Is this thing on?

Jon checking to see if the camera on the tripod had been timed correctly, our wedding day, August 24, 2002. Oops.

  • Todd

    The groom is also the photographer?


  • GSV Micturition to Windward

    When someone I know first found out I was born on 1 June, she just had to tell me that her birthday was only a few days later: 6 June.

    To be even more specific, at 01:06 on 6/6/66. Looking at it another way: she was born 66 minutes into 6/6/66.

    She gets a huge kick out of using all the sixes in her birthdate/time to creep out all the idiots who believe in crap like numerology, astrology, “the number or the beast”, yadda yadda yadda. Get a few drinks into her and sit her down beside one of those idiots and the way she torments him will be a barrel of laughs.

  • DeAnn

    That’s awesome. I’m glad you are going back and sharing this stuff with us.


    mg2, monday is no good.

  • mrs. george #2

    mom? is that you?

    …OH, g boo! Well if monday’s not good for you then how about sunday, because we can get a discount at ihop for the reception if we get married on sunday. plus, god would be really effing pissed.

  • Kahli

    Hi, it is 5:30pm in Manly and I am trying to figure out what time it is at home before I call and check on le kitty. 11:30 MST according to…

    Yay for!

    Lovely picture of one of the lovelier couples to saunter about lovely-ly.

    Best to everyone!

  • mg2

    it’s 1:04 CST here, kahli. and boy, do i wish i were in “Manly”

  • allison

    i’m only 19 but that picture makes me want to get married reallllllllll bad

  • Kahli

    Dude, Manly is amazing and now it is midnight and I CAN’T SLEEP….

    It is warm and sunny and mg2, I wish you were here as well… I would have someone to chat with. My husband is too tired to talk to me, I can really talk a lot if pressed, or bored on a clock that is sitting next to my bed in SLC…

    Okay, time to try to sleep. Goodnight all. Goodnight moooon.

  • beth

    Oh-The Nikon 990, no wonder you are looking at the camera that way! I used to have one of those with this weird third-party battery pack and you I just never knew if it was going to work.

  • kEma


  • http://bleeblahblog.blogspot.comm Shmee

    I don’t see a picture. Granted, it is Sunday morning and I haven’t had my coffee yet, so my eyes are a bit blurry.

  • Lisa

    YAY!!! Nice pic!

  • Goser

    I can’t see it

  • huh?


  • Goose

    ok, I see it now. Just thought I’d let you all know cause I’m sure you were worried.
    By the way, your dress is real perty Heather.

  • Shmee

    Now I see it. That’s hilarious. BTW, I had the same orange gerberas in my wedding bouquet (though I paired them with hot pink ones). You have great taste.

  • Cheryl

    I love this picture… it’s moments like that you don’t ever seem to forget!!

  • Cheryl

    Oh– I forgot to ask… your flowers are so beautiful… what kinds are they?

  • Ladybug

    That is SUCH a Kodak Commercial.


  • Eric

    Funny I was just looking at your wedding pics last night. I love Jon’s tie; I too wore tartan on my wedding day. It is a good omen.

  • Susie

    You crazy kids! That one made me laugh out loud, like the pix of Eli and the kazoo did.

  • Dr. Johnny Fever

    Heather, the look on your face looks like you need to take a wedding day dump.

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    This looks more like a confrontation with paparazzi than a tripod adjustment. Just practice for fame, y’all.

  • sab

    nice picture!

  • tiffany

    THAT is the coolest picture ever. I love it. Sell it to bridal magazines. Ha, it looks like you’re handling a drunken wedding guest.

    JOHN: Come on, Uncle Hal, we’ll call you a cab.
    HEATHER: Did you seriously just throw up on my fucking cake?

  • maxigumee

    Haha, this is cute. You guys look so confused. :P

  • Brooke from CT

    WHAT a gorgeous wedding! I’ve been to Yosemite, and always thought what a great wedding spot it would make. You guys are living proof.

  • the niffer

    I love Emily’s mom.

  • Martha

    ya’ll r such a cute couple.

  • e

    awwww :-)

  • Wicked H

    Love overcame geekiness if only for a moment. Priceless.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Rosalie

    the gerber daisies are perfect

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    Is the wedding story on here somewhere?

  • Karen Rani

    You guys are so fucking adorable!

  • arielle

    no joke dooce, you have the longest arms i’ve ever seen on a woman. must come in handy for grabbing pop-tarts/doritos whilst remaining in sitting position for operation runway.

  • cee

    excellent! It’s great to have all the blooper photos too!

  • August95

    This is a great photo. I always love the odd ones.