Attack of the Holiday Hair

I tried a little experiment with the curlers. Not only did it work, but the curlers, THEY TOOK OVER. Be very, very afraid.

  • the husband

    Leta didn’t react, but I did. ROWWR.

  • plk

    Ignorant of what? I’m terribly curious.

  • Janie

    You do not look happy about your hair.

  • Scott

    Hey all. Looks like it got heavy in here again. Jeez. Everyone concentrate on Heather’s hair and feel the good vibes flowing from them… Now breathe out… Good… Now everyone go get your curlers…

    Liz – I’m from NC. Northerner for most of my life though.

  • becaru

    Heather, you know that we’re laughing with you rather than laughing at you because we have ALL HAD OUR HAIR LOOK LIKE THAT AT SOME POINT!! I admire your courage at actually photographing yourself in this state.

    May your 2005 be 365 good hair days.

  • Mila

    I am just a bit confused about the tragedy doctor maggie saw in Singapore:
    She wrote @ 05:07PM, 12.30.2004:

    “Being a doctor, I see many tragedies every day. But this one, the one in Singapore, is just overwhelming. I guess I am just a “step above” everyone else
    comprehension of world-events.”

    I hope she does not confuse the heart for the liver when doing operations.


  • Fish

    Jon, you are funny.

  • twisteduterus


    i prefer the Olgevie Home perm

    thank you very much


  • gardens grey

    I think it looks great!

  • Amy

    WHAT in the holy hell ?!?

    Put the curlers down and back away slowly.

  • August95

    You didn’t show that hair to the baby I hope. You still look great in any case.

  • Carol

    Oh, and they say “bubblers” in new england, too.

  • Library Girl

    Wow. That is some hair! Like a poodle that licked a toaster, but if anyone could pull it off it’s you Heather. Work it Girlfriend!

  • George Lover

    Lived in Wisconsin for a few years,(anyone been to Waupaca or Wautoma? Saxville? No?) was in New Berlin during a tornado, and to try to tie it all together, my time in WI (home of Stevens Point beer, I might add)was during the 80s where I drank more Miller Shorties than I care to remember.

    And now you can all sleep tonight knowing the geographic details of my life!

    Uff da!

  • Chessy

    Oh my goodness! That is some hair you got there, girl. (How Southern was *that*?)

    It is a sad world we live in when we are forced to be scared of our curlers, and what the curlers will *do* to you. :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Gia on Guam

    Not to bash Maggie regarding the South Asia situation but …

    you don’t buy Toll House Chips? You want Home-made.

    Well, first you start with a cacao plant for the chocolate, Then find yourself a wheat field for the flour and a cane field for the sugar…is that home made enough?

  • jennay

    My Halloween cotume this year was Like A Virgin Madonna, so I pulled out the pink sponge rollers and had a hell of a time trying to recreate her curls. My hair is STRAIGHT and it throws a fit when I try to give it some wave.

  • Cristin

    good point mila, Singapore was not affected

    Duh, I got so caught up in ” Doc Maggie” and her condescending claptrap that I did not notice.

    Now DOC MAGGIE will,of course, say she posted that way to see who would notice. Oh well Doc Maggie, I am an idiot, you got your points in now just go away, okay? I for one will not respond to the negativity anymore.

  • Library Girl

    Jon, it must be so hard to control yourself when your wife is sporting such sexy hair. Down Boy!

  • Cristin

    Gia- heh heh too funny

  • Mrs.Stray

    Good LORD woman!! I think they are attacking your head!! But hey, your hair could like like ANY of these…

    Your broken foot post was quite amusing I have to say. I doubt you found it as funny, but I am sure Jon laughed when you missed him and hit the metal box. Heh, box.

    Boxes will NEVER ever ever be right again in my mind. I just want to give everyone a gift in a box, a really nice box so they will comment on how nice the box really is. OOh, it’s all about the box.

  • Dr. Johnny Fever

    Do they make curlers small enough to curl chest hair? That would kick ass. Kind of like chest pubes.

  • Amanda B.

    Dooce- your features are really striking. The hair…well apparently you have fulfilled Jon’s life long Princess Leia fantasy.

    Fish- Gilmore Girl’s and now Dooce’s hair. Poor DL, she has no idea how metro you are does she? :)

  • Carol

    Gia – very funny!!

    Scott – I’m married and not looking, but you’re very cute and funny. Ok, enough of the buttery pooka.

  • Moxie

    Very Marlene Dietrich.

  • George Lover

    Two words: Painter’s Pants

  • Mrs.Stray

    LMAO @@ The Husband.

    Curler Hair = Boohbah

  • Carol

    Dr. Fever – do you post pics on your site? Someone said you looked funny (I think) and I have never seen a photo on your site. Hmmm….

    Oh, BTW, today? Walked into a chair and broke my toe just after my MIL sent me a box of porn my hubby left at Christmas. Nice!

  • Michelle

    HEE! I chi-ironed my honey’s shoulder length curls and came out with mid-back length 1980′s ROCKER hair. HE HATED IT, but it let me trim it straight. It was the first time I hed been able to run my hands through his hair, and umm…yummy!! Flowing Vince Neil hair…Then we….

  • Dr. Johnny Fever

    Carol, I don’t post pics on my site, but at the risk of stealing the thunder from Dooce’s kick-ass hairdo, let me paint a visual picture for you:

    I’m 6-foot-3, 170 pounds of pure chocolatey hotness. I have a big Jew nose that dwarfs Barbara Striesdand’s, an overbite like Mr. Ed, rampant chest acne, hairy ears and two blue eyes that look in opposing directions — one at your tits and one at your toes. I drool. I fart a lot. And sometimes, when the moon is right, I wear a lacey black Victoria’s Secret boustier under my FUBU jersey.

  • Marie

    That hair-do reminds me of mine in the mid-70′s. My mom would put the pink sponge-rollers in at night, and the next morning, VOILA! Anyway, that’s the image that came to mind when I saw your hair. And Jon, you ARE funny! :)
    Glad that Leta didn’t freak out like she did on Santa’s lap!

  • Carol

    Dr. Fever – I think I dated you in high school.

  • Kieran

    I am having flash backs of Medusa from Clash of the Titans

  • Scott

    Carol – Thanks for the compliment.

    Fever – Holy hell. You are one foxy son of a bitch. I want your eyes! nto yours literally, but ones that do what yours do. Any secrets?

  • Stephanie

    That is lovely. I have those bright ideas sometimes too and they never work out for me. I look like I stuck my finger in an electric socket.

  • Carol

    No, what I meant by “funny” was 80s funny. You know. About 130 comments ago.

    And God, when I opened that porn today (all of the CDs mysteriously gone), I just thought of you. I was so pissed (because I hate porn and the fact that my MIL probly thought it was “ours”) at hubby. But all I could think was “does life imitate weblogs?”

  • lulu cornichon

    You know, if you had pink and orange eyeshadow up to your eyebrows and a little red-lipsticked geisha mouth, I bet that look would be totally Fashion Forward.

    And by Fashion Forward, yes, I mean scary.

  • Dr. Johnny Fever

    You need to be more open-minded about porn, Carol. Once you watch someone getting a Rusty Trombone or a Dirty Sanchez, your life will never be the same.

    Scott, as it turns out, my eyes are removable. I’ll sell them to you, but the left one has a big scratch on it from the last time I was watching porn.

  • Zach

    Ha ha ah aha! I’m sorry, but dem curls be outta hand.

  • mashed peas

    Is there any chance that tomorrow’s picture could be one of the man of the house in his temple garment underwear? PLEASE?

  • Kimberly

    Sorry for breaking lockstep here, but I think it has the potential to look pretty cute. Sorry…I came of age in the big hair era, and every day when I pull my hair straight, I miss the bigness of days gone by.

    (Who else used to keep a big can of hairspray in their high school locker? ;) )

  • Eric


  • Laura

    I, too, have learned to fear the power of the curlers. When I got married (Jan. 2001) I somehow decided I might want to hot-roller my hair (shoulder-blade-length, basically straight) for “a different look” at the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. Thank $DEITY I test-drove it first. My hair sproinged up to just above my shoulders. It looked like I was wearing a poodle as a hood. Just Say No!

  • Carol


    not about the temple underwear.
    temple underwear? yes, please.

  • Scott

    You look totally ready for a vicious cat fat at the local WalMart for the last blue Boobah. “Honey, if’n ya’ll dun drop dat der Boobuh I’m fixin to make ya’ll feel like ya’ll got the vapors!” Reeeeeow! Pfffsssst!

  • Library Girl

    I’m from New England and I always say “Bubblers” people from *away* always look at me like I’m crazy :)

  • Scott

    cat fight. not cat fat. although Grafield is sort of cool.

  • Jenny Mahler

    How come you never smile in self-portrait-in-the-bathroom-mirror-shots?

  • Drama Queen

    My mother used to make my hair look like that on purpose for my gradeschool/dance pictures. It drives me nuts now because now my kids will think I looked like a poodle.

    Portraits are supposed to capture how you actually looked at the time, not how your mother dolled you up to look like a freak. They should capture the real you, not the real you with a poodle on your head.

    Sorry about that. I’m still bitter.

  • Carol

    LG – you’re from NH? We used to always ski in NH. Love Waterville. Sadly, we are in Georgia now. Well not sadly, but miss the skiing.