Scrumptious Bearded Armstrong as reflected in the switchplate of our bedroom in LA one week before we left for Utah

I promise this is the last of the reminiscing photos for a while.

  • Chloe (is here!) (I REMEMBERED!)

    Come on, everyone knows that dooce doesn’t have a cell phone cause cell phones are for posers. I don’t have a cell phone either. So, that is now officially 5 people in the world who *do not* have cell phones, including the lady who I was talking to at work who also didn’t have a cell phone. Cell phones stink! Yeah yeah!

  • kelley

    Okay, so I’m confused. I did a search on this site for the word “truck” (don’t ask) and I got at the top of the list an entry called Baby Einstein, dated 1/14/05. Odd, cuz in the archives, this post does not apppear. Then I did a search for Baby Einstein, and there were no results. Sucky engine. Weird phantom posts.

  • kelley

    Okay. Well, it seems that there are other posts that don’t come up in the monthly archives that DO come up in the Leta archives and/or the Nubbin archives. Shouldn’t “monthly archives” archive everything posted in a certain month? Except for the Enjoying and How to Charm/How to Annoy, of course, which aren’t “regular” posts, but … well, this is confusing. To me, at least. What else am I missing?

  • Amanda B.

    Fish- Autumn said “Pulled pork”. Actually I think she said she missed her rendezvous with pulled-pork. Sounds like that may have been for the best.

  • Leon as The International Man Of Mystery

    Is this your way of saying…..?

    “DJ Blurb is switched on……he’s a bit of alright”

    Well Dooce, you’re headed for a spanked bottom, and I don’t care who knows it!

  • Dr. Johnny Fever

    Pulled pork? Is this a porn site?

  • mrs. george #2

    yes, yes it is.

    may i pull your pork for a small fee, Dr. j?

  • GSV Micturition to Windward

    She goin onna da radio ?

    If anyone finds a link to a transcript, PLEASE post a link in one of the picture or story comments, or e-mail it to me at

    Even if the interview was carried by a radio station in my area, I have terrible hearing and I would be lucky to catch every tenth word.

  • coskel

    when is it NOT a porn site around here?

  • GSV Micturition to Windward

    #185 (Chloe) I don’t have a cell phone and I know *many* other people who don’t. They tend to fall into two categories: very old and uninterested in new tech like that, or with union-made ears like mine and unable to find a cell phone compatible with their hearing aids.

  • Scotty G

    You know if you are going to pull the pork then you have to play with the hush puppies too.

  • darsella

    where is day-to-day aired? im in chicago and it’s not on our local NPR station. we’re such losers!!

  • darsella

    i found it….tuesday, you can hear the show here:

  • Henryk

    What’s that thing growing out of his forehead?

  • Henryk

    The Cell phone of today is the asbestos of the ’50′s……great stuff…until tomorrows technology finds out otherwise! :(

  • Dr. Johnny Fever

    Hush puppies? Pulled pork? Porn sites?

    Is this heaven?

  • Coelecanth

    I own lots of high tech devices, not including a hearing aid (not yet anyway), but I need a cell phone in exactly the same way I need a ball and chain.

    Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my former band nerd status and was a little perturbed to find such a discussion here. Further evidence of my center-of-the-universness.

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    I am so last.
    Why? Because it is 4:39 am (EST) and my sweet angel of a baby *puked all over me IN HER SLEEP*. And of course after I laid her down in her crib (still asleep) she decided she was going to wake up again and be pissed. Maybe she doesn’t want to puke in her own bed. Joy.

  • Alaska Danielle

    Sorry baby puke. :)

  • Oh No Biiatch

    Last moohahahaha

  • Henryk

    You all were almost last! DTG192338LJAN05

  • wlfldy

    Who cares if your first?

  • wlfldy

    Ok, actually, that would be you’re. you are. you’re. you are

  • sarah

    I am last because I am in Copenhagen, Denmark, and 8 hours ahead of y’all so it’s 14:10 here (that’s 2:10 pm for you americans).

  • Henryk

    OK Shazza……….you got the last place if you want it!(methinks that there’e something rotten in the state of Denmark!

  • Jen

    NPR!!! You rule, Heather!
    I live in SW Michigan where we have one rock station, one easy-listening, and one country. AND THEY ALL SUCK. NPR to me is proof that the air-waves are used for something more intelligent than some witless dj that likes listening to him/herself yammer on while they think they are doing me a favor playing a screeching Guns and Roses song at 6AM. Thank goodness for NPR. I’m sure your interview will be fine. Can’t wait to tune in! I’ll be listening on WVPE out of S. Bend, IN.

  • sarah

    So you think eh….

  • Circus Kelli

    Just because I’m already at work and propping my eyeballs open with toothpicks and trying to get my ass in gear for the day ahead of me (cause even though I’m at work, I don’t really wake up until about 10:00am which is good cause that’s when the four hour long meeting I have to take notes in starts today)…

    What was I saying…

    Oh yeah!

    I’m SO last, y’all…

    (And I can say y’all because I live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, but I’m on the internet where no one can really hear my Midwestern accent…)

    Must. Find. Caffeine.

  • sarah

    Am still here. Watching. And reloading.

  • lulu cornichon

    Morning, Dooceland!

    That picture’s great–it’s a mirror! it’s a switchplate! It’s Two! Two! Two things in one!

  • sarah

    Based on the time that the previous 6 daily photos have been uploaded, thus closing the opportunity to comment on the previous photo, I’ll have to continue doing this for app. another 25 minutes.

  • HootyHoo

    Circus, did you know your comments are down? I was going to make one. You know I want to.

  • sarah


  • cindy

    can i tell you how frickin excited i am that your going to be on npr?

    it’s like chocolate cake with a fifty dollar bill on top of it.

  • ON-Looker

    Congrats to everyone for making those comments a porn-infested muddle-of-entertainment must read for this sick-and-stuck-at-home-dooce-fan…

    its now 1am in Australia, dont I qualify for SOMETHING!?

  • sarah


  • sarah

    Hmm… if these * make your text go *bold* I wonder if _these_ do anything?

  • sarah

    _That_ is *so* cool!

  • Psycho


  • Psycho


  • sarah

    Yep, _those_!

  • Jen


  • Melissa

    What a cool shot!
    Nicely done.

  • http://www.smockblog jules

    and now more adventures of the unicornman!

  • wendee

    Cool Picture!

  • claire

    your husband has a lightswitch in his head!

  • Sarah


  • Circus Kelli

    Hee! That’s great!

    He’s got this “Whaddayou lookin at?” expression!

    Very scrumptious! Very bearded!

  • Biggest Apple

    see if you can get him to line up with the switch plate so that the switch is his nose.

  • beachgal

    That’s neat. And he does look scrumptious.