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Oh, mah darlin’ GEORGE!

GEORGE! left for Texas yesterday morning. He dropped out of BYU (like any SANE person should) and is going to continue his education somewhere else in Texas. I cannot even articulate how much I am going to miss that cuddly bastard. Sometimes when we wake up on Sunday morning and he isn’t asleep on our [...]

A present for the story people

We did a terrible thing. No, really. I had promised myself that I would never give in to the vast commercial conspiracy that is Children’s Toys, especially ones marketed to perpetuate fascination with television characters which in turn perpetuates fascination with toys in the likeness of those television characters, BUT YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN HER [...]

Go, dog, GO!

Leta says that every time she sees Chuck, and then she proceeds to torture him. I set her at the top of the bed so that I could pull up the covers, and Chuck was originally facing away from her. When I returned from grabbing the camera he had turned to face her almost as [...]