Merry Christmas Eve… FROM MY BUTT!

Tis the season to be immature!

  • Girl.A

    Danika, don’t be retracting anything on my account.

    I for one wanna see all your asses.

  • Shiz

    What’s in my head? That damned Old Navy commercial where they sing, “Your son’s coming home from college with his girlfriend; he’ll be so embarrassed if you re-gift.”

    Thank YOU, Old Fucking Navy.

  • John Sloas

    Right back at you.

  • Danika

    Well you know I just didn’t want to come across as creepy waiting for shots of her ass. Thought I’d explain a bit.

    If I had a pic or as nice an ass as Dooce I’d totally send it to you.

  • AYEnDeeAreEeAyAitch

    Gah! I’ll spank dat ass!

  • The “other” Ninotchka

    I love it. ha ha ha Thanks for the laugh. And the comment from Jon was just precious. You guys are too cute!

  • pismire

    “I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus . . . .”

    Bad Santa. Very bad Santa, taking advantage of Dooce like that. Oh wait. Bad Dooce. Very bad Dooce, taking advantage of Santa like that.

  • closet metrosexual

    Girl.A – I’ll show mine if you show yours. One, two, three…

  • Holy Schmidt

    Cute ass Heather! Now if we can figure out a way to get you to post one of the Scrumptious Bearded One’s shit mister!

    Merry Christmas Eve BlurboDoocery!

    Melanie S

  • Nils

    “Lady, ain’tcha got nuttin’ smaller …?”

  • Angie M

    Heather B. Armstrong; putting the ass into Christmas(s)!

  • Fran

    I feel bad…I didn’t even see Leta in the picture getting rescued. My mind was in the gutter. Sorry, Dooce. Or is this you PUTTING Leta on Santa’s lap in the first place?

  • shauny

    that is one foxy arse. merry xmas to you and the gang!

  • LauraD


  • Big Gay Sam

    So THAT’S what straight sex looks like. :o p

  • Carly

    Hi Heather, Jon & Leta,

    I hope your family has a fabulous Christmas and a very Happy New Year, can’t wait to see what you have in store for next year’s blogs (already!)… Alright Dooce! So when do we get to see Leta’s first reaction to Santa??!!

  • carly

    oh wait, i just went back one! cute as all heck, of course!

  • Plish

    Am I first?

  • Big Gay Sam

    Plish said at 02:15PM, 12.24.2004:
    Am I first?

    no, and you’re not original either. :o p

  • http://NONE NICE


  • grass

    And a very nice butt it is.

  • Girl From Ipanema

    MERRY CHRISTMAS DOOCE AND FAMILY! Thank you for another year of great stories!

  • coskel

    ok, I didnt know who most of the “celebs” were on the NORAD site – and just for the record, who named that blond child after cheese? That disturbed me greatly.

    Happy Holidays to everyone – kel

  • Bec

    Merry Christmas :)

  • Zach

    I’ll agree with your husband on this one – nice butt.

  • Denise

    You have a nice butt and all…but I still can’t get over how big that chair is.

  • Trance

    Merry Christmas Doocerbootery! Or BootyDoocery! Or BlurboDoocery. Yeah.

  • Amanda B.

    Big Gay Sam- hetero sex ain’t pretty. Lots of grunting and quite often on mismatched bedding. :)

  • Badger

    Heather, I wish you, your ass, Jon and Leta the best Christmas ever! Christmas is so much more fun with kids, I have to say. Thanks so much for all the humor and inspiration, and I wish the Hamilton-Armstrong clan nothing but the best in the coming year!

    (And the same to alla youse Dooce/Blurb reader types, too. I am all hopped up on bloody marys and feeling all generous and festive and shit.)

  • Gia

    Merry ChristmASS to you Dooce!


    I hope Leta had a blast with the bows and ribbons!

  • RandyRambunctious

    Merry Christmas Armstrongs….!
    And to all the Doocers out there..
    Ho Ho Ho
    (Don’t that sound like hooker Santa?)

  • ILoveDooce

    I cannot believe that poop and farts come out of such a cute ass.

  • Fahrvergugen

    Funniest Christmas picture I have seen all year!

  • juli

    Merry Christmas from my house to yours. Thanks for sharing your life with us and inspiring some of the rest of us to share ours in return.

  • Girl.A

    Silent night, holy night
    All is calm, all is bright
    Round young Virgin Mother and Child
    Holy Infant so tender and mild
    Sleep in heavenly peace
    Sleep in heavenly peace

  • Chloe (is here, goddammit! Why can’t I remember?)

    Thoughts about the picture:
    I love your jeans!
    Ah, so _that’s_ why Santa was so happy in the previous picture!
    Thoughts about the comments:
    Hee! Cheeky! Crack! Potty humor never goes out of style. (Old prissy lady: “Why, I say!”)

    Happy Christmas, and a merry new butt to all, and to all a great ass. It is officially Christmas here. So have a merry one! (Oh, like I won’t be here tomorrow).

  • Scott

    That pictures explains why perverted old men become mall santas. I’m totally going to start growing my beard for next year right now! I’m also starting my all bacon diet to gain about 100 extra lbs.

    Merry Christmas all!

  • Mariposa

    Merry First Christmas Leta and Fam!!!!

  • Girl.A

    Santa’s been to my house already!

  • Rachel

    Merry Christmas to you, Jon, Leta and Chuck. Hope your day is wonderful.

  • Ashe

    Hmmm-mmm. What a yummy mummy! Pardon me Jon. I just couldn’t help it. every one in Dooceland, Merry Christmas, goodwill to all mankind, peace on earth and all that jazz…

  • lauragayle

    Merry Christmas to the Dooces!
    Although Jon probably made the naughty list just because of that pic…

  • elli


  • Jess from Buffalo

    Looks like Santa got his Christmas present early!

  • Mary

    perhaps first :-)
    cutely clenched cheeks, Heather, and Merry Christmas !

  • Zak

    Does this qualify as naughty or nice?

  • the husband

    Actually, I got my christmas present early. I knew the millisecond after I took this, that it would be seen by the world.

    I’m gonna say it, because it’s true: You have a great butt!

    I love you, Heather!

  • ali

    wow im here early.

    anyway… LOL

  • Lele

    I’m first??!!

  • Sasha

    Ran out of pictures?