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Alas, I had such high hopes for this.

It All Depends On Your Definition of “Better”

Underwire Technical Support

Many of you have sent me email telling me that you can’t see any of the images on this website, and while I don’t have time to troubleshoot each individual instance of this happening, I did call my hosting provider, and they say it isn’t their fault. Of course it isn’t their fault. Some of [...]

How to Charm Me

Send me an email in which you mean to refer to me as a blogger, but instead refer to me as a booger.

Isn’t She Lovely?

There are moments when I honestly think that things can’t get any worse, moments like Saturday morning when I threw my back out, moments like this morning when The Bladder Infection came back into my life. Childbirth has turned me into a blood-peeing cripple whose breath smells like prune juice. If I didn’t have the [...]

CBS Should Make Me Apologize for this Post

I decided many years ago that when I eventually had kids I would try my hardest to breastfeed them. I knew it would be something I would have to work at because my sister, whose boobs are far bigger and seemingly more life-giving than mine, had such difficulty trying to breastfeed each of her five [...]

How to Annoy Me

Keep referring to my mother’s banana pudding recipe as “that banana cream thingie.” THOU SHALT NOT DISRESPECT THE BANANA PUDDING, INFIDEL!


House Gymnastics

Feeling Guilty

For dropping a bagel — cream cheese side down — on my baby’s head as she lay there attached to my breast.

I Typed This Whole Entry With One Hand

Yesterday I took Leta to her first appointment with the pediatrician where I learned that she had gained 21 ounces in the 14 days since we’d left the hospital, and this means mama’s milk makes mouths happy! I knew she’d put on some poundage because there are times when she wakes up for the first [...]