Beer hickey

This is our bud, Shan, who blushes everytime he drinks a sip or two of a beer. That is just too cute. His birthday was yesterday and I forgot to wish him HAPPY NUMBER 30! We love you, Shan. Can’t wait for the wedding.

(Note: I am going to open up comments, but here are today’s rules: 1) If you say ANYTHING about my daughter and her motor development I will delete your comment, and 2) LISTEN TO GOD.)

  • Alaska Danielle

    Cathi (#358) – You can see the numbers if you change your browser. I use Mozilla (, but you can also see them in Netscape. The downloads are free, so hop to it!

    That fact that you have an XXX bar in town that is BYOB absolutely cracks me up.

  • Annejelynn

    kano, go away – you’re spoiling the positive aura we got goin’…

    no one has forgotten the personal nature of a blog, all out in the open to the internet…

    Just because it’s out in the open though, one would hope some people wouldn’t feel soooo compelled to spew SHIT all over, just because they can

    If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it at all (not that I actually live by that one at all times – I’m imperfect!)

  • susu

    Take it like that: youre a rockstar with a hellota groupies and fans, and with them come the jealous ones that want to be as big as you and they cant be.. so they try to push you off your throne. But you know what? You cant be pushed off, you rock alright. Thats all I wanted to say.

  • Katie

    GOD, you should totally smite the arses who flame Heather and the family. And while you’re at it, could you possibly smite my physics teacher? Thanks. Amen.

  • Cate

    Best Kenny song – “She Believes In Me” A classic bittersweet country love song. They just don’t make country like they used to. –sigh–

    And since, we’re on the subject of Kenny – my old college choir director is on that Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers site. Dr. K is Conductor Kenny! Click on my name to check it out – seriously funny stuff – a whole website devoted to Kenny Rogers look-alikes!

  • kelc_in_OZ


    I have been reading your site everyday for over a year now.

    Please know that for every hate mail that you get there are hundreds more of us who appreciate and love you.

  • nickyp

    I’ve only commented on your site once before, but I’ve often started comments and then deleted them because I hate to sound like I’m fawning. This time I’m going to overcome that and say what I think.

    I don’t get people who take potshots at those who poke their heads over the barricades and take the risks for the rest of us. Don’t they understand that by being out there and open and honest you make it that little bit easier for everyone else to do the same? And that’s a VERY good thing.

    I have to thank you and Jon (and Leta … and Chuck) for your sites. Your blogs have become daily reading for my partner & I and helped us through the toughest year of our lives – our son’s first one. When things are bad it helps immensely to read your posts and know that neither of us is going mad and we’re not the only new parents to find it difficult, scarey and bewildering. I wish I could write as openly, honestly and as well about my struggles, but I can’t. I’m bloody glad that you can. Keep doing it, don’t ever think of stopping – at least until a really good book deal comes along, or maybe a film. Who do you think should play you?

  • Me Now

    Hi Heather-
    Never commented before, but you’ve been in my “favorites” for a few months now. Just thought I’d say I love your pictures and your site. Thanks for the creation.

  • Dabbler

    Which god? After all, we are a pluralistic blogging community.

  • Seven

    Ok Heather, you don’t know me, and I don’t really know you, but I really feel like I do. I mean, I feel like a complete loser for saying this, but as a long time reader of your blog, I feel like I do know you as a person. Your blogs, whether they’re deep like the one you just posted, or about finding whole lima beans in your daughters poop, make me look forward to reading about what’s going on in your life every day. Yes, people actually do sit around waiting for you to blog so we can read about beans in your daughter’s poop.

    So, even when a few people do say awful things about you or others, remember you have so many people who love you, like Jon, Leta, your friends…and thousands of strangers in cyberspace. =)

  • Kano

    Haven’t been here in a while and it looks like I missed the fireworks again. The thing everyone forgets about this site and others like it is that when you post all sorts of things about yourself and your family and its open to the entire world you are going to get some comments you love and some comments you hate. If it really bugs you that much then don’t open your private life up for the entire world to see and to make comments on. The other thing is why do you let it bother you so much. If you think the comment is from an asshole…WHY LET IT BUG YOU? If you don’t want any negativity then shut the damn thing down and quit posting your life stories on the Internet.

  • Lisey

    ..probably just hundreds of us in Australia alone, Kelc!

    Your whole family kick butt, for Leta’s 21st can we have some HUGE Dooce ‘n’ Friends partae..thats always the right time to pull out the baby photos anyway, right?

    big love to all…all except those suckified haters who can go eat “Brown Sharks!”

  • Jay

    Heather, I’m your Luca Brasi; I’m your Doc Holliday. Somebody fucks with you, just tap me on the shoulder and say “take care of this”, and consider it done.

    You are way too cool to be toyed with.

    First time poster, long time reader. Love your show.

  • Mormon General Authority






  • Becky

    Your main post was amazing. It seems to exemplify a saying that was once told to me by a fire captain I knew, though I don’t know the author.

    “Mettle, as metal, is best tested under stress.”

    Yours is being tested, and also being proven to be of extremely high quality and superior strength! Love to you and yours!

  • Lisa on Maui


    Aloha from Maui–We LOVE you!

  • Heather #2

    Wow. I had no idea you were allowing comments again. It’s been awhile since I’ve been involved in the drama, and I gotta tell ya – I get it now. I would have to shut them off every once in awhile too, babe! I’m not really writing anymore, but all is well. I’m glad I have a way to check in with you every once in awhile. Take care…h

  • Ms.Chievous


  • kjc

    You are quite simply the bravest, funniest most honest woman I don’t know.

  • Annejelynn

    yes, periscope pictures!!! purty puhleeze? it was a delightful image to imagine, but the real deal would be undoubtedly AHH-DOORAH-BULL!

  • gadgetgirl

    Long time reader, first time poster here.
    I’ve been a big fan of your page for a while now and I just have to chime in here. There are a LOT of blogs out there, but only a few that get read by so many people so regularly. And do you know why people keep comin’ back? Cuz you ROCK woman. Leta is lucky to have such a strong, gracious, supportive Mom who takes it all with a grand sense of humour.

    And as for the people who dis your friend, I’d like to see their kids! They are probably smoking crack in alley somewhere. So there! Big hugs to your friend.


  • Every one knows it’s Wendy

    Heather we love you and your family…that is all.

  • Jenika

    I think a lot of people ask questions out of curiosity and not because they are saying ‘your baby has a problem if its not crawling’. I know when I see my friends (that have babies) I ask what is going on with their development. I ask because I like hearing the newest things they have done. If they aren’t crawling I ask why not. Not because I think they are strange but because I’m truly curious and want to know what is going on (if the baby is developing on a slower rate than others or if there is a medical problem). It isn’t meant to be accusing or rude. Its because I care for my friends and their babies and like knowing whats happening. Now that I know the questions can be taken to be insulting to the mother/father I will rephrase them but I just thought I’d shed a little light on why people ask and that most probably have no idea they are hurting the parents feelings. Just like the comments of well be thankful your kid can’t get into this or that yet. I know mothers who while loving the new stage of development say they miss the time when they weren’t crawling/walking/running. So I think that would be why some of us say be thankful they aren’t there yet. Its not like the kids will never get to that moving point (unless they really do have medical problems) its just instead of wishing for it to happen its nice to be happy with where the baby is while they are there. Its like when they are born you wish for when they can talk and walk but when they can talk and walk you miss the time they were tiny and you held them in your arms.

    I don’t mean any offense here and hope none was taken. I am just trying to offer another perspective on the things said.

    Also like I said. Now that I know how my questions and optimistic comments can be hurtful to the mothers I will be more careful how I word it all. I just want people to see they shouldn’t necessarily be so quick to being hurt by things said.

  • Tina

    Hurray I am last. Come on dooce, admit it you already get money from Nikon to promote the D70! Nice picture, poor guy! (And, yes I did buy the D70 and yes it had something to do with your pictures! Great camera!)

  • Sue From Ohio

    Heather, you are such an inspiration to so many people. I actually hurt for you when I read your post. Leta will know her Mom is one helluvan awesome broad when she gets older (even without the blog)…just remember this quote from Dr. Seuss (which was given to your friend Beth by Lori)…today is the first time I’ve ‘heard’ it and have literally thought about it all day anywho:
    Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
    –Dr. Seuss

    PS–WE LOVE YOU IN OHIO!! and thanks for letting us post comments, make friends, and just be NUTS :)

  • Annejelynn

    Tracy, maybe for Carrie and myself, although our comments have been about motor development (yes, we’ve violated the issued ‘ANYTHING’ warning), our comments have been (I hope) authored in a positive manner – ? – not an ounce of criticism nor any ‘advice’ directed as to the how-to handling of sweet Leta. We love Leta!
    If we have offended, we’ll be deleted – understood.

  • Beth

    You go, girl! Keep on rockin’ in the free world!

  • G~

    That looks like a nasty allergy to me. Sorry, Shan, skip the beer & eat more cake!

  • Girl.A

    Amanda B,
    How bout his song “You Decorated My life”

    Like a rhyme with no reason in an unfinished song;
    There was no harmony, life meant nothin’ to me, until you came along.
    And you brought out the colors, what a gentle surprise;
    Now I’m able to see all the things life can be, shinin’ soft in your eyes

    And yoooooo decorated my life; created a world where dreams are a part.
    And yoooooo decorated my life by paintin’ your love all over my heart,
    Yoooooo decorated my life.

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    Holy long posts Batman

  • jordan

    I don’t usually comment, because I for some reason think that the 1st comment will matter but the 381st won’t. But I just want to say that:

    a.I’ve been reading your blog everyday for the past 2 months
    b. I think you’re a beautiful person with a beautiful family
    c. I don’t know why anybody would say mean things about you or your family
    and d. I have a pointy chin too.

  • Lori

    I love reading about Leta, in archives and today, more so since I am due in 11 days (getoutgetoutgetout). I noticed in some of your comments, though, the ‘just wait until’ thing. I HATE THAT. Can’t you just enjoy one thing without warning of the next thing??

    Can we request pictures of the periscope?

  • Heidimk81

    Heather, we love you and God loves you! Always keep that in mind.

  • Trance

    Thank you so, so, so much for that post – you have no damn idea how much I needed to read that today. I quoted some of it on my blog (I linked you, of course), I hope you don’t mind. I have been getting the haters coming out of the woodwork lately, and God, that post just hit the spot. Thank you so much, your writing means a lot to me.

  • beachgal

    The minister that performed my wedding looked like Kenny Rogers.

  • Jenny Mahler

    Wow, 415 comments? Somehow I know you’ll still read them all – I would. :)

    I just want to repeat what everyone else is saying: WE LOVE YOU. There are haters of everything. People who hate god. People who hate light. People who hate happy people. For god’s sake, there are even People who hate Cheese!! It’s hard to believe it, but they are out there, and THEY are unhappy. They have this unhappy hate energy surrounding them, so that is all they know how to put off.

    We all unfortunately get a smear of this bad energy every now and then. It sucks, but just remember, IT SUCKS MORE TO BE THEM.

    You ARE LOVED. You are appreciated, and you are enjoyed. The people who know you personally (not just from reading your site) are very very lucky people indeed.

    Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll get to be one of them.

    Best wishes,


  • Yasmin

    If I could only get more than four comments a day. . . . Send your hate mail to me. I will take care of them. :) Don’t let them bother you!

  • Circus Kelli

    Kenny Rogers… I’m SO having a flashback to my growing up… My Mom used to have a couple of Kenny Rogers albums. I loved his songs! :)

    Let’s not forget “Islands In The Stream”!

  • Angie B

    Heather,thanks for closing the comments last night. I was afraid things were about to get very ugly.After reading a’s comment I know I was sitting there with my jaw on the floor, trying to gather my senses and calm the rage to respond to this freaking asswipe!I’m sure things would have gotten out of contol very quickly.I can’t begin to understand why someone would want to hurt you with a comment like that.Please,Please don’t let that low-life motherfucking degenerate sack of monkey shit bring you down or make you feel inadequate in any way!I hope you’ve been doing this blgging thing long enough now that maybe you’ve gotten a little think-skinned toward these insensitive fuckers.But I know where your children are concerned anything negative is always hurtful, no matter the source.It’s just a sad fact of life that we have to share this planet with some really stupid,evil people.
    I so enjoy stopping by here every day–your writing,your wit and humor–they’re the BEST!And I get to see a fine photo too! You bring alot of happiness to alot of people and I hope any negatives of blogging are outweighed by the positives.I’m always afraid some of this negative bullshit will send you packing and I can’t tell you how disappointed I (and many others) would be if you left us again–your audience needs you!Thank you for keeping it real! You’re one sexy,sassy,authentic,talented and happening woman!ROCK…THE FUCK…ON!

  • Torie

    Heather Brooke, a beautiful name for a beautiful, intelligent, hysterical, and very strong woman. Keep your head high, and know that people only hate on you because they aren’t as cool as you.

  • Sherri

    “Lucille” gets my vote for best Kenny Rogers song. I was so in love with Kenny when I was a kid. And it’s just not Christmas in my house without playing the Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton Christmas Album about 500 times.

    I’m not sure whether to be amused or frightened by this website:

  • Fran

    Oh, yes, my comment. You go, girl!

    I think you are a brave, audacious, groundbreaker making the world a safer place for work poopers, new mothers, and a whole host of marginalized people by talking about things people wouldn’t ever talk about in “mixed company.” And yet, you’re just the girl next door…well, not next door to me. But down to earth.

    Hey, people, don’t be hating. Be thankful. I can now talk to my mom openly about poop thanks to Heather’s website. Mom and I are so much closer now. Taking the stigma out of poop, constipation, reconvening the procedure, mental illness, etc.

  • Amanda B.

    Yasmin. You georgeous tan hussy you. I will comment on your site that you are a blond tan surfing hussy woman! I AM NOT JEALOUS, you amply bossomed woman who is a hussy. ;)

  • Shiz

    Now I’m reminded of the Seinfeld with the Kenny Rogers’ Chicken Restaurant, especially the scene at the end with Kramer leaning out his window with a big banner that reads “Come Back Kenny” and calling softly & mournfully, “Kenny! Kenny! Kenny! Kenny!”

  • Fran

    411 comments…see what happens when you wait until 1:23 am Eastern time to click on

    What was my comment anyway?

  • Valerie

    I unexpectedly come across your site about six months ago and now have made your daily entries a part of my daily life.
    I have read your recent entry about mean people saying mean things and I am so sad to know that anybody would do such things to you and your family. Bad things should happen to those horrid people.
    Your daily entries really have nothing in common with my life (unmarried student in Canada…) but I still love checking in everyday without delay.
    I hope that you, Jon, Leta, and Chuck will continue having happy, funny, bizarre, public place giggle-worthy, wonderful lives that you can continue to share on this site.


  • closet metro

    Annejelynn and Carrie-
    One of my closest friends has a disabled child. Thanks for your gentle reminder to think before speaking. I hate the idea that my lighthearted humor could be hurtful.

  • Amy

    Glad to know it was a good one. And thanks for mentioning whose hands those are..I was actually wondering. I think they are beautiful! And so is the ring. I’m sure your fiance is quite beautiful too!

    I was thinking that if they were *Heather’s* hands, that’s a nice kind of photo for Leta to have when she is older.
    Hands can say so much, sometimes. I’ve always loved my mother’s hands ..they are enhanced by her own Mother’s beautiful engagement ring from the 30s, they know how to expertly hold babies, and they held my smaller and less angular hands comfortingly when my grandmother died.
    (That was for Heather and no one else really…but I’m glad if it makes people think nice things about loved ones..)

    Take Care Everyone,

    *My hands are small I know…but they’re not yours they are my own….

    In the end, only kindness matters*

  • Dang cold in Toronto

    Never commented b4 but I’ve been watching for a bit. Dooce, what I like about you the most is that you always seem to get back on your feet after taking a hit. Thats the important thing isn’t it?? Every pic of Leta reminds me of how I should drop in and visit my 8mth old niece more often.

    Happy belated b-day blotchy and enough about Kenny Rogers. Lets talk about Neil Young…..

    “oh to live on….sugar mountain…”

  • Tracy

    Um, yeah – it’s kind of interesting how many people are commenting about the one topic about which Dooce specifically requested we all step off… Not trying to be the Comment Police (that’s GOD’s job!); just saying.