I know it’s a little late, but…

I, for one, can rest easy now knowing that Santa is a Patriot.

  • kari

    I pledge allegiance to the flag….

    Love your site!- hooked on it!

  • http://www.biggaysam.blogspot.com Big Gay Sam

    Anonymity will be best as far as “punishment” goes. I say keep it a secret. Who really cares anyway? An imitator will always be an imitator.
    Hopefully some day she will find her own style. I still think it’s kind of cute. (except for the whole insanity thing).

  • http://lizzieism.pajama-cat.com Ehle

    Go, Santa, Go!

  • win

    I can’t believe you’re not outing the little thief.

  • http://sarahkite.blogspot.com SEK

    That’s wonderful! I love it.

  • http://heidillydoo.blogspot.com Heidik81

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery ;-) as an optimistic note….
    PS: Dooce, you rock!

  • Marie

    Me too, Dooce, me too. That’s GOT to be part of Grandmommmie’s collection, right?

  • http://heidillydoo.blogspot.com Heidik81

    Oh, shiza!!!
    Big Gay Sam – I read your post after I wrote mine – please don’t out me!

  • http://spelunk.blogspot.com mrs. george #2

    He is SO not messing around with you terrorists.

  • http://heidillydoo.blogspot.com Heidik81

    PS: Dooce, you might like my (original) piece on deflated boobs. Or you might not. Whatever.

  • Lala


  • RazDreams

    dooce-fans-worldwide-who-unite-to-knock-down-imitators ROCK!!!

    dooce rocks more though.

    dude. that’s her stuff.

  • http://www.niftyknitter.com/blogs/niftyknitter.php Melissa

    Hey, wait, I thought Santa lived at the North Pole. When did the US annex that?

  • http://battybeyond.blogspot.com Tammy

    D00d, my mother in law has that same santa ;) She’s a santa freak. Congrats on nailing your plagerist. I’ve quoted you now and again, but I’ve ALWAYS given credit. What kind of little freak was she?

  • http://jjoyful.blogspot.com joy

    Are those Statue of Liberty spikes in his hat?

  • http://www.shellybeans.org/blogger Michele

    Well I guess I’m the odd ball here. And I’m sure I’m going to get reamed or some nasty comments will be directed at me.

    I would be peeved if it had happened to me, but really it wasn’t that big of a deal. Should Oprah get money or have Heather remove her name because it’s in her blog? What about the posted pictures of the crazy ladies signs that said, “Don’t park here!” that woman wrote those—did she sign a release to have her thoughts and personal property shots on the web?

    I know I’m grasping at straws, I’m just saying—really it’s not worth all the cursing, scowling, or cyber ass kicking of some Ivy League kid (hence the term kid, as in still screws up, still is learning about life.) I think sometimes, things like this are the small things, in the scheme of life. This is not someone making Heather’s face cover that of a porn model. This isn’t them even making a profit off of her site it’s just a right click, copy and paste. You’ve all never, ever done that in your lives? Plus it would just drive me nuts trying to track down all those who’d hotlink or copied my words—geez there’s not enough hours in the day. I think that email should have remained unpublished and kept between those parties involved—I don’t think her email was particularly hateful and deemed publishing. See how the cycle never ends?

    Now let’s all get back to the poop policy—now that’s funny stuff!

  • http://chaoticphoenixak.blogspot.com amit

    patriotic santa…SCORE!

  • http://www.thejulietfiles.com JulieT

    Dooce, I bet if you googled all of your taglines, you’d find a few of them out there on other sites.

  • Zanna

    I have several friends who spend a lot of time with me in the backcountry. Many of those friends cannot shit if there isn’t a proper toilet…they cannot shit in the woods. I can’t imagine the pain. Plus, who wants to hike and ski with all that extra weight…for DAYS!

  • http://humanwrites.blogspot.com Dr. Johnny Fever

    You know the apocalypse is near when an Ivy Leaguer is plagiarizing constipation-crazed rantings about God taking a shit.

  • Ashley

    …I KNOW HIM!!!

  • La Pixiatrix

    I am glad Dooce told us about it – puts everyone on fair warning. There is something to be said for being accountable. Peer pressure and community can work in good ways but it can also go way awry.

    In the old days people used stones, face to face, but still no one knew who threw the killing blow. Also there was killing the losing gladiator on a whim for sport. We tend to get a little bloodthirsty in a mob, specially when we’re fairly anonymous.

    The student in question may or may not learn her lesson now (how will we know?) I think she does more damage to herself by acting against her values than she does in not getting away with plagiarism. And if cheating and lying aren’t against her values – probably a bunch of strangers attacking her is not going to change her heart.

  • http://www.dooce.com/archives/daily_photo/01_06_2005.html Circus Kelli

    My Santa, ’tis of thee
    Sweet man of gift-er-y
    Of thee I sing…

  • La Pixiatrix

    Thank you, Fever!

  • http://homepage.mac.com/imjeffp Jeff

    Red suit–red state,

  • http://girl-broken.blogspot.com/ Torie

    I wish I was as cool as dooce that someone would want to plagarize me. okay, maybe not, but still, Heather they only copy you, because they want to be you.

  • Carol

    I don’t quite know what to say about that one, so… good morning!

  • AgreeWithMichele

    I would also like to thank Dooce for NOT outing this person.

    Yes, plagiarism totally sucks and it’s inexcusable.

    However, there have been two episodes on this website in the recent past where Dooce did out some people who copied/offended her (the hexagram kid and the weirdo who wrote weird emails – again, I’m not defending either of these idiots), but what bothered me a lot about coming to dooce.com during and after these episodes was the hysteria of the “Doocies” and the mob mentality. Look at the comments already here, people thirsting to unleash the fury on this girl, when it’s DOOCE she copied, not all of you.

    It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, like back in high school when kids would beat on the misfit while glancing over their shoulder to see if the popular girl was watching/approving.

    Let’s leave these battles for Dooce to fight. If someone has truly offended you, Dooce, fight your battle, protect your content, vent about the whole thing. You have every right to be upset by plagiarism and weirdos sending weird emails.

    But don’t out people because your fans get carried away with their abuse on your behalf.

  • Southern fried girl

    Thank God Santa is a patriot. It is now only a matter of time before the Republicans say he is one of theirs.

  • http://jenireno.blogspot.com/ Jen

    Did she really think no one would find out? Dooce is like the 35th most popular website! Hello? And wasn’t there a time when some idiot tried to swipe some photography?

    And I’m assuming we don’t get her identity because we’d only inflate her ego by reading her blog.

  • http://ebirkhol.diaryland.com e

    That is the strangest santa figurine I’ve ever seen!

  • tickled

    Back to air fresheners:

    Whass the point? Someone poops, you smell it, you know (s)he’s pooped. If (s)he uses an air freshener, you smell THAT and ALSO know (s)he’s pooped.

  • http://prettycrabby.com Em

    Well, thank GAWD. I was worried he was a Pagan (like me!)

  • La Pixiatrix

    I’m guessing the identity was not revealed because the last time some people went hog wild bloodthirsty crazy. But who knows.

  • http://bucky4eyes.blogspot.com Bucky Four-Eyes

    Is this a prelude to a glimpse of the doob-tokin’ Santa you teased us all about?

  • http://ladymadaysia.blogdrive.com Amber


    It really sucks that people copy you and then call you insane.

    But is it really all that bad to be “insane”? I’m pretty crazy. People used to call me insane all the time, but I got used to it. At least I am happy with being weird.

    You have such talent. Consider it some weird kind of flattery.

    And this goes to show that not all ivy-league students are that bright.

  • http://www.africankelli.blog.com africankelli

    I am work pooper. By the love of Santa and all things American, I pledge my allegiance to my GOD GIVEN RIGHT (Take that, France) to poop in the workplace.

  • Cassie

    This had nothing to do with your picture…which is very nice. Make sure this chick’s name isn’t Val or Michelle and says she lives in New York. She did the same thing to a friend of mine from her blog. She is psycho and lies about going to these schools, not to mention…well, everything.

  • http://www.veryzen.blogspot.com Amanda B.

    A very resigned looking Santa. I just drove for an hour and a half with my boss. Need drugs. Send help.

  • RazDreams

    Dude, I am DEFINITELY a “Doocie”!!! :-) Love the new term. How many of us Doocies are out there? Raise your hand if you’re a Doocie and proud of it (I’m sure my company’s web log can sufficiently prove that I’m an official Doocie).

  • http://www.waterlilies.org Rachel

    You’d think that if someone were going to co-opt the American flag for their personal ho-ho-ho agenda, they’d at least go to the trouble of putting the correct number of stars and stripes upon it!

  • http://www.biggaysam.blogspot.com Big Gay Sam

    Ya’ll Dooce is pretty damn sharp and knows what she’s doing. Now let’s everyone relax.. take a deep breathe.. and repeat after me. I will not give Dooce unsolicited advice… I will not give Dooce unsolicited advice.. continue until the urge to get meddle dissipates.

  • zeenes

    oh that is HILARIOUS! I had no idea. is he also a card-carrying Republican?

  • http://www.biggaysam.blogspot.com Big Gay Sam

    fucking typos.. *sigh*

  • Annie

    I AM A WORK POOPER ! Yesterday in the bathroom at work (2 stalls) my neighbor let out 2 great farts. I wanted to say “YAY LUCY, nice farts, you’re my kinda girl”. Would that have been inappropriate?? I’m 43. Farts are STILL funny.

  • sam

    Right on, Big Gay Sam.

  • http://kimbabalu.blogspot.com kim

    Re the poster who said “they’d at least go to the trouble of putting the correct number of stars and stripes upon it!”
    Maybe he’s not the Santa of America, but …”OF FRANCE!”

  • Cristin

    Imitation may be the highest form of flattery, but it *is* annoying.

    And this is also copyrighted material…..

    However, I agree that it is probably not the wisest idea to unleash the thief’s url’s to us, the confirmed Dooceaholics. That whole email battle earlier had the potential to get really nasty, and we all could tell that *SHE* was really getting off on all of the attention (not the thief, the nasty chick). Since it’s Heather’s work, she and Jon seemed to have dealt with the ignorant bitch quite nicely, and without unleashing the “Dooce Posse” on her at the same time. Taking the high road again……:P

  • http://www.smockblog.com jules

    my mom woudl love that. she might even have it. she has a whole family room with a patriotic/americana theme and at christmas, it turns into the patriotic santa/snowman room.

  • Lesley

    How amusing that a plagiarizer would respond to being caught by calling the person that she plagiarized from “insane.” Clearly she is not only a no talent, but a psychopath, and if she’s reading, that’s NOT a compliment.