Wasatch Front

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    Any chance of a full size for desktops? C’mon…I’ll put ya on the list for my kidney!!!!!!

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    Wow! That picture is so breathtaking. It made me feel all warm inside.

  • Missy

    Beautiful!! It’s make you appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us on a everyday basis.

  • http://www.lornagrl.com lorna k

    Now that is a beutiful photo.

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    right-click, “Save Picture As…”, Apply as Background. whoosh, that is such a ‘georgeous’ photo. yer so lucky.

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    when does leta get her first snowboard?

  • Sarah M

    Wow…perhaps Australia isn’t so beautiful after all. That’s stunning.

  • http://cutebad.blogspot.com RazDreams

    Um, uh, ummm…are you *aware* of this character (i.e., did you give him/her permission?)???


  • http://sheepsheadianstories.blogspot.com Beth

    Wow! That is an amazing picture. Thank you for sharing it. (Long time lurker here, first time commenter. Love your site!)

  • http://badgermeetsworld.blogspot.com Badger

    That photo is absolutely breathtaking. But I’m still not moving to Utah.

    And I have to say that the “Consumer Weaponry” thing cracked my shit right up. My great-granddaddy was from Murfreesborough! He got drunk at the family still and burned down the mill where he worked and thus had to move to Ohio. Or something.

  • http://thefathousewife.blogspot.com/ Mrs.Strizzay

    That photo is so pretty is must be illegal in 23 states.

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    That site you put up there is pretty interesting. I took a look around and it seems to be legit. Fray.com is the homepage and it ends up having lots of stories and stuff that other people have written.

    It’s really kind of cool. A neat little ‘e-zine’ almost.

    I don’t know if Dooce gave permission or not, but as I was looking through, it seems like it is a little tough to get your story submitted and accepted to be published.

    At least it’s not stealing, if she didn’t give permission.

  • http://minervablue.diaryland.com/ Robin

    Turquoise…the “q” needs a “u” after it. Oh, and Dooce — gorgeous as always. I miss the West more than can be expressed.

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    That looks remarkably like the storm I drove through on Saturday when I was driving to “Brigh-un” to have lunch with relatives who were in town to ski.

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    Police calibre sniper rifles for all! YEEEEEEEEE-HAW. Uh, yeah, right.

    Great pic though Dooce.

  • http://laurenjennifer.blogspot.com Lauren

    I have to say, out of all the scenery pictures that you have posted, this one is my absolute favorite. I love the contrast between cloud/sky/mountains/trees.

  • http://laurenjennifer.blogspot.com Lauren

    Ps. I just took a road trip from Connecticut to North Carolina and photographed Zing Zing Zingbah with something from each state. Thought you might enjoy:

  • jessa

    Boo-Bah, Rifles, poop, Dooce Masthead… what is all this non sensikal talk when there are more important things at hand?!

    …Beautiful shot Dooce!

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    Amazing photo. Have you ever considered using some sort of print services to offer some of these photos (the nature/landscape ones, not the personal ones) for purchase? Just another income stream potential!

  • http://www.partofthatworld.com Becca

    The funny thing is I laughed out loud about that.. the sad thing is I go to college in Murfreesboro..

  • http://humanwrites.blogspot.com Dr. Johnny Fever

    Quit frontin’.

  • http://www.partofthatworld.com Becca

    Oh yeah.. the photo.. previous post about main blog… I love your landscape shots the best I think. It’s gorgeous.

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    I keep reading the same questions over and over…I wish the Dooce FAQ would list some of the most asked questions.
    Not that it would stop people from still asking.
    -No she doesn’t care if we talk about random crap on the comment board.
    -Yes once a week someone suggests we start a message board.
    -Yes, we have suggested T-Shirts.
    -Yes, we have suggested she write a book
    -Yes we have suggested she sell her pictures.
    -Yes we have suggested she Ebay all the stuff that people thing is the coolest thing in the world (and no, we won’t be finding the dog or the baby…AND NOT THE HUBBY on Ebay)

    *sigh* Fuck, it’s Sunday. That means tomorrow is Monday.


  • annie

    dooce dot com is definitely a community. something to be tapped.

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    ooooooohhhh awwwwwwwww

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    Nice shot.

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    In this world of special effects and animation, it’s hard to believe something that amazing is created by nature.


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    That picture just sings, “America the Beautiful!”

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    Fray.com has been around a looooooong time. They are quite legit.

  • jamie

    i was just browsing and came across your website. all of your pictures are so creative and beautiful. amazing. just wanted to tell you. i am going to mark your site and check out your pictures:)

  • Zach, the beer drinking infidel in God’s country

    It’s a pitty that picture cannot illustrate how fuckin’ windy it’s been here the past couple of days.

  • http://www.euphoria.nu Kerri

    I’ve been to Murfreesboro,this past September and I can’t say that I liked it. It was different.

  • http://kimba-bremen.com kim from overseas

    beautiful picture – so glad to be back to the www. not to germany though.. but anyhow, happy belated new year to the blurbodoocery.

  • Lewis

    I miss Sandy Utah, I miss my simple life, but it was before I had a family, and I wouldnt trade that for the world…ahhh but Alta!

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    Beautiful pic

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    Zach, maybe you could get a note from your doctor for that beer. It’s worth a shot.

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    Beautiful picture!

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    Aaaaand I totally misspelled Murfreesboro. Or maybe I meant to say “Murfreesboro, ugh!” but left out the comma. And the space. I don’t remember.

    But in my defense, I was sort of drunk when I left that comment. Ahem.

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    Girl A.- mornin darling. I need a “i’m a wuss and don’t wanna go to work” note from dr. :(

    Annie said this is a community that needs to be tapped. All I can think of is Dooce’s new masthead: “Dooce.com- Tap that Ass!”

  • am


  • Lisa

    WOW! GREAT pic!

  • Carolyn

    And here I just emailed you hoping everything was all right. Looks like it is, and beautiful as well.


  • Lisa

    I have to say it….#2!!!

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    Simply beautiful.

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    Very lovely photo.

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    Isn’t Earth just stunningly beautiful sometimes?

  • http://battybeyond.blogspot.com Tammy

    That’s gorgeous. You keep making me want to move to Utah :)

    Seriously, I’ve never seen sky that blue here.

  • Chris

    Wow. Is the color of the sky a Dooce effect, or the real thing?

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    Wasatch front yourself!