Wasatch Front

  • http://chaoticphoenixak.blogspot.com amit

    soooo perrrrty

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/eternalgrace Cassie

    Wow, how pretty!

    Your camera is truly magical…

    (in the top ten! …Had to say it.) ;)

  • http://heather-anne.com Heatheranne

    Wow! That’s gorgeous!

  • http://dirtyfloorsandfilthyjokes.blogspot.com/ closet metro

    I want to blow it up, frame it, and hang it on the wall. Dooce, sell me a print.

  • http://photo.saroy.net Sarah

    Pictures like this make me want to move to Utah.

  • http://www.maxigumee.com maxigumee

    WOW! Those clouds look so weird! Like…. an avalanche in the sky.

  • http://www.pissybritches.blogspot.com Stephanie

    That is awesome! I need a nice pick me up today! Thanks!

  • Courtney

    Marvelous and beautiful!

  • http://bethology.blogspot.com Beth

    I wish there was something around here to take pictures of besides ducks and trees without leaves.

    A stunning photo!

  • http://midvaleschool.blogspot.com courtney

    You should have a “don’t suck” comment policy, like Jon’s.

    Picture’s very interesting though.

  • http://diyosa.com/babya diyosa

    I wish N. Ca’s skies looked like that right now. Beautiful Picture.

  • http://poupidou.blogspot.com taryn

    My husband’s from SLC and it’s so beautiful flying in to the city with those awesome mountains. We miss the mountains here in flat Detroit.

  • Southern Fried Girl

    My gosh, that is amazing. We only have wet swamp to look at here. That is just beautiful. :)

  • http://www.livejournal.com/users/thehoney_bunny Honey Bunny

    oh wow. that’s more than beautiful. today is cold and not so clear here in boston. some days i wish i could see wide open spaces or mountains and just land. as robert smith sang: Maybe…Someday.

  • Shannon

    Pictures like that make me happy that I do live in Utah

  • http://shiz.typepad.com/ Shiz

    I love it.

    So good to be up in the wee hours of dooce photo posting. I was beginning to think I was such a lazy ass for being so late to the party.

    I’m still a lazy ass, but it looks like everyone else is today, too.

    Good morning out there, dooceland.

  • http://shiz.typepad.com/ Shiz

    Honey Bunny, ya just gotta move. Come on, do it!

  • http://www.simzgirl.com/ Carrie

    What a truely beautiful picture. Its amazing what the D70 can do sometimes! Great shot!

  • Nicole

    Wow…but I’m glad I don’t have to drive in that weather.

  • Brooke from CT

    That is…just…wow. That’s all I can say. I truly wish I could do what you can do with that D70 of yours. Any secrets, Heather? Or is just pure talent?

  • bb

    you CANNNOT be serious. you have the best pictures in the world.
    although I must say, my favourites are still the one of Leta. nothing can be cuter than that.

  • La Pixiatrix

    Pow’rful. Wasatch is gorgeous. Awesome hiking too.

    I visited SLC and Provo for training a couple of years ago. Among the things I was stunned by that were non-Mormon-related were the mountains. I grew up in the west and hadn’t seen real mountains in a long time, since I live in Boston. I won’t even tell you how disappointed I was when I visited the “Green Mountains” in Vermont. They’re pretty, but… yawn.

  • http://shyeyes.org shy

    the skies of toronto, canada, don’t look anything like that right now. simply greyish today.

    but i can certainly dream of blue skies to return. especially with beautiful scenic photos like these!

  • http://krissypants.blogspot.com/ krissy pants

    Georgeous! The vivid blues in the sky and mountains are amazing. Everything here is pukey ashen gray.

  • http://someadventure.blogspot.com/ Girl.A

    Suck is such a subjective word. It can mean so many things.

    Ok, I thought the cult comments were jokes until I saw the pic today. The sky and clouds in this picture match the colors of the sunburst behind Dooce’s masthead silhouette. Subliminal?
    I think NOT.

    * That starburst looks like a Giant Blinding Ass Explosion *

    The truth will set us free.

  • http://krissypants.blogspot.com/ krissy pants

    ummm…freudian slip?

    I meant gorgeous!

  • http://www.mcphee.com Erika

    Life is worth the living, no?

  • Adrienne

    That’s beautiful

  • just me

    OMG! I can’t believe how beautiful the sky is. Definately a nice sight to an Iowa girl who’s covered in ice and gloomy skies. Keep them coming!

  • http://eyesaverted.blogspot.com/ Wicked H


    Made my dreary instantly beter.

    Thanks Dooce!

  • http://eyesaverted.blogspot.com/ Wicked H

    so dreary I can’t type or spell…

    Dreary day instantly better..

  • http://aletterunsent.blogspot.com/ steph

    holycrap that’s gorgeous.

    Serously, you should sell some of your prints, I’m sure you’d make mad loot, especially with pics that awesome.

  • http://lostanotherme.blogspot.com Elle Wiz

    I second the selling of prints. I subscribe to Webshots for wallpapers, and your pix are at least as high quality as their stuff. Sell, sell, sell!

  • http://honestyrain.blogspot.com/ honestyrain

    in the natural course of my day i would not likely find myself in a position to tkae such a photo because that view cannot be seen from my living room window. where DO you live and are there any houses for sale?

  • http://www.wendytownley.com Wendy Townley
  • Cheryl

    This picture is amazing. I just don’t understand why I don’t want to move out to SLC. I guess I am just stuck in GA. HELP!!

  • http://verbalbanter.blogspot.com frozensunshine

    beautiful. i love the various hues of blue.

  • http://www.danielleblog.com Danielle

    Great photo!

    This morning, hubby and I got quite a laugh out of someone’s rant/run-ins with
    German toilets and I thought it was only fitting to share with the doocies who appreciate all things toilet and poop.

    Here is the beginning as a teaser, but you’ve got to read the whole thing to really appreciate it.

    “Whenever folks who have lived or traveled in Germany gather for a beer, sooner or later one subject is sure to rear its ugly head: what is the deal with those toilets?”

    and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this link gets you there…


    What I learned today:

  • http://www.pismire.org pismire

    Dooce, I love the saturation of blue in the photo (normally I don’t like the color blue, but you have made this photo so striking yet calming). Beautiful.

  • scorp

    hehehe… sitzpinkel=pee seat I’m so glad my mom made me go to german school all those years to I could understand that one…

  • http://www.oipom.com Meggan

    I love the blues! Very pretty.

    krissy pants (#34): Georgeous?!? that’s hilarious!

  • http://slapdashed.typepad.com Erin

    That is one of the biggest reasons I miss Utah! Beautiful, Dooce!

  • http://sarahkite.blogspot.com SEK

    That is absolutely incredible.

  • http://www.dooce.com moose

    Hooray! Two new words for the day:
    Sitzpinkel and Georgeous!
    Danielle, that was very funny.
    This photo makes me happy I live where I do.

  • http://www.roadtocrazyville/blogspot.com Cori

    Wow! One of the most beautiful things I have seen in a while.

  • http://2lovesick.org Maggie

    Wow, the sky is so blue it almost seems turqoise to me. Is that how you spell turqoise? Anyhoo, it’s beautiful. Lucky Utah.

  • http://www.glimpseofagrrl.com Lisa

    Amazing colors.

  • http://www.mormaii.blogspot.com Ana

    Excelent picture.

  • http://www.simplygeeky.com geeky

    wow, that photo is gorgeous!

  • http://dirtyfloorsandfilthyjokes.blogspot.com/ closet metro

    Girl A is right:

    “That starburst looks like a Giant Blinding Ass Explosion”

    I think it’s Dooce’s wishful thinking that her constipation will be ended in a display of poo fireworks that rivals the 4th of July.