’s the most foul,
    cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on.
    ROBIN: You tit! I soiled my armor I was so scared!
    TIM: Look, that rabbit’s got a vicious streak a mile wide, it’s
    a killer!
    ???: Get stuffed!
    TIM: It’ll do you a trick, mate!
    ???: Oh, yeah?
    ROBIN: You manky Scot’s git!
    TIM: I’m warning you!
    ROBIN: What’s he do, nibble your bum?
    TIM: He’s got huge, sharp– he can leap about– look at the
    ARTHUR: Go on, Boris. Chop his head off!
    BORIS: Right! Silly little bleeder. One rabbit stew comin’
    right up!
    TIM: Look!
    BORIS: Aaaugh!

  • matt

    that is a stellar masthead idea! the amusement i get from this site is unreal. thanks dooce!

    (and i too am waiting for the shirts, for real)

  • Gooooder

    shirt that says:


    or DOOCE!

    anything with an exclamation mark really.

  • Tracy

    I WARNED you, but did you listen to me? Oh, no, you know, didn’t you? Oh, it’s just a harmless little BUNNY, isn’t it?

    /last Python reference, honest

  • Sarah

    Thank you to all who contributed Monty Python quotes today…I LOVE Monty Python. Now I KNOW that the other girls on here are dorks, too. I feel so at home here!
    Girls who like The Three Stooges, raise your hands!
    In my regular life, I’ve found that typically Monty Python and Three Stooges, among other things…Benny Hill (that was mentioned here not long ago), are things only guys think are funny.
    Girl geeks rule.

  • Carol

    Fish – i usually don’t let my 3 year old look at vagina teeth, but wasn’t quite expecting THAT and he just walked by at the exact moment.

    I’m a horrible horrible mother.

    How is the rash?

  • MrsDoF

    Giving a hint for my age here, but I have such a fond memory for egg nog.
    The first time I was allowed to use the mixer, maybe age 10, was to make egg nog. With eggs from my Pappap’s chicken house and milk brought to the back door by the milkman. Separate the eggs, beat the yolks with milk and sugar, whip the whites to make the foam.
    The recipe isn’t written down anywhere, but let me tell ya, the Starbucks version just ain’t right. Maybe GEORGE! can find out for us if this diner has one that can pass.

  • Dara

    is that really george?

    and oh my goodness lots of firsts! lol!

  • George Lover

    Ok, to avoid the misunderstanding, maybe the shirts could say “The REAL George”. And I would pay $25, easily.

    And, I don’t know, maybe a shirt that says “I’m first”. We’d really know each other then.

  • Sheryl

    It’s such a fine line between stupid, and clever.

  • George Lover

    And, uh, didn’t we see a recent picture of a clean shaven GEORGE! at Thanksgiving. god, man, how quickly do you grow that facial hair?!

    An alternative T-shirt saying “All George, all the time”

  • Dyanna

    For all the Eastern Python fans, they’re making a BROADWAY musical based on Holy Grail called SPAMALOT starring David Hyde Pierce and Hank Azaria written by Eric Idle and Co.!

  • Marti

    I feel so foolish. Where can I find girl a’s link?

  • Carol

    Marti – I don’t think you really want to look, but it’s #132.

    Sheryl… but this one goes to 11.

  • Carol

    “I find that D Minor is the saddest of all keys.”

    It’s beautiful… what’s it called?

    “Lick My Love Pump.”

    Oh and just so that I’m not too off topic…Dooce – how do you focus on the background and not the foreground?

  • kristine

    I have a red vs blue shirt from before they got popular (even before I actually PLAYED Halo) and a shirt from before Britney started wearing them. How about a line of shirts, “Dooce- The Tour” and have all the mastheads going back.

    or a black tshirt that says, “I dooce daily”

    God, that sounds so gross.

  • Sheryl

    I’m sure I’d be more upset if I weren’t quite so heavily sedated.

  • Fish

    Carol: er…the rash is good.

    *Fish mutters, red-faced*

  • George Lover

    “How often do you Dooce?”

  • Leslie

    Click on her name on the 11:19 post you taunter.

  • Circus Kelli

    Tracy — you are most welcome.

  • Girl.A

    Marti click on me name.

  • vgmom


  • Carol

    She should be made to smell the glove.

    Fish – so glad you got those little balls all cleared up!


  • Fish

    Hey, my son is well hung for someone who weighs nine pounds, thank you very much.

  • Carol

    Oh, we’re talking about your sons balls?

  • Toad

    I love how every day the third through 13th posts are “FIRST!”

  • Sheryl

    Fish, This should go on *your* tshirt:

    “My son is well hung for someone who weighs nine pounds, thank you very much”

  • Fish

    *uncomfortable silence*

  • Carol

    It’s like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black.

  • GMM

    I am so glad I am not first. Honestly, how much do those 13 people need a life, Toad?

  • Fish

    Sheryl: I’ll wait til he’s fifteen and then distribute them to his buddies.